Mark Sanchez on his fumble: “Hopefully we’ll laugh about it later”

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Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez knows he’s being laughed at for fumbling when he ran into offensive lineman Brandon Moore’s butt on Thanksgiving. Eventually, Sanchez hopes he’ll be able to see the humor.

“Hopefully we’ll laugh about it later,” Sanchez said on Wednesday, in his first public comments since his team’s debacle against the Patriots.

Still, it may be a while before Sanchez can laugh about it. At the moment, he feels sick about it.

“It’s embarrassing because that’s one you [messed] up the play and I’m trying to do the right thing,” Sanchez said. “It’s not like I’m trying to force something and I start to slide and I slide right in the worst spot I possibly could, right into Brandon Moore.”

Sanchez said he wasn’t hurt on the play, but he was shocked.

“No, I wasn’t hurt. I guess more stunned than anything. Just like a car accident I was like, ‘Woah, what just happened?’ Then the ball was gone it was weird,” Sanchez said.

Some day, Sanchez may laugh about the weirdness of it all. But it may be a while.

42 responses to “Mark Sanchez on his fumble: “Hopefully we’ll laugh about it later”

  1. I know Jets fans aren’t laughing, but the saying goes “Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused” Perhaps that was karma for wiping his booger on Mark Brunell.

  2. As a Steelers fan, I’ve been happy, upset, disappointed, even embarrassed, you name it. It must suck really really bad to a Jets fan. Oh well, they did it to themselves I guess.

  3. Laugh later, we are laughing at you now. We were laughing at you when it happened.
    Every fan base is laughing at you and your team.
    The fans of my little brothers Pop Warner team are laughing at you.

  4. If Tebowing took off then, then the RGIII sit and point move, why hasn’t the Sanchize Bumble? I can just imagine a world with hundreds of YouTube videos of people running into coworkers asses…

  5. ‘Stunned’ sounds about right. He looked like the coyote from the Road Runner slamming into a wall.

  6. Lol Sanchez is a bust. It’s Tebow Time, what could you lose at this point by making the switch. Already lost the locker room, Fireman ED (LOL) and chance at the playoffs

  7. He’ll definitely look back upon it fondly very soon.

    Like in 2 years when he says:
    “Ahh the days of playing in the NFL….”

  8. Come January he and Rex will be laughing and dancing with three footed women while they are watching the playoffs at some sports bar!

  9. As a Patriot fan I must say how much fun it is to watch a Jets game – I always look forward to a good laugh. It was really nice this past Thursday as we were all treated to double the fun. We got to watch the Jets’ comedy hour and at the same time got to see how real football should be played.
    Rex – you can’t kiss Bill’s ring(s) as you will never see him wearing them. You could kiss his feet though – it might get you a good job in the future.

  10. Thats good because Patriot fans have been laughing since the best 52 seconds in the 2nd quarter of football this season.

  11. Lol sanchez gives people something to laugh about
    everyweek with his terrible performance every game
    along with the rest of your loud mouth team even fireman eds had enough jets blow

  12. He might as well laugh now, because everyone else already is (including some Jets fans). Poor Sanchez…. he will forever be the butt of jokes, and immortalized as one of the great football follies of all time (at least he’s good at SOMETHING).
    While the Jets fan base can be annoying, I feel sorry for them at this point. It must really suck to have an owner who’s more interested in lining his pockets with the fans’ hard earned money than putting together a quality team that’s free from dysfunction.

  13. How the Sam Hill does he not see the the butt of his lineman and instead of avoiding it, runs right into it and bounces right off of it? It’s Keystone Cops hilarious.

    But, I kinda feel sorry for Sanchez. It could be that he wants to laugh about it right now, but then people would jump on him for making light of the debacle.

  14. Is there any way we can get Sanchez and Romo both on the same team and on the field for the same play? We will either discovery forms of comedy previously unknown to man, or tear a hole in the universe.

  15. Sanchez was running to a gap until Wilfork pushed the Jets lineman into him. Big Vinny is a Beast! Nice play by Gregory to pick up the pig and run for TD!

  16. Yes it was a comically sad moment for Sanchez and the Jets. The story is that if you have a band and you have a mediocre drummer and bass player you’re not going to have a good band.I am not a Sanchez fan but the Jets have surrounded him with a terrible supporting cast. He has no chance to succeed with this team. Tebow is a lousy NFL quarterback who had a very lucky year last year. He is not the answer by any stretch.i think the Jets should play Tebow and have him sink up the place so this story an be put to rest once and for all. This is all the inexperience of Mike T not being able to evaluate talent

  17. I saw and heard the video clip of he fans at halftime and believe me they weren’t laughing.
    Haven’t heard that language since the Navy.

    Sanchez should by some luggage becuase the Jets will be sending him packing at the end of the season. He’s got to know that.

  18. Yea, we can laugh at the end of the season when Sanchez, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tebow and Sporano are all gone and the Jets have to start from scratch.

    J-E-T-S Ha! Ha! Ha!

  19. It was a funny play but, not as good as the play when Sanchez was lined up at receiver and Drayton Florence made him flinch. It was even greater when Sanchez got pissed and tried to block Florence extra hard and ended up on his ass. Great play.

  20. ” exCanCoach says: Nov 29, 2012 9:40 AM

    You know what, Mark Sanchez laughs real hard everytime he goes to the bank and cashes one of his huge paychecks that everyone of you wishes you could do.”

    I would hope Sanchez is using direct deposit.

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