Tyrann Mathieu entering 2013 NFL draft


Tyrann Mathieu, the LSU defensive back whose dominant play on the field made him a Heisman Trophy finalist as a sophomore in 2011, but whose off-field problems got him kicked off the team in 2012, is headed to the NFL in 2013.

Mathieu will announce today that he is entering the 2013 NFL draft, Joe Schad of ESPN reports.

That will make Mathieu one of the most intriguing prospects in next year’s draft. Some see the plays Mathieu makes, both on defense and special teams, and say he’s simply too good a football player to pass up, and will be similar to Janoris Jenkins, the cornerback whose draft stock slipped because of off-field problems but still wound up going in the second round and playing well for the Rams as a rookie. Others say Mathieu’s inability to stay out of trouble off the field, combined with the fact that he has neither the coverage skills nor the size of an elite NFL cornerback, will push him out of the draft entirely.

But no matter where his pro stock is, the reality was that he had already run out of options at the college level. Going pro is the only place for Mathieu to go.

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  1. First rounder? Doubftul, way, way too many red flags (even more than Janoris Jenkins, a 2nd rounder). Obviously a talented kid, but obviously also clearly lacking the focus and mental skills department. But the Raiders do have a first rounder again this year…

  2. Tought to take a year off of football and be a first rounder.

    And this guy doesn’t strike as me as the responsible type that has been working for a solid year to be a better football player. Kinda feel like he’s been working all year to find the perfect bong.

  3. I wouldn’t want this idiot on my team. He knew he was on his last chance and didn’t care enough about football to give up something as trivial as weed.

    Maybe he’ll make a good NFL player, but not on my (hypothetical) team.

  4. Al Davis is dead. Can’t go back to that well any longer. Raiders actually have a solid core of decision makers running the football ops now. Maybe Jacksonville?

  5. Like all free agents and potential coaches … he has to be vetted by the Eagles before anyone else can consider him.

  6. He’ll be a late rounder at all. If he gets his act together he will be a great DB. Regardless of how you feel about him now you can’t deny he was one of the best players in college a few years ago. Very talented.

  7. We can’t go five minutes this year without a CB being suspended for “Adderall”, and Mathieu’s got himself a history at this point; everybody’s going to be gun-shy. Don’t care what his talent level is, there’s no way this guy goes in the first or even the second. Too many stupid decisions and massive flags. This kid was one of the highest-profile players in all of college football and couldn’t keep it together; it’s not like he’s suddenly going to stop doing stupid crap when somebody gives him an NFL paycheck.

    I’d be surprised if the guy makes it more than a year or two in the league before doing something to get himself cut from multiple teams or just plain thrown out of the league.

  8. In the right situation with some older vets to mentor him, I think he could get it together and be a solid player. He needs to get far, far away from South Louisiana.

  9. He couldn’t cover a bed if you spotted him the sheet and blanket.

    He’ll play in the league and probably make some highlight reels, but he is NOT a high round draft pick.

  10. bucrightoff says: Nov 29, 2012 10:39 AM

    First rounder? Doubftul, way, way too many red flags (even more than Janoris Jenkins, a 2nd rounder). Obviously a talented kid, but obviously also clearly lacking the focus and mental skills department. But the Raiders do have a first rounder again this year…


    That’s kind of a BS statement about the Raiders. The Raiders aren’t the team of goons and misfits like in the 70s/80s. Minus the unexpected situation with Rolondo McClain, they haven’t focused on bringing in talented troublemakers for a long time.

    The title of troublemaker team has moved on to the Bengals and Lions.

  11. If a team can get him on day 2 of the draft, he is worth the risk. Backup/nickel corner, punt returner, special teams demon and all around play maker.

  12. If he goes undrafted (very possible because of the obvious mental problems he has), there’s no way he won’t have all teams knocking on his door as a college free agent. Super talented kid, as an undrafted free agent a team can pick him up and cut him quickly if he gets in trouble.

  13. This guy is 5’7″ 176 lbs. Hes too small to cover WRs and how good is he gonna be after taking a season off which im sure he was smoking up a lot of weed.

  14. Perfect, he doesn’t have any money and can’t stay out of jail. Now, he’ll get drafted in a later round with some money and the dope he and his posse he’ll most certainly surround himself with will come more readily. His dad is in jail and this apple is clearly not falling too far from the tree. NFL teams have proven though that character is of little account over a win. This guy won’t last more than a year before he’s sitting beside his dad who had the exact same issues!

  15. Probably a 3rd-4th rounder– great playmaking ability but lacks size. Seems like he’d be a good slot corner-type, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he has to play safety in the NFL.

  16. Not a 1st rounder.
    Lions need to invest in their secondary.
    D-Line is loaded (relative to other position groups)

    We have 1 good but highly paid person in every group it seems except our secondary.

    QB – Stafford (Under performing)
    WR – Megatron (Megatron)
    TE – Pettigrew (Bum)
    LB – Tulloch (Under performing)
    OL – Reiff (will get paid eventually)
    and probably 3 or 4 others being paid like 1st rounders yet performing like they should be the undrafted FA’s

    Point being…

    DL – (Suh, Fairley, VDB, Avril, Young, Hill, Williams) – (LOADED) again relative…

    We need to trade Suh for picks, unload his massive contract because thats the only position we can really afford to lose anybody in.

    And how it relates to this story, hopefully one of those picks (4th or 5th rounder) can be used on Mathieu (Whatever he may be)

    Did anybody see J. Jenkins breaking out like this? I surely doubt it.


  17. This is interesting. He won’t be a first rounder or second, not because he isn’t good. He’s been out of football for a year.(<— who knows maybe he will) Combine that with his off field troubles and he either will go late rounds or have a Vontaze Burfect (sp?) scenario. Regardless of what round he goes or if he doesn't get drafted, there is no doubt he will be playing on an NFL team next year.

    Also, it was just weed, its not like he was snorting lines/shooting up, when the police got him. Its no worse than alcohol or cigs in my opinion.

  18. I guess I’m in the second group. I don’t see him getting drafted before round 4 in any scenario. I don’t believe he will be drafted at all. He has some talent against college players but that gap is completely closed in the NFL. His lack of size and serious motivational/mental issues make it difficult to take any chance on him at all. There is nothing that would indicate he is maturing and nothing that says he even cares to put forth any effort at all. UDFA seems the most feasible way this kid has a chance.

  19. 4th or 5th round at best. Ryan Mallett had less red flags and at a QB position and still fell to 3 rd round. Teams would not spend early rounds on this guy fair or unfair.

  20. Big difference between making plays on the collegiate level and making an impact worthy of a high draft pick at the NFL level. I’m not a fan or a hater of his or LSU, but I just don’t see this guy even getting drafted. Just too much baggage for the business that is the NFL. Maybe someone will give him a chance as a free agent (or Canada as someone else pointed out). Wish him well though. Would be a shame not to even get a chance to realize/chase his dream.

  21. Second day draft pick, I agree. Off-field discipline issues and I’ve never heard of someone who took a year off getting drafted in the first round the next year. Unless I’m wrong?

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