Brandon Harris fined $21,000 for Thanksgiving hit

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Texans cornerback Brandon Harris was fined $21,000 for a hit on Lions returner Stefan Logan on Thanksgiving.

Logan didn’t signal fair catch, but when Harris drilled him, Logan was judged to be defenseless, drawing a 15-yard penalty.

And as you’d expect, Harris is appealing.

They took my whole paycheck,” Harris said, via Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle.

And Harris is nearly right. His weekly checks are $30,880, meaning he’s being made to make a charitable donation of 68 percent of his pre-tax earnings for the week.

Contrast that with Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, who was fined the same amount for the hit that ended Bears guard Lance Louis’ season, but that represents 3 percent of his weekly gross.

16 responses to “Brandon Harris fined $21,000 for Thanksgiving hit

  1. The disparity in salaries is not, and should not be, an issue.

    Beyond that, though, he shouldn’t be fined at all, unless the hit came before the ball arrived.

  2. When does Anquan Boldin’s fine for an illegal crack back block on a defenseless player get announced?

  3. I thought that was bogus when it was called on the field. So now there’s a defenseless punt returner rule? You have to be kidding me. He dind’t signal fair catch, and Harris got there a split-second after the ball did. That’s one of the reasons why the fair catch option exists.

    Harris should win his appeal.

  4. I really believe the NFL should go to a percentage fine system rather than what they are currently using. All these fines that come out seem to be random amounts without reason. Suh gets a $30K fine for what the NFL terms an “accidental kick” and Harris gets $21K for what amounts to a hard hit.

    There should a set percentage of a game check for each fine that escalates depending on how many fines a player has had over a period of time.

  5. Just one more glaring example of how unfair the current system of fines really is. It should definately be based upon a % of the player’s salary.
    That being said, Harris should win his appeal on this bogus fine

  6. The NFL does say that one of the definitions of defenseless players is: “A kickoff or punt returner attempting to field a kick in the air”

    To me that means you can’t blow a guy up while the ball is in the air. It does not mean you can’t hit a guy that just caught the ball.

  7. he got flagged and fined by the league. therefore he is a dirty player. isn’t this how it works? from now on, if he is flagged at all, then show this hit and remind the viewers at home of his past “problems”….lol.

  8. Thanks for the clarification, Jud.

    In this case, Harris hit the punt returner just after the ball got there. You don’t want to get your head knocked off? Call a fair catch.

  9. How can a punt returner ever be defenseless? All he has to do is wave his arm, signaling a fair catch, and he is protected. No other player, other than a quarterback sliding down, enjoys this type of protection. The returner elected not to signal a fair catch and paid the price. This is a completely bogus fine!

  10. There is no more halo rule I believe… so it was a completely legal hit. It was vicious and at full speed it looked really bad, but he didn’t beat the ball and the PR didn’t call fair catch.

    How would you like it if corporate called you in and said, even though you’ve already been punished (flag), we’re docking you a month’s pay.

  11. The refs where so freaking bad in that game. From this play which by the way should have been a Texans turnover, to the fathom 81 yard TD, to a couple clear pass interference calls where the DB hit the WR before the ball got there. Watching the game was a joke for fans on both sides.

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