Monte Kiffin will return to the NFL

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If Lane Kiffin is going to survive at USC, he’ll have to do it without the help of his father.

The school has announced via Twitter that Monte Kiffin will be leaving the Trojans after the team’s bowl game to pursue opportunities in the NFL.

Previously, the elder Kiffin’s name had been floated as a possible candidate for a consulting job in Seattle, given his connection to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

But we’re more intrigued by the possibility that Kiffin could be reunited Jon Gruden.  With Kiffin running the defense and Gruden running the offense, the Bucs won a Super Bowl 10 years ago.  Kiffin then remained with Gruden for six more years, even though Gruden had inherited Kiffin from Tony Dungy’s staff.

Kiffin, 72, may not want to be a defensive coordinator at the NFL level again.  But the man who spent 25 seasons as an NFL assistant coach definitely brings something to the table.

The only question is where that table will be.

42 responses to “Monte Kiffin will return to the NFL

  1. *ringing phone*:”hello, Monte! This is Jon, the prez of the Fired Football Coaches of America! Ready to come to Philly? Be sure to leave your son behind!”

  2. As a Tennessee Defense who watched every game when Kiffin was here, Monte is looking to get back into the NFL because he cant stop misdirection/jet sweep offenses.

    I’m sure USC fans can attest to that.
    Tennessee’s D played pretty well that year, but completely pooped the bed against Dexter McCluster and Ole Miss. They went misdirection and weak side running plays as well as the Wild Cat all game long. Even with Eric Berry playing Rover, Monte couldn’t stop it.

    He never had to do it in the pros; that’s why he’s going back.

  3. As a Bucs fan, I loved alot of what Monte did as our d coordinator but if you any team does bring him aboard be sure to never listen to him on personel choices. He thought Booger McFarland was more valuable to the team then Sapp.

  4. Overrated defensive coach,even i could look like a genius with sapp,lynch,brooks,rice etc. Usc has been awful defensively since he got there! 300 rushing yards against Oregon…..

  5. I guarantee this is more about getting Monte out of USC before his son had to fire him, than it was about some hot new job waiting for him somewhere in the NFL.

  6. USC had one of the most talented yet worst defenses in the NCAA this past year. this may be a decision that was “encouraged” by USC.

  7. So he basically got fired by his son. That USC defense should have been a lot better than it was.
    At 72, don’t you want to just retire and enjoy life?

  8. Still get a kick out of Tennessee naming their sewer plant the Lane Kiffin sewer plant.

    Sorry son, I want to finish as a winner.

  9. When Bob Devaney selected Tom Osborne to replace him as head coach, he set into motion someone creating havoc on opposing offenses for many years.

    Monte Kiffin is a true legend. Sadly his son has really hurt the Kiffin name.

    Come back to Nebraska Monte, I’m sure Bo would love to have you around.

  10. Until all three of Gruden’s sons are out of high school, I don’t see him coaching in the NFL

  11. Welcome to Seattle Monty ! We have a lovely lake-view office at the VMAC with your name all over it , and one of the best young defenses in the league already in place . Just in time for the Superbowl run : )

  12. I miss this man.. Whoever gets him can expect a top 10 Defense right away. He prob realized finally what everyone else realized about lane, he’s a joke! I would get a DNA test while at it.

  13. Now granted, Oregon is an offensive juggernaut, but didn’t they just hang 62 points and 700-some yards on this dude’s D? Monte’s star has certainly shone brighter.

  14. LogicalVoice thinks the Skins have the personnel to run a Tampa-2…… Then again he also said the NFC championship game would be held in Fed Ex field. Kidding coaching the Skins D may make them even worse, if that’s possible.

  15. The creator of the best Defense ever. The 2002 bucs. So good they named a defense after them. The Tampa 2 by monte kiffen. You are a god to the bucs organization.

    Hope he will be a consultant to the bucs defense. He had the #1 pass D then and the bucs need help with the pass D.

  16. Step 1: Resign before team can fire your son

    Step 2: Act bewildered that the NFL doesn’t want a 72 y/o coach

    Step 3: Watch son coach one more underperforming season and wonder why you ever fell on the sword for someone so overrated.

  17. Monte Kiffin is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He saw me give him a hat tip (Bucs visor) one nite at Salt Rock Grill and invited himself to my table. We then got into some heavy football talk where he was drawing plays on a napkin after getting a pen from the server. This was an absolute pleasure for me and my family. Have another Miller Lite my friend, we miss you in Tampa and on Redington Beach. Go Bucs!

  18. Does Monte get back at his son Lane for leaving him to blame USC woes.. Gruden to Oakland, Mangini as DC and Monte as a assistant, Callahan O-line, Trestman OC….. and let the championships role in

  19. “briandorry55 says:
    Nov 30, 2012 8:14 AM
    We’ve missed you in Tampa, Monte. Do you still remember how to defend the pass? Because we can’t seem to figure it out.”

    All coaches know the Monte Kiffin method for stopping the pass. Sack the QB before he throws the ball. Unfortunately we (the Bucs) don’t have Simeon Rice anymore….

  20. It will be interesting to see if Kiffin’s Carnival Show from the past 4 years has damaged Monte’s reputation in the eyes of the NFL.

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