Panthers asking for fan input to break 0-12 coin toss streak

Getty Images

Having never worked in PR, there might be something here I’m missing.

But the idea of reminding your customers how bad you are seems like an unusual strategy.

The 3-8 Panthers have done what I’m sure is a mathematically really difficult thing by losing all 12 coin tosses they’ve been involved in this year (including one in overtime).

So naturally, they’re turning it into a promotion.

The Panthers are running a poll on their Facebook page, saying “coach Ron Rivera wants you — the fans — to pick heads or tails for Sunday’s game at the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Oh dear.

With five games to play before they undergo another organizational shift (they already need a new GM, a new coach is sure to follow), maybe they can have other such promotions to spice things up.

Maybe when the Falcons come to town the following week, they’ll let Twitter followers call plays, and the populace might remember better than offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski that they’ve invested heavily in running backs, so maybe they’ll use them.

Or when they go to San Diego the week after that, they can use Craigslist to find movers for Chargers coach Norv Turner and Rivera.

The Raiders on Dec. 23 are a Myspace game, obviously. And when they finish up at New Orleans, the players can Instagram pictures of themselves waving goodbye to a season gone terribly, terribly wrong.