Lions assistant tells Matt Schaub to mind his own business


Texans quarterback Matt Schaub said Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh wasn’t “Houston Texan-worthy” after his Thanksgiving Day kick to the crotch (which, if you think about it, might preclude Schaub from being sponge-worthy).

But one of Suh’s biggest defenders didn’t take kindly to Schaub taking shots at his guy.

What is a Texan, anyhow?” Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham began, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press.

“You never make derogatory statements about another player and another team,” Cunningham said. “If you say that, then say it behind closed doors and keep it that way. But you don’t come out in the paper and start saying things like that.

“And, you know, I’m sure Matt’s a great guy and he got caught up in the emotions. And I’ll forgive him for it — this time.”

Suh’s background as a turkey day stomper (which is worse than a jive turkey gobbler) doesn’t help his cause, but Cunningham insisted it wasn’t a deliberate kick and was eager to defend his defensive tackle.

“Any time you want me to,” he said. “I will forever. There’s no discussion on this defense. Shoot, who was it, [defense attorney] Melvin Belli? I’m not as good as him, but I’m pretty good at defending him.

“I saw the play. I agree whoever said it on national TV that he has to have eyes in the back of his head. That’s the first thing I said. I thought I was ridiculous. I’m so tired of having to say things like that, but it’s true.

“I coach football for living, I’ve done it for a long time. All kinds of things happen. He was trying to make a play and nobody talks about the guard talking him on the way to the quarterback. We get no call; they get a call — or he gets a fine, whatever it was.”

While it’s hard for the Lions to play the persecution card, Suh has become an easy target, and even innocuous acts are going to get a closer look because of his track record.

35 responses to “Lions assistant tells Matt Schaub to mind his own business

  1. “What is a Texan, anyhow?”
    Followed by:
    “You never make derogatory statements about another player and another team”

    Maybe try heeding your own advice, smart guy

  2. Is he serious? Why dont u tell Suh not to play dirty and kick ppl in the nads and maybe schaub wouldnt say anything

  3. “And, you know, I’m sure Matt’s a great guy and he got caught up in the emotions. And I’ll forgive him for it — this time.”

    or else what???

    maybe you should take your own advice and shut up….

  4. That was a nice punt of your play sheet during the game Gunther. Sets a good example for the other immature members of the Lions.

  5. This whole team is out of control. From the top all the way down. You wonder why they’ll never win anything.

  6. I’m pretty sure that when you are the one that gets kicked it the grapes it automatically makes it your business lol

  7. “And I’ll forgive him for it — this time”

    Ooooh, tough guy Gunther Cunningham! Listen Gunther, the Lions are 4-7 because there is zero discipline on that team, and Suh is a prime example of that. Someone who is 66 years old and has been around the NFL as long as you should know that.

  8. Lots of people are piling on Suh here. And I get that he’s had some egregious mis-steps (no pun intended) in the past — but we can’t re-punish him for those mistakes for something that came afterward.

    Many may not like Suh, but that’s an independent question. We need to first assess the incident in isolation and irrespective of his prior history — and secondly, assess whatever punitive measures, if any, are merited in light of his past conduct.

    My take is Suh absolutely did not intend to tag Schaub’s man region. As such, the second part of the inquiry about punitive measures becomes irrelevant.

    Finally, my team is not the Lions — I grew up in Western PA, and have always loved the team one might expect of that region.

  9. i dont know maybe its me but the Lions seem like the Jets of the NFC

    a lot of flappin of the gums and they have the same record to show for their bravo

    4 wins 7 losses to date

  10. I must have missed the part where Gunther tells him to mind his own business. Or did you just make that whole part up because it makes a good title? smh

  11. Several things…

    1.) This is very much Schaub’s business.
    2.) If Gunther is so tired of ‘saying things like this,’ maybe he should tell Suh to quit doing ‘things like that.’
    3.) And if he doesn’t know what a Texan is, he’s dumber than a box of rocks.
    4.) What’s a Detroit, anyway?

  12. Wasn’t Gunther mad about anonymous sources in the press about his team .. And now a public statement by Matt bothers him .. What do you expect nobody to talk to the media … ? Come on man

  13. “And, you know, I’m sure Matt’s a great guy and he got caught up in the emotions. And I’ll forgive him for it — this time.”


    Why, what he is going to do? Tell Suh make the kick seem more deliberate next time so it sends the message? Haha.

  14. Hey Gunther let me kick you in the nuts and see if you have anything to say about it…never mind Schwartz did already when he threw that red flag. Have a nice day

  15. Here’s the thing. Matt Schaub has Brian Cushing on his team—and probably some other disgusting characters I know nothing about. So one guy is Texan-worthy because he’s on your team and the other isn’t? Folks, this isn’t a club where you vote people in, these are paid mercenaries who (once drafted) go to the highest bidder.

    So, Matt, let’s cool it on the “Texan-Worthy” drivel.

  16. As a Texan fan, I agree with the Gunter Cunningham. Suh is a better player than Shaun Cody plus the middle of our defense is the weakest link. Being this is only our 3rd winning season under Kubiak mostly due to Wade Phillips, I have wonder if Kubiak and Schaub were “Texan-worthy” after suffering through 2008-2010. Schaub should shut his mouth and wear a cup.

  17. Go Gunther go!! I think the Lions have tremendous talent on “D” and maybe do need a change at d-coordinator to get more out of this group.

    You have to admit Schaub’s comments were a bit corny. Like….playing for the Texans is the greatest thing ever. How many teams are there in the NFL?

    He’s a good QB, but certainly not elite. Maybe his words will mean more if they go to the Superbowl.

  18. Eyes are round and have peripheral angles of vision. No eyes on the back of the head needed. That’s not the right way to defend this play as it is not a logical condition to support his theory. Gunther has all kinds of problems with geometry and that’s part of the reason the defense is soft. He doesn’t have a strong feel of logic, angles, and mechanics to be a powerful coach that can help this team perform to their full potential.

  19. EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas. Specifically, their ego’s, their sense of entitlement, and the disappointment they will undoubtably face when the season ends in the first round of the playoffs. Again…

    Biggest group of crybabies I’ve ever witnessed. Waah waaah they kicked my quarterback. GET OVER IT! You have the dirtiest Oline in the league, a star player who juices like a maniac, and thats not even counting Brian Cushing. (see what I did there)

    Talk about overreacting to EVERY bit of media possible. I realize they don’t grow them very smart in the south but come on.

  20. 8to80texansblog says:
    Nov 30, 2012 5:05 PM
    “And, you know, I’m sure Matt’s a great guy and he got caught up in the emotions. And I’ll forgive him for it — this time.”

    or else what???

    maybe you should take your own advice and shut up….
    He’ll leave a dead horse in his bed 🙂

  21. Suh has one penalty this season. He has been extremely disciplined this season. Goes to show that when people make their minds up, no amount of reality will stop them from believing whatever.

  22. will forgive him this time!!! What if he said it again, you will send Suh out there and kick him in the nuts again. Give me a break, Detroit should focus on the team who is on the verge of sinking back from where they came. FYI 1 playoff appearance in 14 years or whatever it is does not make you juggernauts and some icon to be worthy of listening too!

  23. This coming from the same coach who tried to drop kick his playbook/folder in anger on the sideline. Hot heads. No composure on this team whatsoever. Just like last year’s meltdown after week 5 and a 5-6 record to finish with several other meltdowns. A lot of talk from old an Gunther, who is the architect of a terrible defense, loaded with line talent, but can’t win. Just look at their point differential. God awful.

  24. Yeah, Suh had a muscle spasm that caused his leg to defy the laws of gravity. That’s it, that’s the ticket.

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