Benson had foot surgery, won’t come back this year


Packers running back Cedric Benson was making progress recently, sparking hopes he might come back this year from his Lisfranc injury.

But that’s gone now, as Packers coach Mike McCarthy announced Benson had surgery on his foot yesterday, and would not be activated from the IR/designated for return list.

You’re tempted to say it’s a significant blow for the Packers, but no more than they choose to run, it’s hard to imagine how much of a difference it actually makes. Benson had at least 17 rushing attempts in three of the five games he played, but Alex Green has 97 rush attempts in nine games.

They’d probably be more willing to run more with Benson as opposed to Green, but that’s not enough to take that much pressure off a line that’s getting Aaron Rodgers abused weekly.

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  1. Benson, that’s it bud. It’s over for ya, you’re best years/year/one game will always be remembered in Cincinnati. Good job against the Bears in 2009, the rest of it was just kinda ehhh. No way anyone goes after him next year. He ought to feel pretty lucky the Packers got desperate, took a chance and he got a paycheck.

  2. Hopefully thier HBs can be effective running, but they need to use them in pass protection, so I would like Kuhn would get more playing time, in hopes to keep some pressure off Rodgers.

  3. Surprised that by now McCarthy hasn’t started to mix things up more – throw in some 2 TE sets, maybe with Kuhn also in as a potential blocker or receiver, put WR in motion to allow cleaner release vs. DB, throw in more roll-outs, etc. Anything to keep defenses from just sitting in the same look all day. Obviously this patchwork line isn’t going to just flat-out beat people, so let’s see a little of that offensive guru mentality, MM!

  4. Green Bay’s in a tough spot, they’re going to have to go through the 49ers or the Giants to win the NFC and they can’t beat either team playing their brand of football.

    I know McCarthy is a much better coach then Reid but his complete disregard for the running game is definitely Reid like.

    I know James Starks and Alex Green are middling talents but the Packers offensive line isn’t good enough to be pass blocking 40+ snaps a week this problem will be Green Bay’s downfall again this year.

  5. It is a significant blow if you look at how teams are playing the Packers. They are playing cover 2 and the best way to beat that defense is to run the ball and force those safeties to respect the run.

  6. “Hopefully thier HBs can be effective running, but they need to use them in pass protection, so I would like Kuhn would get more playing time, in hopes to keep some pressure off Rodgers.”

    Nobody fears Kuhn. Any decent pass rusher will walk right by him

  7. People don’t need to fear Kuhn, they just need to be neutralized by him. He picked off Tuck, a pretty decent pass rusher, or Rodgers maybe doesn’t have time to hit Nelson on the long TD.

  8. I don’t think he would’ve made much of a difference. The OLine went from average to weak this year because of the huge dropoff from Wells to Jeff Saturday. Saturday is a great guy and has had a very good career but he is done. Now with the injury to Bulaga it has become an awful line.

    People saying this is huge hit to Packers playoff chances 3-2 the rest of the way gets the Packers in. Vikings, Lions and Bears haven’t beaten Pack since Nov. 2010. Rodgers is not mentally weak – he is arguably 1 of the smartest QBs in the game and mentally weak QBs dont go on the road and win 3 playoff games and than beat Big Ben and Dick Lebeau defense in the SB.

  9. Green Bay won the Super Bowl with a rookie James Starks and Brandon Jackson at RB and a much less talented WR group than they have today.

    Green Bay is playing it very smart right now. They’re in the playoffs. They’ve won 5 of their last 6 games with injuries that most teams wouldn’t be able to survive with. Once they get Sam Shields, Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews back for the postseason along with the younger guys who’ve been getting much needed playing time, Green Bay will be a very tough out come January.

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