Arians says he’d take Suh, if Schaub doesn’t want him


Texans quarterback Matt Schaub might not think Ndamukong Suh is worthy to be a teammate, but Colts interim coach Bruce Arians said he wouldn’t mind having the Lions defensive tackle on his side.

Schaub’s outlook is reasonable since he was the guy on the other side of Suh’s $30,000 foot.

I don’t think he’s a dirty player,” Arians said, via Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star. “I’d love to have him on my team. I like the way he plays. He plays aggressive, hard, fast and physical.

“That’s kind of why they call it football.”

Of course, Arians might just be saying that since his team’s playing Suh this week, and he doesn’t want quarterback Andrew Luck getting a foot to the privates, accidentally or not.

17 responses to “Arians says he’d take Suh, if Schaub doesn’t want him

  1. What Arians doesn’t realize is that based on past experience, Schaub has his own personal understanding of why they call it “football”…

  2. You know I was just commenting on how good of a job Arians is doing up there, maybe he does need to hand the reigns back to #chuckstrong before he starts doing things like bring in Suh.

  3. Aren’t coaches/GMs not suppose to talk about other players under contract? Other than the normal “He’s a great player” crap we here week in and week out.

  4. Suh has talent, he had talent at Nebraska. The guy can be flat out dominant, but he needs the right coaching to keep his energy focused. He’s not leaving the Lions, so they better find someone to teach him to use all his talents legally.

  5. Let’s see how Arians feels after Suh kicks Luck in the junk, or slams him head-first into the ground

  6. Didn’t the Lions just lose a draft pick because of something very similar that Gunther said? I bet MF and the boys are teleconferencing as we speak trying to devise an angle to somehow pin Arians upcoming fine on Suh himself.

  7. You can bet that if it was a Lions personnel saying this about another teams player the league would take a pick as punishment. Think I’m lying? Just as KC since they got a pick for Gunther saying much less….

  8. Agree with the other comments. His comments are mild, but still tampering. Suh’s agent can now use this.

  9. “He plays aggressive, hard, fast and physical.”
    “That’s kind of why they call it football.”

    Erm, no.
    What part of the 1st quote would dictate that the sport be called football?
    Don’t athletes in a whole bunch of other sports play aggressive, hard, fast and physical?

  10. I agree I would take SUH in a heart beat on the cowboys. Anyone who watched the game in real time & not in super slow motion can see there’s no way he was trying to kick the endangered species known as QB. If anything his lineman should have been flagged for holding. It’s football, well it’s kinda like football. Stop moaning about they can’t hit anymore if u gonna rag on someone who goes at it like SUH he’s mean nasty & aggressive my kind of player. If only he could accidentally run over Jerra Jones on the sideline one day. A man can dream right.

  11. He’s trying to be a catalyst to let Suh know there is in fact other teams out there that would be a safe haven should he choose to want to try and force his way out. It’s very clearly tampering. Anybody can look up the definition under the sections of “statements of interest” and see that it’s clearly tampering. This coach should get suspended to send a message to other teams that want to try and mess up the Lions with clever statements designed to incite disruptions.

    This sport can’t become about what team can best stay in tact amidst screwy campaign strategies, that’s not fun for football if a war of words keeps interfering with the natural game.

  12. If you remember any of the comments made by the Lions front office, it’s easy to assume that Kansas City requested the league pursue it. Meaning, I wouldn’t expect the league to go after Indy on its own, rather the Lions would have to accuse them of tampering first.

    Truth is, Arians has said more to be construed as tampering than Gun did, but I doubt Mayhew/Lewand will lodge a complaint.

    Taken in context, it’s not a terrible thing Arians said. If the Lions wanted to press the issue, I’m sure the Colts could get dinged.

  13. Guess Arians has never taken a knee or foot to the groin while on the SIDELINE. Seriously, why wouldn’t he take him, he has to face the Texans twice in three weeks shortly without him.

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