Casey Matthews thinks Chip Kelly would succeed in Philly

If University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly decides to make the jump to the NFL after this season, one of his former players feels he would be a good fit with the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, linebacker Casey Matthews said he believes his former college coach would be a good fit in Philadelphia.

“I think the fans here would love him. They would love his attitude, his go-get-it mentality,” Matthews said.

Matthews wasn’t saying that current head coach Andy Reid should, or would, be fired but was merely responding to a question of if Kelly would fit into the Philadelphia sports landscape. Matthews played under Kelly all four years at Oregon — two as offensive coordinator and two years as head coach after being promoted in 2009.

Kelly was offered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coaching job last year but ultimately turned it down to remain with the Ducks. Several teams could be pursuing Kelly this year if he again tests the NFL waters. The Eagles are one team thought to have interest in the Oregon head coach.

“The way he carries himself, the way his mindset is, I think they’ll really like him here,” Matthews said.

19 responses to “Casey Matthews thinks Chip Kelly would succeed in Philly

  1. Kelly didn’t quite turn them down, as it was the Bucs couldn’t afford to pay Kelly more than Oregon.

  2. Philly fans will love him….if he wins.

    Even the most successful college head coaches have just not shown any consistent long term success. Harbaugh may be an exception, but he played. Jimmy Johnson did. The rest…meh.

  3. If anyone would know what it takes to be successful at the NFL level it would be Casey Matthews.

    Chip Kelly would be a huge mistake. His O will never work in the NFL, too much talent parity and the Qb’s take too much of a beating.

  4. Chip Kelly is a smart dude and he wouldn’t bring only his college offense with him. I believe he would change things up and be successful in the process. Not to mention he would also bring in a lot of great assistants with him and us fans usually don’t realize just how important those assistants are cause the media don’t throw em in our face like the coaches. Chip will be the next Jimmy Johnson and whoever gets him should be excited.

  5. it will be hard prying him from Oregon..
    Then you need to see if that money is worth paying a gimic coach that is getting by on pure talent in the NCAA.

    the best part about this is that eagles fans would take anyone..
    How about coach Drass from D3 Wesley College????

    IF the birds grab anyone that isn’t a DC or at least a defensive coach, i think they are in a deadspin. Talent like Jim Johnson is rare.

    We need that smash mouth philosophy coming from the top down.. Something we have been missing since the Ryan erra..

  6. as a Giants fan i can only hope they hir him and try to run that gimmick offense in the NFC east.

    That’s what Eagles fans said about Kevin Gilbride. How’d that work out?

  7. That gimmick offense is what you see in the Pats and saints offense allot. That quick screen, quick pass off would work especially since he just uses the players athletic ability more than thair ability to read a defense. And his defenses is what im interested in. He knows how to use his Linebackes and back 4 very well

  8. Parcels, Coughlin, Switzer, Johnson, Harbaugh… Pete Carroll looking pretty good now. There are plenty of examples of College Head Coaches doing well in the NFL.

    This being said, I don’t think Chip Kelly will be one of them.

  9. Philly needs, deserves, and has earned the right to get the best coach available if they make a change–Rex Ryan! And if you don’t think he’s the best available, don’t believe me, ask him!

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