Bills players throw their support behind Chan Gailey

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The Bills are 4-7, the third time in coach Chan Gailey’s three seasons with the team that they’ve reached this point of the season with a losing record.

Years one and two ended with losing records as well, which has created some heat under Gailey’s seat as the team prepares for the final five games of the season. On Wednesday, several members of the Bills said that they don’t think Gailey should be going anywhere.

Running back Fred Jackson said he thinks Gailey’s doing a “tremendous job” and defensive tackle Kyle Williams said he felt the team has made progress this season despite their record not showing much difference from past years. And defensive tackle Spencer Johnson threw his voice into the mix as well.

“I love Chan,” Johnson said, via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “I love Chan. If we go 9-7, everybody’s talking something totally different. We’re still going to keep the faith and keep playing hard and see how it goes.”

You don’t need to get into a long discussion about how much the Bills’ record can be blamed on Gailey, General Manager Buddy Nix or the players to know that the record is going to decide how much longer Gailey will be the coach. If they were 9-7, there wouldn’t be any discussion about his job. They aren’t and they aren’t likely to win out, so Gailey’s status is going to be tenuous no matter how much his players like him.

9 responses to “Bills players throw their support behind Chan Gailey

  1. Heard it all before. Same with Dick Jauron. Say what? Players comfortable?!!? With losing? Improved?! When!??! Hmmmm. Baileys bad play calling has gotta go. Get someone in to ruffle some Bill feathers. Lets not stretch this out like we did with DJ, Mr. Nix & Mr. Brandon.

  2. The totally unnecessary loss to Tennessee was the last straw for me. Jackson averaged almost eight yards a carry that game. Spiller averaged almost six per carry. Why in the blue hell would you even allow Pickspatrick a chance to rear his ugly head?

    I know the Bills job is not sexy, and they have a tough time luring in big time coaching names, but there’s only 32 of these jobs in the world. Can’t they get someone other than a retread head coach?

  3. The Bills need a QB. Plain and simple. They’ve been competitive but Fitzpatrick is terrible.

    If Chan is attached to the hip with Fitzpatrick then Chan has to go.
    If not I could live with him for another year. Thye have at least been in most of their games.

  4. Patriots fans also strongly support the continued leadership of Gailey/Nix front office. It would make sense for the Bills to give them both a 5 year extension before the end of the season.

  5. One-third of the Bills roster (system guys) will be out of football next year if Chan is fired. The other two-thirds know this and therefore politick for them, for Chan and for themselves.

  6. Gailey is a brilliant Offensive coach. He has some of the most genius looking plays sitting in that playbook. The thing is, Gailey doesn’t know the right time to run those plays. 3rd and 14 and he plays it safe with a run up the middle… 2nd and 9 backed up to their own 2 yard line, he runs a screen pass to Spiller when 8 of the 11 defenders are within 5 yards of the ball… 3rd and 1 on the 50 yard line and Gailey runs a deep post instead of using their running back that is averaging 6 yards a carry to just extend the drive another set of downs. He has the goods, just doesn’t know how to use them.

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