Babin release was a cash/cap move


The sudden release of Eagles defensive end Jason Babin made us wonder there was more to the story.

With Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reporting on Wednesday that defensive line coach Jim Washburn wasn’t happy with the decision and that Washburn believes Babin is coach Andy Reid’s latest scapegoat, the situation got a little more intriguing.

In the end, the truth is a little more boring.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Babin was cut in order to save cap space and cash ($1.69 million on both counts) down the stretch.  The goal also was to give the team’s younger players a closer look, which means that the Eagles have essentially folded the tents on 2012.

And while coach Andy Reid may have preferred going with the best players possible, Reid now has an excuse for an ongoing collapse that could make it harder for, say, Chargers owner Dean Spanos to sell Reid to a fickle fan base in San Diego.

With the Eagles now officially treating the rest of the regular season as an extended 2013 preseason, winning in 2012 is no longer everything or the only thing or, really, anything.

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  1. as an eagles fan its BS this was a cap move. its stupid to even think that it was. having is a great pass fisher but that’s it. crappy teammate n horrible run d guy.

  2. I think this was a good move for the Eagles. Teams usually let people go for a reason, not just to do it. Vinny Curry will take his place and probably have as many sacks as Babin by the end of the year…. for a lot less money no less. Changes are coming to Philly and these “high profile” players who aren’t worth the jerseys on their backs better watch out. If I was Jeff Lurie id feel like I was throwing my into a campfire just to watch it burn.

  3. as an eagles fan I’ve never been so happy about a probowler leaving the team. His days were numbered when he talked about the fans. Have fun being a jaguar.

  4. all those “horrible run d” complaints are silly. You realize that the DE responsibility in wide 9 is getting to the qb? The only time the DE needs to worry about the run is if on the way to the QB they happen to see the RB with the ball. Primarily run defense is a LB problem.

  5. I love how the Eagles are 30 million dollars under the salary cap and Jeffrey Luria is still cutting players to save cap space but he expects to win the Super Bowl without spending money. Good luck.

  6. Dont waste your breath lorddarkhelmet. Talking sense to most eagles fans usually is wasted time. Im not quite sure what eagles fans where expecting. They probably could have held on to babin and got a pick or two out of him. Nnambdi is next and the trade of Disappearing Desean will happen at seasons end. Reid will be gone and Nick Sabin will be in Philly after UGA beats Bama in the SEC game.

  7. umainebearman, i dont think you fully understand how the whole cap space thing works. Babin would have been due a bonus at years end, that coupled with Vicks and Nnamdi’s is a total over 30 million. This is one of many moves to help with NEXT YEARS CAP. Desean wont get traded (they just extended him this year and he leads the team in receptions). Its ok, i assume by your statements that your a Dallas fan and I think that just explains it all.

  8. andy is coming back philly. they are making the moves that say: it was their fault give me another chance.

  9. There is no chance that Saban will be coaching the Eagles. First, off, he already determined for himself that his style fits better in the college game where he’s willing to trade off having to recruit against the fact that he can get an 18 year old’s attention better than an NFL vet making more money than him. Second, why would Lurie want to bring in a coach that could easily decide to jump ship again. He just had 14 years of peace at the HC position. He’s hoping the next coach get him the SB title and another 14 years of peace.

  10. I don’t buy the cap move call. Babin is a notorious media whiner. His total ignorance to run defense certainly didn’t help his case, since he’s not lighting up the stat sheet with sacks or even impact plays (then again, Trent Cole hasn’t had a sack since the Baltimore game, if I’m not mistaken, so is he next — /sarcasm). Never believe what the Eagles report to the media. It’s usually only partially true, if at all true.

  11. dalucks says: Nov 29, 2012 11:16 AM

    I love how the Eagles are 30 million dollars under the salary cap and Jeffrey Luria is still cutting players to save cap space but he expects to win the Super Bowl without spending money. Good luck.


    Jeffrey Loria = Miami Marlins Owner

    Jeffrey Lurie = Philadelphia Eagles Owner

    Get it right, bonehead!

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