Harvey Weinstein: NFL owners loved movie featuring NFL gambling

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The NFL’s decision to scrap an NFL Network interview promoting the movie Silver Linings Playbook has baffled the film’s executive producer, who says that multiple NFL owners have seen and enjoyed the movie.

The league office decided that NFL Network could not air an interview with Bradley Cooper, who stars in the film, because the movie includes scenes depicting gambling on NFL games. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein says he was shocked by that decision in part because multiple owners of NFL teams have attended screenings of the movie, and all of them came away loving it. Weinstein also suspects that whatever NFL executive made the decision not to air the interview probably hasn’t seen the movie.

“The NFL is saying this movie is about gambling? They better see the movie,” Weinstein said in an interview with Reuters. “I showed the movie to Woody Johnson, who owns the New York Jets. He loved it. And I showed it to [Giants co-owner] Steve Tisch and he loved it. We showed it to the Philadelphia Eagles ownership and guys and they loved it. So this is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure [Cowboys owner] Jerry Jones saw it too and he liked it. So I don’t get this.”

Although the NFL has a legitimate interest in keeping its teams, coaches, players and officials far away from anything having to do with gambling on games, the league comes across looking silly when it won’t even allow an actor to be interviewed on its network if that actor has appeared in a movie in which a character bets on a game. This incident makes the NFL look small.

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  1. Harvey Weinstein doesn’t exactly have a reputation for veracity. Probably should have gotten the NFL Networks response before filing this story. It isn’t exactly breaking news.

  2. The league wouldn’t have half the interest that it does without the gamblers. Why on Earth are some of the loudest cheers in the 4th when the fav covers? They put their team names on Lottery Tickets, which have the worst odds on the planet, but don’t even recognize the skill that is handicapping games. I understand that if they breathe near the subject, folks may think games have been fixed. I just don’t see why they can’t act like it at least exists.

  3. Harvey Weinstein greenlighted an Amityville Horror found footage film. Whatever happened to that? All horror fans wanna know…….

  4. This is the same NFL that employed replacement refs … and has a rule that if the coach throws the challenge flag an obvious mis-call gets to stand.

    They have no problem looking small and stupid.

  5. I just get the picture that Goodell has a no/suspended/fined/stop that button on his desk that he mashes over and over as he paces his office laughing like a crazy man.

  6. The league probably wants to keep the low life Hollywood people away from their players. The entertainment industry has already messed up game broadcasts. The secondary stories are overhyped and shots of relatives,
    fans in the stands as well as shots of coaches and players on the side lines takes away a great deal of the on field action. God forbid a player has a sick relative.

  7. For all the people that don’t thing gambling controls the NFL, I have some ocean front property here in the BlueGrass that might interest you and some cloud filters for you astronomers’ scopes.

    When gambling tells Goodell to jump, he asks “How high?”

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