Alfred Morris not feeling the rookie wall

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Ah, the exuberance of youth.

Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris, entering his first professional December, said he’s not worried about the rookie wall.

I was built for this,” Morris said, via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times. “I was made for this. It’s just the truth. I can take a lot of beating. I don’t think I’ll ever meet the rookie wall.”

He better not, because the Redskins will need him Monday against the Giants.

Morris is 18 yards short of 1,000, and needs just 81 the rest of the way to break Reggie Brooks’ franchise rookie record. For a guy who was hoping to fit in wherever this year, it’s a pretty impressive achievement.

“It would mean a lot,” Morris said. “I didn’t think I was going to even see the field until the fifth, sixth game. For that to happen would be an honor, especially with such a storied franchise. I’d be thankful and still be humble.”

He’s made adjustments to his game, notably in terms of taking care of himself. He said he never considered getting into a cold tub until since-cut veteran Tim Hightower taught him the benefits, and he’s taken other measures to keep himself ready, such as massages.

“It’s not a pleasure massage,” Morris said. “Those things hurt, but afterwards you feel a lot better.”

That he’s still fresh has caught the eye of coaches, who never know what to expect from first-year players this time of year.

“He’s been good all year — I think that’s been the most impressive thing about him,” offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said. “He has never hit a rookie wall. He runs so hard, and I have never seen him wear down at all. He keeps grinding on everything.”

One day Morris will learn how hard it actually is. But for the moment, the young legs are still carrying him.

9 responses to “Alfred Morris not feeling the rookie wall

  1. I’m a Skins fan, so maybe I’m biased, but it’s just fun watching Morris play. He’s got that old school “you’re going to have to work to bring me down” mentality. 4 guys will be stuck to this guy’s back and he just keeps powering forward. Pretty psyched.

  2. I am hardly a Shanahan fan, but I have to give the guy credit for knowing how to find diamonds in the rough at the running back position. Morris is fantastic!

    Now that the Skins have their QB of the future and their bell-cow running back, they need to find some more receivers. Fred Davis is solid at TE — as long as he can get through an entire season without injury or suspension.

  3. I got so lucky and picked him up in fantasy. Of all the big name players on my squad, he is the most consistent. At first I was weary of the whole “Shanatan” running back thing, but man it has worked out well for them. I’m sure Helu or Royster will end up somewhere else soon.

  4. I just hope we beat the Giants on monday night. it won’t put us in first place ( thanks Green bay) but coupled with a Dallas loss would definitely seperate us from the rest of the division. now let me channel my inner Logicalvoice and just say that Alfred Morris is the best running back in the history of running backs he will probably break Emmit Smith’s career rushing yards record by halftime monday night and end the season with so many yards that they will have to measure it in miles.. HTTR!!!

  5. Ah yes, one of the few bright spots for the Redskins this season. However, for the Redskins to be a truly competitive team, they need a whole need secondary and a new O-line. If they can get those two fixed, then they will be a contender, but if not, then the Redskins will be looking at 5-11 and 3-13 seasons to come

  6. It’s good to see he’s already starting to take care of his body. He’s young right now, but the NFL will add 10 years to your body very very quickly.

  7. Love this guy! Finally the Skins have young guys in positions that matter. Three sticks at QB, Trent at LT, and Morris at running back. Just got to get a WR now. Like what they are doing. Give them two years, the team will be hard to beat. HTTR!!

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