Donovan McNabb says Eagles are only going to get worse

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Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is not optimistic about the direction his old team is heading in.

Asked on CSN Philadelphia about the Eagles’ Sunday night game with the Cowboys, McNabb said he thinks quarterback Nick Foles, playing behind a beat-up offensive line, is going to have a miserable night.

I think this will be a nightmare game,” McNabb said. “And now, when you’re makeshifting different guys, there’s no chemistry, there’s no continuity, there’s an identity problem with this team, and I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.”

McNabb said the Cowboys must be thrilled at the prospect of facing a rookie quarterback behind a bad line.

“You’re playing against guys who are probably chomping at the bit at this particular point watching this offensive line,” McNabb said. “It’s really bad for Nick Foles because this being his first year, and his first couple games getting under his belt, he’s not really able to gain that confidence that he needs.”

At the rate the 3-8 Eagles are going, they may not win another game this season. Which would mean they’d finish with their worst record since another 3-13 season, in 1998. When they earned the second overall pick in the 1999 NFL draft, which they used to draft McNabb.

83 responses to “Donovan McNabb says Eagles are only going to get worse

  1. lol

    Bitter much McNabb?

    Seriously, back away from the game. You were loved when you were here and didnt admit it. 95% or more of the Eagles fanbase loved you. There is just a very vocal 5% that are idiots.

    Now that you are gone, you are only making things worse for your public perception.

  2. Hi hater! Enjoy that game from your couch, where all your peers deem you fit to sit on while they are playing football games or announcing them!

    Arrogant prick.

  3. I actually agree with McNabb on this. And for all the hate he received from Eagles fans over the years, he was actually apart of what soon will be refered to as the “glory days” of the Phildelphia Eagles.

  4. Comments from Dmac about team chemistry…

    When he was an Eagle, people were begging him to be a better leader in the locker room. Half the TO saga in Philly stemmed from McNabb’s remarks. The players all thought he was with management.

    Keep our name outta your mouth.

  5. And he was one of the best picks in the history of the franchise, not to mention the best QB the Eagles have had in the SB era and maybe 2nd best QB of all time.

    Thank you for all of the great years Donovan.

  6. Donovan is a grumpy old man when it comes to his former teams. Watch playbook, you can tell the other two are annoyed with him. Has nothing good to say about anyone, and carries that grudge on TV.

  7. If Ray Didinger said this, Philly fans would say he was exactly right and he is a genius. Since Donovan McNabb said it, they’ll call him bitter and say he is a whiner.

  8. The OL was bad for Vick too…No one shed tears then. Eagles were NEVER known for their OL… glad the Redskins get another win of them in a couple weeks.

  9. Mcnabb is right the Eagles are going to be going through some rough seas for the next few years but the Eagles aren’t his concern anymore, they haven’t been since 2010.

    What did Mcnabb do after he was exiled by the Eagles? Earthworms at every field in the NFL are still celebrating the worm burners retirement.

    I’ll say this about Vick he’s not that good of a quarterback but he’s a much better teammate than Mcnabb ever was. This is the same guy who begged for “playmakers” on his personal website and blamed the Eagles’ youthfulness for their loss to the Cardinals in the NFC title game.

    Mcnabb has always been a “me” guy and his career wasn’t anything special.

  10. funny ppl are bashing him in here bec the eagles havnt had awinning season since mcnabb left as QB!.. he was the best thing to happen 2 philly..

    -giants fan

  11. For all the Eagles fans and McNabb haters that are taking this opportunity to slam him…

    The Eagles suck this year. He’s right in this case. Your obfuscations are meaningless.

  12. The takeaway here is that PHI will win out. Every single prediction McNabb has made since he was cut by MN has been dead wrong. RG3. Shanahan. “Multiple teams want to sign me.”. “I’m not retired.”

  13. would all the Mcnabb haters stop he’s saying the same thing our local media in Philadelphia is saying, I’m not a fan of him but the way he is treated by us is getting tiresome. yes he’s a crybaby, yes he threw the ball at receivers feet, yes he didn’t run when he should have, and yes he’s absolutely right about this!!! Vick, McCoy, Jackson, and half our O-Line is gone what makes you think its not gonna get worse, i don’t need any analysis to tell me this, a blind man can see that!

  14. Inspiring words from their former leader.

    I don’t know if the Eagles problems are because of turmoil in their front office, uninspired coaching, or because of the free agents they brought in to put them over the top. I do know that all their problems really took off when they brought in the free agents though. Who’s call was it to do that? Joe Banner or was he against it? I know people generally didn’t like him because he made unpopular, penny-pinching moves. Yet, he was the one pushed aside. Now that he’s moved on, the Eagles seem to be getting worse by the day.

  15. Eagles fans deserve every bit of the mediocrity they’ll be for the next couple of years. Say what you want about McNabb, but in his prime years with a lack of talent around him, he was a damn good quarterback. Y’all wanted him gone so bad, and based off what? Rush Limbaugh comments. Now your ready to put all your eggs in one basket for an unproven rookie based on a “solid preseason”, hate for Michael Vick.

  16. he’s right but i wanna watch the game(more drama) anyways. more interesting than our sticking rotten(ponder, wr’s)vikings. the vikes NEVER should have signed mcjoke.

  17. Obviously McNabb is having the last laugh, because the Eagles haven’t done anything since getting rid of him. He’s right! The Eagles need to clean house, and rebuild!

  18. wait wait wait. you mean Mcnabb the analyst? The last projection he made he said RG3 was going to be a terrible mismatch with the shannahans….. hes a genius!

  19. Help me understand what bashing McNabb for telling the truth does? Nothing. He is 100% correct. The Cowboys defense should feast on Foles this week. If they dont, well, lets just say the Cowboys are done.

  20. Why are we even talking about what this idiot thinks? He said the same stuff about RG3 not working in Shanahan’s system. He’s just bitter because he is unemployed.

  21. “Why is everybody so angry at him, what he is saying is true.”

    I agree with Mcnabb and so do most Eagles fans that’s not the issue. Mcnabb goes out of his way regularly to needle the Eagles because he’s still bitter about the way things ended.

    Most people think Mcnabb was this victim of Owens and an overall great teammate. This is false. Mcnabb was never a great teammate he was just as responsible as Owens was for the 2005 disaster in fact nowadays it’s said that the locker room was mostly on Owens’ side.

    Eagles fans know their team isn’t any good, they know it’s going to take years to get back to being a playoff contending team. They don’t need the worm burner to tell them that.

  22. Haters will hate but McNabb is spot on. The O line is putrid, the QB is rookie and is divisional game. McNabb is being paid to analyze and say something and he nailed it. Live with haters.

  23. McNabb has to be basking in the glory of the failures of the Michael Vick led Eagles. I never understood why Donavan gets a bad rap after leading the Eagles to 4 straight NFC title games 3 of which with the likes of Todd “alligator arms” Pinkston as his best WR.

  24. Wow all of these people are critical about these comments from McNabb. But the bad part is that everything he says is true. And if you don’t believe it, you’re just in denial. Foles is not the future. There is a better chance at seeing Vick take a pay cut to come back next year than Foles being the starting quarterback. Wake up, Philly. The party is over. It’s time to prepare for another decade of misery like the 70s, especially if the Chip Kelly rumors are true. He’s a joke, just like Nick Foles.

  25. This is actually a very relevant point by McNabb, but everyone just likes to bash him. What’s also funny is the Eagles were NEVER this bad with McNabb starting. In fact, I bet Philly fans are now wishing for those days back.

  26. I kind of like McNabb on NFL playbook. A class act, as he demonstrated when Rush Limbaugh went nuclear racist on him. We all know how that turned out for Rush (fired from ESPN and invited to forget about ownership of an NFL team…LOL).

    McNabb . . . still classy. Never a misstep from that guy.

  27. He’s exactly right, but Eagles fans don’t care because they’re too busy blaming everything but global warming on him.

  28. The demise of the Eagles stems from more than just Andy Reid…outside of the New England Patriots, no other team managed the cap as well as this team. The real issue comes down to how much the inner circle of trust that Reid built around himself has slowly crumbled ever since Jim Johnson passed. All of ‘his guys’ became plug-ins and Reid lost the locker room when guys like Brian Dawkins, Hugh Douglas, Jeremiah Trotter and others left. The last real holdover from the good times is Trent Cole. The offense would be fine had they drafted OL over pass rushers over and over again. The owner should take some blame as well since this series of impulsive front office and coaching staff moves plays a role how the team plays.

  29. “McNabb has to be basking in the glory of the failures of the Michael Vick led Eagles.”

    Mcnabb has to distract himself from the fact that he was benched for and outplayed by Rex Grossman I suppose.

    “I never understood why Donavan gets a bad rap after leading the Eagles to 4 straight NFC title games 3 of which with the likes of Todd “alligator arms” Pinkston as his best WR.”

    Brain Westbrook was on those teams too, so was Chad Lewis who was a pretty good tight end. He was also backed up by some great defenses and he put up three points on offense against the Panthers in the NFC title game. He also only led the Eagles offense to 10 points against the Buccaneers the year before.

    Tom Brady won Super Bowls with the likes of David Patten, David Givens, Jermaine Wiggins, Antwain Smith, and Christian Fauria. Brady scored 32 points against that same Panther defense Mcnabb scored 3 against.

  30. Donovan McNabb was the best quarterback the Eagles ever had.

    If he hadn’t been shackled by Andy Reid’s dink pass offense, he would have easily surpassed Drew Breeze’s numbers and won 2-3 Super Bowls.

  31. This disaster has been a true pleasure to watch, and now, we will complete the disgrace by embarrassing you on national TV. Anyone stupid enough to pin their hopes on a sack of garbage like Vick deserves all this and more. Hey Eagles fans! Here is a Cowboy fan who cannot quit smiling. Yeah, we pretty much suck, but you guys are a complete joke and in disarray. Hilarious. This will be some sweet stuff.

  32. McNabb put up 3 points against Carolina in the NFC Championship Game, but don’t forget to note that he played the bulk of that game with broken ribs suffered in the first half. Yeah, that’s right, the same McNabb who is “soft”. The same one who had one of the best games of his life on a broken ankle.

  33. Teams do have bad years. Funny how bc Vince young muttered like an idiot “dream team” and everyone ran with it. It’ll be ok, the eagles will get better and maybe they’ll finally win a Super Bowl after Reid. Eagle fan for ever.

  34. Truth often hurts. Reid played everyone as a sucker.
    Same trite BS at his news conferences, same boring play calling.
    Go away and take your expertise to another sucker team like the Browns or some other pathetic bunch of losers.
    Go to the NY Jets They suck

  35. well if it only takes 1-2 years before we’re back in the playoff race because of a 2nd overall pick and a new coach then THANKS FOR PUTTING ME IN A BETTER MOOD!!!!!! 🙂

  36. thesmartest1 says: Nov 30, 2012 4:50 PM

    McNabb owes his career to Jim Johnson and Andy Reid.

    Jim Johnson, defensive coordinator ? NotTheSmartest1 sounds better…

  37. I can’t stand either team. I was disgusted when McNabb joined my team, but RG3 has made him a very distant memory. I just hope the Giants go down on Monday.

  38. bster01 says:
    Nov 30, 2012 3:51 PM

    What have the eagles done since they got rid of mcnabb?


    what has McNabb done? except make one stupid comment after another

  39. They are better than they would be with you in there. Now, shut your trap. You’re a has been who wants attention. You lost your job because you were bloated.

  40. If McNabb had strong character and good work ethics the early 2000’s Eagles would have gone further and likely won a Super Bowl. But Donovan is/was a lazy, out of shape sloth and was completely devoid of any passion and leadership on those teams. If they had a QB with his talents AND character….who knows how far that team could have gone. Now it’s much the same in the QB department only more so. Vick is an extremely talented and freakishly athletic guy. Yet…he’s a completely vile human being.

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