Ben Roethlisberger’s Sunday status will come down to arm strength


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was able to practice in a limited fashion on Wednesday, keeping hope alive that he’ll be able to play against the Ravens in Baltimore this Sunday.

Getting back to work didn’t leave Roethlisberger with any better idea of whether or not that will happen, however. Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Roethlisberger said Thursday that he’s still uncertain about his ability to play. Per Roethlisberger, the decision will be based on his arm strength and only his arm strength because he isn’t currently having any other problems that will keep him from playing.

With one more day of practice to go on Friday before the Steelers have to decide on Roethlisberger’s injury report designation and no real reason to announce anything too long before the start of the game, there’s a good chance we’ll go into the weekend without knowing the identity of the Steelers quarterback.

While Roethlisberger isn’t concerned about the rib injury that contributed to his absence, he will be taking some extra precautions if he does play. Kaboly reports that he’ll have extra padding around his rib/heart area that will include Kevlar to protect against re-injury to the rib he dislocated.

41 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger’s Sunday status will come down to arm strength

  1. Steelers have no shot without Ben in Baltimore. Gonna be a tough game even with him.

    Steelers won’t win the division I think they should sit Ben and keep him healthy. Pitt could easily grab the wildcard in a weak AFC and then who knows what could happen in the playoffs.

  2. Don’t play him. For the love of God don’t play him. At this point he is Charlie Batch – nothing more.

    Give him an extra week to get healthy so we can make a real run at this thing. Even with a loss to the Ravens we can win out and make the playoffs.

  3. Arm strength ? Arm strength ? He won’t have an arm after the first half. Are they serious about this ? This isn’t the same as the ankle job against SF last season, this involves internal organs. Where are the medical professionals at here ?

  4. Great QB, more drama than I have seen from any other QB in NFL history next to Favre. He’ll play and I expect it to be a close game.

  5. Keep him out of this game. We are not going to win the division. We need him healthy and try to win out and get the wild card spot. We can do this even if we loose to Baltimore. If the defense can get some turnovers and the offense can hold on to the ball, we may even win this game. They only beat us by 3 the first time.
    Batch can not win this game for us. I only hope he can get through it.

  6. Meh, it’s been what 3-4 weeks? His cracked rib should be ok. It’s his shoulder that have people worried.

    How does a Kevlar vest help prevent pressure on his chest when being sacked? Guys with Kevlar vests still suffer injuries from the impact of a bullet. This league is dumb. I remember when guys actually wore pads and guards back in the day. They are just shoulder pads and a plastic helmet away from becoming a ballet for men.

  7. Hoyer is your teams best bet. Years of game planning with BB and Brady vs. Baltimore is experience that Batch just cannot even come CLOSE to having.

    Injured is one thing, life threatening is another.. regardless of whatever player.

  8. Please Play as it would be nice for you to end your career in the same stadium where it began. With the weak offensive line and rising bmore defense Fatburger won’t make it through the first quarter and from the way it sounds if he’s hit the wrong way there could be serious implications….

    more importantly who’s the genius who let go dennis dixon to keep charlie batch and leftwich? combined NFL age of 150

  9. Hahah, nice try Tomlin. Everyone knows Ben isnt playing. Their season collapse comes to head this Sunday. Ravens absolutely trounce the Steelers. The only thing that ugly towel will be used for Sunday is drying up their fans’ tears of sadness. Cheers!

  10. I know the Steelers love Batch and he loves Pittsburgh, I like him too. Make him a coach or anything, but his time as a back up QB was over two years ago.

  11. Start Charlie and put Big Ben in for a series or two in the first half, just to get the rust out if nothing else.

    Then, if you have a chance to win in the 2nd half put Ben back in to seal the deal.

  12. Steelers dont need this game and this is another superbowl for the ravens. Even as a steeler fan, i smell a ravens win.

    Steelers still make the playoffs ar 9-7 as long as they beat the bengals and preferably the chargers to put them out of their misery. At that time, i hope theyre healthy enough to make a run

  13. You Steeler fans can talk about the Ravens defense giving up yards all you want. The Ravens defense does give up yards.

    However the DO NOT give up points. They are just as good as the steelers in points per game, and are #1 in red zone defense. They haven’t allowed a TD in the red zone in over 3 weeks. With Suggs getting healthier every day, Jimmy Smith’s return, and the backup corners playing better this defense will be in great shape in time for the playoffs.

  14. Does an NFL quarterbacks arm really get that weak over two weeks of very little to non use? My arm is just as strong as it was three months ago when I was throwing a football. Smokescreen.

  15. I am a Ravens fan and I’d rather beat Big Ben on the field of play so I don’t have to hear Squealers fans crying they only lost because he didn’t play.
    I actually fear more for his life than fear him as a player in his condition.
    Isn’t he one good hit away from pucturing his aorta? It would be foolish and dangerous to play him – so I think (and pray) that they’re playing head games – not real ones.

  16. Sit him. The Steelers aren’t going to win the division even if they win this weekend. Their best shot to make the playoffs is to keep him healthy and hopefully win the final four games.

  17. Isn’t he one good hit away from pucturing his aorta? It would be foolish and dangerous to play him
    Really? You think that he would be cleared to play if it was life-threatening? I hope you’re just messing around and really not that clueless. I guess you did warn you were a Ravens fan though.

  18. WOW!! Does anyone actually read the articles? The rib has healed enough that the Dr.’s said there is no life threatening concern. A lot of people just want to jump on Ben calling him a drama queen, or what have you. About 90% of everything that has come out about his injury has been reported by the media, and the other 10% has actually come out of his mouth. So the trolls should really get off Ben’s jock.

  19. Ben is not going to play period. Tomlin wants to beat the tee shirt boys , but not enough to lose the franchise QB. Even all you genius raven trolls should have picked up on that . Tomlin is playing the injury thing for all he can because as a team we have serious roster problems. So what if the tee shirt boys win their regular season SB….does it really matter. …it just another tee shirt…

  20. Scared are u Ravens….u should be cause we all know what the outcome will be if Ben plays and it sure doesn’t involve a Gatorade bath on Harbaugh:)

  21. Ben is married with a newborn baby. He shouldn’t let the coach or anyone else talk him into risking his life/career by coming back a week or two too soon.

  22. jamomma:
    Ben is married with a newborn baby.
    Are you serious?
    Roethlisberger is a professional football player. He’s paid an obscene $800,000 per game. He’s not being asked to go fight in Iraq. He’s played 14 times against the Ravens, and he’s lived to tell about each and every game afterward.
    If he’s able to play, he won’t die.
    Get a grip.
    You Roethlisberger Obsessives are pathetic.

  23. I don’t get the big deal here. Regardless of whether he plays or doesn’t the Steelers are gonna lose. Atleast if he doesnt play their pathetic fanbase will have an excuse for why they lost.

    Have some mercy on your sad fans and sit this one out Ben. Their egos can’t handle seeing you and your gang pummeled at The Bank.


  24. I wish they had gotten a free agent backup this year; but whoever said Dennis Dixon would’ve been better than Batch/Leftwich probably never actually saw the guy play when he previously stepped in for the injured Big Ben. Let us say that he was let go for a good reason.

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