Aldon Smith the NFC defensive player of the month


Aldon Smith was named NFC defensive player of the month for November.

And the fact the 49ers had their bye this month and only played three games should tell you just how good his month was.

Smith had 9.0 sacks in three games, with 5.5 of them coming in an outburst against the Bears. He added 2.0 against the Rams and 1.5 against the Saints.

Smith now has 30.5 sacks in 27 games, a faster pace than some guy named Reggie White.

He’s also doing it while dealing with a shoulder injury, which kept him out of practice yesterday.

Coupled with the fact he wasn’t stabbed, arrested or in a car accident (though he may or may not have been jumped over the bye), it was a pretty good month for Smith.

8 responses to “Aldon Smith the NFC defensive player of the month

  1. Not sure who’s better Aldon Willis or Bowman but the fact they’re all on the same team is not even fair.

  2. Kinda easy to sack QB’s when the other Smith pulls down or holds other offensive linemen to allow him to get to the QB.

    And I’ve seen it numerous times when they show the sack on replay.

  3. Okay, if you think Aldon Smith’s sacks are simply the result of questionable stunts and tactics by Justin Smith, you really haven’t been watching. Anyone who has been watching has seen Aldon juke guys, bullrush guys, slap guys’ hands down and swim around them and yes, the occasional stunt where Justin Smith blows up a couple of line man and Aldon sneaks around behind him. A couple of times, I’ve seen him literally pick plus 300 lb. linemen up and throw them back into the QB. Aldon Smith is the real deal.

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