Jerron McMillian thinks NFL “has a hit out” on Packers

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Packers safety Jerron McMillian picked up a $21,000 fine from the NFL for a hit on Giants tight end Martellus Bennett during last Sunday’s 38-10 Giants victory and he doesn’t believe that the punishment fits the crime.

McMillian doesn’t think there was any crime at all, although he was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the hit. He said the team’s coaches told him there wasn’t anything he could or should have done differently on the play and he’ll appeal the fine. McMillian also doesn’t think it was a coincidence that a member of the Packers received a fine from the league for the third straight week.

“I think (the NFL) has got a hit out on us. We’re trying to play a physical football game, and it calls to be physical in this game of football. Just to have rules and regulations on to how and to where to hit a player, it’s hard,” McMillian said, via Paul Imig of “You want to go all out, you want to leave everything on the field, but that’s a little bit of an aspect of the game they’re trying to take away. They’re trying to take it away.”

McMillian also said he thought that Bennett’s reaction to the hit helped draw the flag.

“I guess it’s for the well-being of whoever was down, because I guess he was crying and whatnot,” McMillian said. “I guess something was wrong with him, but it was a clean hit. I think they more so threw the flag because of his reaction instead of the actual contact.”

It’s not the first time that a member of the Packers has suggested that the NFL is taking a special interest in punishing them this season. It didn’t feel true then and it doesn’t feel true now.

One need only type “fine” into the search box on this page to see how many fines the league hands out in a week to every team and one need only type “appeal fine” to see how rarely players in the league, Packers and otherwise, agree with the league’s assessment. The Packers aren’t the only team in this boat, no matter how much McMillian believes there’s a “hit” out on them.

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  1. OMG a Packers fan whining about the NFL against them. This team along with Pittsburgh and New England get the benefit of any calls. Suck it Packers, you got whooped stop crying about this, the Seahawks game or the refs.

  2. Simply solution to this tackling issue… Make the DB’s wrap their arms to tackle..That eliminates the “kill shot” …..helmet to helmet hits will drop and so will the fines.

  3. There’s no hit out on the Packers. There is quite possibly a protection policy out for the Giants. Just ask Ryan Clark and his “unnecessary roughness” hit to the side of Victor Cruz in the end-zone that put them 1st and goal at the one after a failed third down attempt.

  4. First of all, the officials STOLE A GAME from us. Everyone knows that. So it’s not beyond the pale that the team would develop a bunker mentality.

    I will also say that I’ve never seen a player draw so many phantom pass interference calls as Sam Shields. Since he’s been out with that ankle, it’s been a whole new universe for this D.

    HOWEVER, the general week to week agenda is to penalize DEFENSES. These roughness calls have NOTHING to do with “player safety,” and EVERYTHING to do with helping offenses, in order to increase scoring and promote highlight reels.

    The NFL has bought into the “NBA Formula,” and it’s ruining the integrity of the game.

  5. This is the second or third time a packer has complained about the league “having it out for them”. What’s more likely is that they’re just not a darling team this year, getting the benefit of the refs looking the other waymost of the time.

    It’s tough not being the teachers pet any more. They’ve been getting preferential treatment for so long that they feel like they’re being picked on when they’re treated like everyone else (who doesn’t play in Chicago, NY, or Boston)

  6. How do we know that he didn’t mean the NFL has a hit out for defensive players? He never said Packers anywhere in his quote. A little out of context here..

  7. He said “us” as in defensive players. Not “us” as in Packers. This is what happens when you take snippets out of context and/or rip off stories from that they took out of context.

  8. The Packers were robbed in the Seahawks game. Roger Goodell couldn’t over turn the outcome because of his strong endorsement of the replacement refs. Deal with it, move on.

    The whole ‘we beat ourselves’ needs to stop too.

    Now there’s sentiment that the NFL is out to get the Packers? Oh shut up and play! IF you feel that is true, then USE that to YOUR advantage and don’t whine about it.

  9. Wow! What were all these Packers fanatics saying about the forearm to Tannenhills head by Earl Thomas? Karma? Payback? Whatever. There is no “hit” out on the Packers. Poor picked on Packers cry me a river. You are still in 2nd place behind the Bears and need some help winning your division. So, before you start hating on the Seahawks, I’ve got one question for all you cheeseheads, who are you rooting for this Sunday at Soldier field? I thought so.

  10. Dude, of course “… the team’s coaches told him there wasn’t anything he could or should have done differently on the play …” The money isn’t coming out of their pocket…and they aren’t the one that has to deal with the lasting effects of those types of hits..

  11. Interestingly, not nearly as much vitriol spat about this one as there was about the Earl Thomas hit on Tannehill.

    Can’t think why…

  12. The only issue that defensive players should have with “tackling rules” is that there is no rule saying that a ball carrier can’t lead with their helmet. So what is a defensive player to do when an offensive player leads with their helmet? Take it on the chin or purposely miss the tackle so much that they wind up bench or worse, cut. If defensive players can’t lead with their shoulders when making a tackle they will get run over, if they try to wrap up an offensive player who has forward momentum they will get trampled. The rules need to change to adequately protect defensive players much more than they currently do.

    The only disparity in supplemental discipline I’ve seen this year is that it seems like players are being fined excessively(quantity) for hitting rookie quarterbacks. That’s just my perception though and could be wrong.

  13. The poster is right in that there are other NFL teams who have experienced this kind of officiating – but McMillian is right that the Packer’s have been at the wrong end of a bunch of terrible personal foul calls and it cost them early in the year.
    Like I say though, other teams have had to deal with this too. The bottom line is that NFL refs are not very good but I don’t know that complaining will help.
    The billionaires who run the league don’t seem to care that their product suffers because of it.

  14. “The Packers are a Physical team”, well then get use to getting flagged more, That’s what happens to “Physical” teams. Packers get more breaks then any team in the NFL.

  15. The 49ers are arguably the most physical team in football and they don’t get fines and penalties for illegal hits because their coaches have taught them to play the right way. The league isn’t the problem, obviously it’s the mentality of the coaches.

  16. If the NFL does have “a hit out” on the Packers, it is only to make up for the years and years of the NFL treating the Packers like their favored team.

  17. McMillian is just a whiner. JA69 got the same fine amount (21K) for a non-penalty hit and didn’t call conspiracy. McMillian’s hit was an actual penalty, but his is a conspiracy!

  18. Based on the ENTIRE context of the quote, it’s clear that the “us” that Jerron is referring to is defensive players as a whole…not the Packers.

  19. So McMillian complains about how the target for hitting a receiver is shrinking, and that the league “has a hit out on us” and you automatically assume he’s talking about his team specifically? Dude, come on.

    What really puts defensive backs in poor position is that had Bennett caught the ball and McMillian’s hit dislodged it, it wouldn’t have been a penalty.

  20. Oh please the NFL loves Green Bay. Case in point. Almost every celebration is forbidden – under the idea that it interrupts the flow of the game. And yet the league thinks a player JUMPING INTO THE BLEACHERS does nothing to disturb the flow of the game.

  21. Does anybody else think when he said “us” he meant fellow defensive players instead of his fellow Packers? If that’s what he meant, then he has a point.

  22. thefox61 says:
    Nov 30, 2012 11:12 AM
    Wow! What were all these Packers fanatics saying about the forearm to Tannenhills head by Earl Thomas? Karma? Payback? Whatever. There is no “hit” out on the Packers. Poor picked on Packers cry me a river. You are still in 2nd place behind the Bears and need some help winning your division. So, before you start hating on the Seahawks, I’ve got one question for all you cheeseheads, who are you rooting for this Sunday at Soldier field? I thought so.

    Honestly, I am rooting for the Bears. And I am a Packers fan. A GB win and a Seattle loss actually benefit the Packers more… Pack already has the Tiebreak on Chicago, so to separate from Seattle would be more important at this point. A 2 game lead on the WildCard with 4 games to play is huge. Gives you some wiggle room. Chicago and GB play in 3 weeks, that will decide the division. Not this week or next week.

    So as hard as it is for me to root for the Bears, it’s for the best.

  23. Please, watch the play before commenting. It was not “helmet to helmet” It was a shoulder pad into the middle of the guy’s chest. Its called breaking up the pass.

    Now its borderline to say the WR was defenseless but what if McMillian pulled up and the guy caught the football for a TD? We would be all over McMillian for not doing his job.

  24. Its been frustrating season for them, I think he is just blowing off some steam.

    Thats ok everyone does it, its just not blasted all the internet, for everyone to critique.

    Last week a Packer was fined for hitting a QB in the head with his hand while trying to deflect a pass. I understand its flagged for everyone, but you can tell he was going for the ball.

    Sometimes its just tough luck.

  25. From a logical standpoint, the NFL has no reason to have anything out for the Packers. They travel as well as any team in the league thus sell more tickets, they have one of the most popular QBs, and they are a ratings draw. As for the officials, they owe GB a debt of gratitude for ending the lockout.

    If there was any reason, it’s because the team is publicly owned, and that could be perceived as a threat to the billionaire boys club, or it could mean they don’t have a true seat at the table, rather a representative figurehead, when it comes to running the league.

  26. The NFL does seem to attack more teams than others; Packers, Steelers, Ravens, and Saints come to mind. While others never seem to get punished, Patriots……

  27. League called and apologized for 2 blown TD calls in the Packer Viking game in 2010 against the Vikings. That win got them in the playoffs and Superbowl. Packers and their fans are right up there with the Saints. Stop CRYING !!

  28. Packers are the NFL golden boys, right, like how they changed how interceptions and touchdowns work for 1 game to steal a win from us. You can yell replacement refs, but the NFL defended that call, which says all you need to know about what they think of the pack.

  29. Yeah dude, that was a super clean hit, and I can prove it, you stand on that x on the ground and I’m gonna have Bennett take a 15 yard run at you from behind, leave his feet, drive a shoulder into your head, that’s cool with you, right?

  30. lrt79 says:
    Nov 30, 2012 11:07 AM
    “When did the Green Bay Packers turn into the Green Bay Crybabies?”
    Probably when Walden was called for “Roughing the passer” during Jerron’s Interception in week 3 – or when Receivers were constantly shoving Shields – only for Shields to be the one called for PI – Tate’s *touchdown …. Saints Fumble on a Kickoff return – refs hand them the ball – Nick Perry/Brad Jones clean hits/sacks on QBs getting them fined – compared to JJ Watt & Alan Branch ripping Rodgers helmet off not getting so much as a flag… Duane Brown wiping out DJ Smith’s Knee…
    a Ton to complain about.

  31. I love how Viking fans emerge from under their rocks to call Packer fans crybabies. I am pretty sure you Viking fans went beserk when they got the rear ends handed to them by the Saints. 3 years later they still can’t let it go.

  32. What exactly makes the Packers the “NFL’s Darlings”? All I remember is Jerry Rice’s fumble in the playoffs in the 90’s and the fiasco in Seattle. Where have all these supposed beneficial calls taken place?

  33. After the NFL gave Seattle a win, Sam Shields was flagged 4 consecutive weeks for phantom pass interference calls and Ryan Taylor was fined for his perfectly legal block vs AZ on a punt return… I’m with McMillian…

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