Egg-gate hatches investigation at Atlanta airport

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On Wednesday night, the Saints’ team buses was pelted with eggs at the airport in Atlanta.  On Thursday, officials at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport said they’re investigating the incident — and that airport workers may be innocent.

“As the charter buses were leaving the airport, they passed by a parking area, the new Cell Phone Parking lot, where the egg throwing incident occurred,” a spokesman for Atlanta’s Aircraft Service International Group told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “The eggs were thrown by people other than airport employees from an area outside of the ramp.”

As we hear it, the investigation could center on a food vendor who entered the tarmac area.  (That would explain the presence of eggs.)

Either way, eggs were thrown.  Whether it was an airport employee or a vendor or a fan or a second egger on a grassy knoll, those who did it eventually will have, yes, egg on their face.

UPDATE 6:37 p.m. ET:  We’re told that the Saints dispute the account from the spokesman, and that the eggs hit the buses before they even began to roll.

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  1. This should happen at all airports when teams arrive. I miss the days of hating other teams. Free agenecy is great but it destroyed rivalries. Whichever player ( graham maybe) clnplained about classless, needs to grow up. This is passion. More fans need to hate their rivals!

  2. This is stupid. Egging player busses has been going on for years. I egged the cowboys bus as an eagles fan nearly 10 years ago, and it was happening long before that. It’s not that bad. This is getting blown up right now. It will continue to happen after this as well

  3. They’re unionized. The employees will be told not to do it again and they’ll go resume drinking and losing baggage.

  4. Used to think atlanta fans were soft, this and the atlanta braves incident has made me give them more respect

  5. Their punishment should be to force them to wear Brees’ jerseys to work for a week. I know if I had to wear a Shady McCoy jersey, I wouldn’t eat an egg again so much as throw one.

  6. HAHAHAH, I love it. The saints plays are acting like someone put a bounty on their heads. They must really fear being “carted off” by runaway flying eggs. Real tough guys

  7. When is Atlanta going to learn? If you want to stop losing to the Saints everytime you play them, stop pissing them off and giving them bulletin board material right before you play them each time.

  8. Good gracious! Did they stick their tongues out and say nanner nanner boo boo as well?

    I don’t hate the Saints, but the whining is getting ridiculous.

  9. Back in high school football when our bus left after an away game against a hated rival we had to put our gym bags up against the windows in case we got bricked.


  10. Im a huge Saints fan and I think this is funny. This went on all the time it is just that now everyone has a smart phone and a Twitter account. I never bought into the theory that it was the grounds crew as where could they get eggs, unless it was premeditated. Big to do about nothing.

  11. I gotta go with the Falcons in this one . I hope they destroy the Saints. When the Saints lose it make the Bucs a little closer to a play off berth. I know, I know. But I bought a powerball ticket too!

  12. A food vendor entered the tarmac area with eggs, and it’s all fun and games.

    And when a fanatic with multiple passports and no visible means of support enters the tarmac — what will he be carrying ??

  13. I’m sure The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person will find a way to punish the Saints for having their bus egged by Falcons fans.

  14. I haven’t seen any “whining” by any of the Saints or Saints fans. Lighten up – it’s funny quit trying to turn in to something it’s not.

  15. Whoa! I live in the ATL. This is classic Atlanta standing up for its employees regardless. If its a bus driver that drags an old lady? Innocent. The cell phone lot is probably a mile as the crow flies from the place where a bus would take a charter from. LOVE IT. First Hartsfield cover-up that’s been good for Atlanta. See you at the game!

  16. This will not be resolved until the league can find an impartial arbitrator, over a dozen appeals and a supreme court case. Anybody know the name of Vilmas lawyer?

  17. Considering Atlanta’s reputation as such a lousy sports town, I am surprised they found enough fans who would even bother.

    And for those who think the Saints or the city are actually upset about this, the team and local New Orleans media are laughing their heads off about it.

  18. One thing we know for sure – the guilty crew members don’t work for Southwest Airlines. (Otherwise they would have thrown peanuts).

  19. Drew brees demands an explanation!
    lol its even funnier that they are disputing the report just like bounty gate

  20. You know what the saddest thing about this is? It took THIS to make the media pay attention to the team with the best record in football.they needed this to wrestle headlines away from the garbage Jets and Eagles.

  21. If true, airport workers smuggled eggs onto airport property. Maybe Emperor Roger won’t care, but that could have just as easily been grenades instead of eggs. The TSA & Homeland Security will definitely care.

    Those guys who threw the eggs will be lucky if they ONLY get fired.

  22. Former CB Eric Davis talked about arriving in Oakland as a Bronco. He said the fans threw cans and yelled at the bus and he loved it. No one was harmed, this is all fun, enjoy it while you can.

  23. “I egged the cowboys bus as an eagles fan nearly 10 years ago, and it was…”
    Seriouisly? An Eagles fan hating an opposing team? What next? Booing the Eagles?

    Oh wait….

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