Lavonte David gives the Bucs their second rookie of the month award


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2012 draft class is looking good.

In October, rookie running back Doug Martin was named the NFL’s offensive rookie of the month. Now it’s rookie linebacker Lavonte David’s turn.

David has been named the NFL’s defensive rookie of the month for November after he had a combined 47 tackles in four games, including five tackles for loss, while the Bucs went 3-1 in the month and moved up in the NFC playoff race.

The Bucs liked David enough in April’ draft that they traded up to get him, giving up their third-round pick and their fourth-round pick to draft David with the Texans’ second-round pick. That trade is looking like a good deal for Tampa Bay.

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  1. I loved this kid coming out of Nebraska. I vividly remeber the game he had against Ohio State last year, he was a tackling machine. I hoped and prayed the Bills would take him, he is essentially what Bryan Scott is now, a speedy LB who plays great coverage but also a sure tackler and play dissector. Good luck to him, the Bucs got a great player, kind of in the mold of Derrick Brooks if you ask me. Schiano seems like the right fit for that group of kids, could follow Gruedens steps as a Tampa Bay SB winning coach.

  2. Barron, Martin. David

    Now that’s how a team should draft. I’m not necessarily a Bucs fan but I got a lot of respect for the Bucs FO and their new found vision of what it takes to be a winner.


  3. Even with this award, Lavonte David isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. He’s playing at a Pro Bowl level, and is possibly our best defensive player, and all this as a rookie!

  4. Anyone who’s had the pleasure in watching him play knows how special this guy is. His instincts combined with speed are a force to be reckoned with. He’s a huge part of the Bucs being the top rush defense.

  5. Doug Martin, Mark Barron, and Lavonte David.
    As a panthers fan, that was one strong draft. We may be comparing to the draft where they took Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks in back to back rounds.

  6. The play of David shows once again things like size and measureables are pretty much irrelevant to the draft. Kid plays the game at lightning speed,tackles like a pro and is mentally strong enough as a rookie to handle calling all the plays. So what that he’s an “undersized” linebacker? The kid can freaking play, period.

  7. From his college tape, I saw him chase down Dennard Robinson from Michigan – incredible.

    In the game against the Vikings, he was in the process of chasing down Adrian Peterson when he was blocked by a Vikings receiver (Robinson?).

    David is ballin’.

  8. As a panthers fan, that was one strong draft. We may be comparing to the draft where they took Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks in back to back rounds.


    Bucs took both of those guys in the 1st round of the 95 draft. Took Sapp and then traded back into 1st round to get Brooks.

    Two HOF players in one round. Unbelievable.

  9. Been a long time coming for him. He truly deserves to be the DROY! He is the main component in the Bucs going from the worst run defense to one of the leagues best.

  10. Good Call @snookau , as I was about to say I was pretty sure Sapp and Brooks were both first round picks. In both drafts, the Bucs picked a great tackling, VERY quick sideline to sideline, possible future HOF OLB’s (Roy Miller, though showing some progress this year, owes a good percentage of his salary to David) What I find amazing is the very real possibility the Bucs could land both the O-ROY and D-ROY in the same draft. Schiano (for those not well versed in NYese, Schiano and Piano are meant to rhyme. It’s not She-AHH-No, it’s She-ANN-o) went with 3 team captains of elite football programs in Alabama, Boise State, and Nebraska, with the top 3 picks (though I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed by Baron), and if he can keep up THAT kind of drafting and signing, we’ll be in great shape. Just look at our PPG and YardsPerAttempt and YardsPerCompletion this year and see the giant leaps for which I credit Mike Sullivan, Josh Freeman, and Vincent Jackson at least mainly-though our Offensive Line is playing way over its head, and are on their very last band-aid. We even had Trueblood playing at LT for one play a couple weeks ago. ARGH!

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