Jason Babin finds it “refreshing” to be in Jacksonville


When defensive end Jason Babin was released by the Eagles, he said he hoped he would wind up playing for a winner.

Things didn’t really work out that way. Babin was claimed off of waivers by the 2-9 Jaguars, one of the few teams in the league with a worse record than the Eagles. Babin spoke to the media on Thursday about his new team, though, and said it was “refreshing” to practice with a team that had great tempo and urgency during the workouts after being with an Eagles team that Babin thinks could get worse before it gets better.

Babin is free to become a free agent after the 2013 season, but such thoughts aren’t on his mind. For now, Babin is happy to contemplate a long future with the Jaguars.

“That’s the plan,” Babin said, via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union. “I think they’re thinking the same thing and I am on board with that. I like it here. You have great weather, great coaches, great team and no state income tax.”

The Jaguars are tied for the least sacks in the NFL with 13 through their first 11 games, which explains why they claimed Babin and why he’s in line for a regular workload with the team when they face the Bills this weekend. If he can rediscover the form that led to 18 sacks in 2011, it would be a big boost to a Jacksonville defense desperate for help rushing the passer.

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  1. There has been rumors that his teammates can’t stand him because he comes off as self-absorbed and just plain selfish. I don’t care about Babin one way or the other, but now that he’s in the news a lot and doing a lot of interviews, you can see why people can’t stand this guy. The shallowness, pretentiousness, arrogance, and just plain selfishness just oozes from his pores as he speaks. I don’t know how you could sit next to this guy for 5 minutes without wanting to take a bat to his head. He almost can’t help but admit that he only cares about his sack stats and ignores any other aspect of playing the D- line and tackling, etc. He’s a one trick gimmick pony playing the wide-9 which is a gimmick defense. Good riddance.

  2. “I totally agree, Jacksonville’s beauty and the Jaguars’ winning tradition rejuvenate my soul.”
    – Nobody

  3. He better not plan on staying to long . This is his seventh team change in his short career. I’d keep a go bag ready of I were him. Not all these teams can be wrong. He is just not very good.

  4. Its refreshing to not have any pressure from fans and media that don’t care. Philly fans have passion. A guy like babin couldn’t spell it let alone understand it.

  5. Yeah its a good thing the Eagles dumped Babin.. Because he just wasn’t performing. Only 5.5 sacks.. i mean the other guys were doing wayyyy better.

    Trent Cole 1.5 sacks (but I like this guy)
    Brandon Graham 1.5 sacks (drafted ahead of JPP, bust)
    Vinny Curry 0 sacks (potential.. but jury is out)
    Darryl Tapp 1.0 sacks (not seeing it)
    Phillip Hunt 0.0 sacks (not seeing it)

    I don’t need the guy to speak eloquently, or be a media sweetheart, we need a pass rusher. He has the most sacks with his time with the Birds than any player during his tenure. In a passing league it makes sense to have a pass rush. Don’t say he wasn’t the Eagles best pass rusher.. Or if you do, tell me who has been better the past 2 years..

  6. I hope you enjoy playing in front of tarps while your teams fans stay home and pine for Tim Tebow. The fact is his production is in sharp decline, and at his age I can’t see that trend reversing. His character will be revealed, if chooses to stay and keep his money while Jax “bloosoms,” instead opting-out to join a contender for his last few years.

  7. What do Eagle fans care if Babin stays in Jax? He was cut and claimed off waivers. None of this was Babin’s choice. He’s stuck until end of next season unless Jags cut him.

    You guys are sounding like jilted boyfriends. Jeez.

    As for tarps, after that pathetic crowd this past game, Philly has zero room to criticize any city for their attendance.

  8. This is not about us cutting one of our stellar players. It was similar to the TO situation where he had to be cut to try and salvage the team. I’m sure he can still rush the passer, in the right system, which the Jags don’t run. Anyway I’m sure you’ll ultimately be disappointed.

  9. I love the absolute worst fans in all of sports, the Eagles fans, from the dirtiest, most crime-ridden city in the country, Filthadelphia, putting down Jacksonville.

    Shouldn’t you guys be on the corner peddling something? Or standing in line for your checks? Somewhere a Colt 45 forty is missing his owner.

  10. I agree it is “refreshing” he is gone. The guy is a complete dog and total nitwit!!! To quote the great philosopher Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that”.

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