Anquan Boldin fined, but not for block on fourth-and-29


Some players and coaches on the Chargers thought that the Ravens’ fourth-and-29 conversion on Sunday should have been called back because of an illegal block on Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin. The league office disagreed.

The NFL told PFT that Boldin’s block on Chargers safety Eric Weddle, which sprung Ray Rice for the last few yards on his incredible 29-yard catch-and-run, was reviewed and found to be legal. Boldin was not fined for the hit.

However, Boldin was fined $7,875 for unnecessary roughness for striking an opponent late on another play.

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard was not fined for a hit on Chargers receiver Danario Alexander, even though the officials on the field flagged Pollard for a hit to the head of a defenseless receiver. The NFL reviewed the tape and concluded that the officials were wrong to flag Pollard.

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  1. Anquan Boldin is a great NFL receiver! He still can take over games and is just a beast of blocker. So glad he signed with the Ravens and hopefully he’ll finally get to the superbowl this year!

    Black and Purple!

  2. “It’s Goodell’s fault… It’s bounty-gate’s fault”, said Drew Brees. “Oh wait, what are we talking about? Anquan, Ravens/Chargers game.”

    “Doesn’t matter… It’s still Goodell’s fault” said Drew Brees.

  3. I’m not a fan of either team but how was that not an illegal clip? He ran full speed and put his shoulder right into the safety’s back.

  4. Of course the league wasn’t going to fine him on that crack back bloc, because then it would have to admit the play that’s going to be replayed over and over as a “highlight” should have been called back. The only consistent thing from the league is its inconsistency.

  5. He was down short, problem 1. The replay and process took unimaginably long, problem 2. The last Charger on defense looked like he wasn’t even trying, he just stood there and made no effort to engage as the last man on defense and let Rice run into him, problem 3. And the Boldin block was a block in the back very obviously, problem 4. If the defender was running parallel to a yard marker it would have been clean, but he was taking an inside angle towards the line of scrimmage and Boldin’s angle didn’t compensate for a perpendicular target and he clearly hit him in the back, and in a somewhat defenseless position. So it should have been a fine too, problem 5.

    That’s 5 ugly things about that ugly play, and BAL should not be allowed to benefit, despite 2 of the 5 not being their fault or responsibility. They didn’t make the play to earn it, despite a cheap shot against the rules to get that close.

  6. Cry about it haters. It must be pretty dis heartening to see your players be overpowered by a superior man playing on a superior team. I see another bone crunching crack back coming for the hairy guy on Sunday.

  7. i think rice came pretty close to the 1st down line, if he didnt get it but that was clearly an illegal hit.

  8. Macadamia2010,

    Stating facts is not crying. I actually wanted the chargers to lose after the 8 turnover fest was completed because i wanted to knock the chargers out of the race (so i was in fact rooting for the ravens).

    His knees were down short of the 35, and the ball was around the 34.5 yard line (not 33.5). Thats a fact. Just like it is that san diego had a ton of chances to stop them and didnt. The play kind of summed up both of their seasons on that play. Baltimore got sorta lucky (aka finding a eay to win, kudos on that btw since the steelers cant without ben) and the chargers finding a way to lose.

  9. Pollard is one of the dirtiest players in the game today. He has a long history of injuring opponents and taking late and dirty shots. How can the league not be fining him as a many time repeat offender?

  10. It was a peel back block on that Boldin got away with on that 4th n 29, the new rule states that you can’t run toward your own end zone and block a DEF player from the side (the DEF player is considered defenseless), Boldin got away with that,

    Funny thing is during the Panther vs PHI game, Tolbert was called for a similar play on the kick off for a Peel back block.

  11. The Boldin block on Weddle was a much more obvious “blindside” block on a defenseless player than the one the week before by Josh Gordon of the Browns on Ed Reed of the Ravens. But Gordon was flagged and fined.

    Difference – Gordon is a rookie knocking out one of the league’s poster players.

    Also, if the league fined Boldin for that block they would essentially be admitting the Refs blew the call (which they did) and that the Chargers should have won the game – or at best it should have been fourth and about 18 after enforcing the penalty from the spot of the foul.

  12. As a neutral North Dakota NFL fan…..Boldin’s block was awesome, classic football, and respectable. It wasn’t a Clip, or illegal block from the back (What the hell is the difference again?)..the defender was in pursuit and turned his back on Boldin at the last second. That friends, is not a penalty.

  13. Anyone who clicks through to the link will see that Weddle lands on his back, which is pretty much what they teach officials to look for when a hit is clean. I would think Steeler fans would have enough to complain about with those 8 turnovers, but I can’t think of another fan base that whines so much about calls in games where their team isn’t even involved.

  14. Newsflash – Audio has been uncovered from last week’s Detroit-Houston game. It seems that during Houston’s first drive of overtime Chris Myers farted prior to the snap on a 2nd and 8 play. The NFL has fined Myers $13,461, based on the resulting spin of the official NFL Wheel of Misfortune.

  15. The fact that Pollard was not fined is much more of a story than the fine on Boldin yet you make it an afterthought. That play led directly to 3 points for the chargers because of the bad call by the refs. Truth is it should be shown as an example of a clean, yet still vicious, hit.

    I am also glad the geniuses that comment on here and know the rules much better than the league concluded Boldins block was illegal. If you honestly think you know the rules better than the league, you are clueless.

    And Harrison2, the league did not fine him because IT WAS A CLEAN HIT you knuckle head! Reading these comments helps me understand why our country is such a mess. Bunch of idiots!

  16. Can’t wait for the Ratbirds to get knocked out AGAIN by that Patriots in the playoffs…. and you know this too will come to be

  17. harrisonhits2 says:Nov 30, 2012 7:49 PM

    Pollard is one of the dirtiest players in the game today. He has a long history of injuring opponents and taking late and dirty shots. How can the league not be fining him as a many time repeat offender?

    LMAO coming from someone with the name HarrisonHits2 Priceless

  18. All this meaningless second guessing is laughable….the Ravens are 9 and 2 and are going to win the Superbowl. End of story. Nothing matters but wins and losses….like Vince Lombardi said…”Winning Isn’t Everything…its the ONLY thing.”

    Raven Nation

  19. I’m (unfortunately) an SD fan. To be honest, the end of the 4th and 29 play was really bang-bang, so it would have been tough for the refs. to have seen a block in the back if it did actually occur (I’ve watched the replay several times and honestly, I can’t tell if it was illegal or not). And as for the spot of the ball, I believe it was just a bit short, but c’mon Chargers, make a damn play. In other words, don’t allow the other team to pick-up anything close to 29 yards on a dump-off pass like that. Finally, I have to say it (for about the millionth time), please SD, make Nerf & A.J. go away. What more to you need to know that this regime isn’t getting the job done?

  20. Bolden was running towards the sideline when he hit Weddle and just happened to be to Weddle’s right. Bolden was not coming up field just because he hit Weddle that way. Second, Weddle landed on his back as some have already pointed out, so unless it was a “Seinfeld” magic loogie block, it was not a block in the back. And no one can definitively state where the ball was when Rice went down because the camera angles were horrible. On top of that, they moved the chains before the replay so how could they remeasure? Sour grapes for non-Ravens fans.

  21. Hey Harrisonhits, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Pollard plays hard and hits hard. If you’re talking about the patriots he injured, they were all clean plays. Hines Ward was dirty, James Harrison is dirty. Bernard Pollard is just tough, like most Ravens.

  22. As I have seen on many games, a block in the back is not an actual block in the back as long as the head is to the side or front of the person being blocked. When I 1st saw the play, it looked like an obvious block in the back, but when they slowed it down, it appears that his head was to the side. Yet another confusing nfl rule.

  23. Why is the fine $7,875? How is the league coming up with these numbers?

    And where does this money go?

    PFT should keep track of the fines each week and and for the season, there has got to be some serious dollars amounting.

  24. You guys that think Rice was short of the 1st down. You do know it;s where the BALL is, when a player is declared down, not his knees. Rice didn’t even have to get to the 34 to get a 1st down.

  25. The block was completely legal, and anyone who has played football knows that.

    1. The Hines Ward rules applies to illegal blindside crack backs to the head of a defender.

    2. The block was in the chest. On bang bang plays like this there are 2 things refs look for: 1) Was the helmet of the blocking player in front of or behind the defender’s shoulder pad; and 2) If you can’t tell on the spot, you look at how the blocked individual lands. On close plays if the player lands on their back (as Weddle did) then it is a block in the chest and not in the back.

    Source: Former college, semi-pro football player, and current football ref.

  26. “Inside the NFL” showed the definitive view of the play — you can clearly see Weddle’s “3” and “2” FACING the camera as Boldin hits him. That’s block in the back, back turned, case closed.

    All these Ravens fans coming up with other angles, or the guy above claiming the block was in the “chest” (huh?) are deluded homers.

    Sorry, but you don’t make 29 yards out of a 1-yard dump pass without something funny going on.

  27. @Steeltrol…

    Hines Ward = Poor Man’s every Hall of Fame receiver

    Hall of very good, not quite Canton material…

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