Rex won’t concede that Jets aren’t a Top 5 defense


The Jets are not in the NFL’s Top 5 in total defense. Or scoring defense. Or rushing defense. Or passing defense. Or sacks. Or interceptions. Or fumbles forced. Or first downs allowed. Or third down conversion rate. Or fourth down conversion rate.

Need I go on?

Apparently I do need to go on, at least if I want to convince Jets coach Rex Ryan, who said today that he’s not willing to back off just yet on his preseason claim that the Jets would have a Top 5 defense in the NFL this season. Although Ryan acknowledged that “It certainly looks that way right now,” he said that he won’t concede that the Jets aren’t a Top 5 defense until the season is over and he has been proven wrong over the course of 16 games.

“Not willing to concede anything,” Ryan said, via the Star-Ledger. “Maybe we can still have some of those great games. Not willing to concede because I don’t know anything different.”

Although the Jets have lost four of their last five games and are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Patriots on Thanksgiving, Ryan believes his team is going to prove some of the doubters wrong over the final five weeks of the season.

“I think we will, in these last five games, play much better,” Ryan said.

About the best thing we could say for the Jets at this point is that after the debacle against the Patriots, they could hardly play much worse.

53 responses to “Rex won’t concede that Jets aren’t a Top 5 defense

  1. He’s been proven wrong on his assertion that he’s a good head coach over the course of most of his tenure.

  2. Rex….leave it alone….the season is a failure..everything is broken…I love you Rex…but top 5 defense is not happening this year…no Revis..improved safety over last years models…but the linebacking hasn’t been good and Bart Scott could not score on a fumble recovery…shows how slow he is.. The D Line has promise and is young…maybe when the new GM takes over he can actually get you some good players….

  3. Does it matter? Any shred of hope was gone when Revis went down. Rex has been blessed coach defenses that include Revis, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Now without a stud, he’s not very impressive.

  4. Who cares what he thinks or says. He is just a big bag of wind.
    A crappy coach, like his big mouthed brother and bag of wind, old man.

  5. I remember when that pass defense once held a team to 43 yards at halftime. It was sickening. They are still an okay defense, but not as good as it use to be. The run defense has been a massive problem this year.

  6. They are lucky they are playing an incredibly easy 5 games. 1st up is the Cards, and Ryan Lindley. He is horrible so he will probably boost the Jets numbers and egos.

  7. I hate the jets as much as the next guy, but just let it go. What do you expect the HC to say? Defensive minded HC at that.

    Coaching only goes so far. You need to have the talent on personnel as well. Take it from this Raider fan.

  8. I’m a huge Jets fan, and I’ve had enough of this. There is an expiration date on the Ryan boys, and Rex is almost there. I’m just so sick of the constant yapping and chest thumping, when they haven’t done anything in almost 2 years. I’m not a fan of constanly changing coaches, but it might be time to clean house. Take Tannenbaum with you.

  9. Watch the “couldn’t be much worse” stuff. That’s what I thought about the Eagles after the Saints game. Then came the Dallas and Washington games

  10. “I think we will, in these last five games, play much better,” Ryan said.

    Substitute the number 5 with 4, 3, 2, until the last game of the season and that’s how this story will end.

  11. Why is Rex’s irrational fantasizing even a news item? Rex has been talking out of his azz for several years now with absolutely nothing to show for it. Why the hell do Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan, Jerrah Jones get the ink they do? If “Joe Bag o doughnuts” made pie in the sky claims like these guys do, would anyone care? I would rather read quotes from B. Favre that he’s thinking about un-retiring again, at least those had substance to them.

  12. 26th in points allowed.
    19th in yards allowed.
    tied for 20th in interceptions.
    30th in sacks.

    I would also not concede that the Jet’s aren’t a top 5 defense. I will concede, however, that they probably aren’t a top 20 defense.


  13. “I think we will, in these last five games, play much better,” Ryan said.
    Rex is losing it. Not even a 5-0 guarantee?

  14. Not a fan of Ryan’s bluster, but if he knew Reveis would be out and that the offense would be so inept(24th in TOP), he probably wouldn’t have said it.

  15. Good lord. All this guy does is try displaying confidence for his team and everyone blasts him. It worked for him before. “Yeah, our defense sucks. Next question?”

    And then the guy backs off and acknowledges BB is better than him, and he gets blasted for that. Damned no matter what you do, Rex.

    -Fins fan

  16. The Jets’ defense is overrated plain and simple. They looked like they had Brady’s number in 2009, but that was also his first year back from an almost career ending knee injury. Since then, Brady has owned Rex Ryan. Yeah there was the 2010 playoff game, but they lost that because the defense couldn’t stop Mark Sanchez, not because Brady wasn’t effective.

  17. As a Patriots fan I’m obviously no fan of Rex and his bluster. He might have a point here though. Looking ahead at the next 5 games: vs. Cardinals, @ Jaguars, @ Titans, vs. Chargers, @ Bills – the Jets could potentially go 5-0 (although 4-1 or 3-2 is more likely). If they can really clamp down on the Cards, Jags, and Titans and hold their own against the Chargers and Bills then maybe they could sneak into the top 5 of defenses. Regardless, I’m sure that Rex was looking at that schedule when he made the comments he made.

  18. I hope that Arizona trounces these guys, the aftermath would be fun to watch.

    But guarantee you that if they by some miracle beat the bumbling Cardinals the Jets and Rex will be babbling like they just won the Super Bowl all next week.

  19. I like how everyone ignores the fact that the Jets lost arguably the best defensive player in football. A guy who shuts down half the field when he’s playing.

    It’s not surprise after Revis went out that the Jets would struggle defensively

  20. They obviously don’t have a TOP 5 total defense….but don’t they have a TOP 5 passing defense….and as for their scoring defense, you have to look at their constant offensive turnovers

  21. “The George W. Bush of head coaches.”

    Agreed. But lets take this further. The longer Rex coaches the worse the Jets get. So I’d also say he’s the Barack Obama of head coaches.

  22. No need to compare Rexy to any presidents, all you have to do is compare him to his old man, who was equally all-chatter-no-matter and who also built an entire legacy from that one noteworthy thing he did that one time. If they awarded rings for gum-flapping the Ryans wouldn’t be able to life their hands high enough to scratch their jowls.

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