Logan Mankins, Chandler Jones out for Patriots

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It will be another week without guard Logan Mankins and defensive end Chandler Jones for the Patriots.

Both players were ruled out, along with tight end Rob Gronkowski, on the team’s Friday injury report. There’s not much surprise in either case. Mankins has missed the last two games and hasn’t been practicing as a result of ankle and calf injuries. Jones missed the Thanksgiving win against the Jets with the sprained ankle he suffered in Week 11. Reports earlier this week pointed in this direction and Jones’ inability to practice helped confirm it.

As always, the Patriots have a slew of players listed as questionable. Tackle Sebastian Vollmer missed the Jets game after being part of the questionable horde last week and he’s questionable again this week thanks to a back injury. Wide receiver Julian Edelman is questionable after suffering a concussion last week.

The Patriots visit the Dolphins on Sunday. A victory makes them the AFC East champions for the ninth time in the last 10 seasons.

14 responses to “Logan Mankins, Chandler Jones out for Patriots

  1. They won in NY last week w/o Chandler and Mankins, but they had Edelman, who played great. I hope he can go vs the Fins, while they save the other two for next week.

  2. Again, if you compared the Patriots injury report with that of the Jets last week, they were the same length. Perpetuating the idea that somehow the Patriots do things differently and that it is somehow wrong and gives them an unfair advantage, is just a cheap attempt to grab web hits from from angry basement dwelling losers.

  3. It’s worth noting that in games without Mankins, the Patriots have rushed for the following yardage totals: 247, 131, 152, 115, and 152. These have been against below average run defenses (Bills, Jets twice) for the most part, but still interesting to think about given Mankins’ reputation as a mauler. Still would love to have him healthy.

  4. They get by just fine without Mankins, but they’re down to backup defensive ends and with Edelman and Hernandez less than 100%, the Phins have to be liking their chances.

    They usually play the Pats tough in Miami anyway.

  5. I wonder if the Kool Aid drinkers still think it is a good idea to keep the starters in to run up the score in order to send a message to teams is still a good idea? You hate to see anyone get hurt but until Big Brain Bill quits thinking like a SEC college coach, guys will needlessly continue to drop like flies.

  6. ddogdaddy says:
    Nov 30, 2012 8:07 PM
    Well son, I remember watching the Niners dismantle the Broncos 55-10 in a Super Bowl in 1990.

    The problem with your generation is that you don’t know how to take a beating like men and be better for it.

    I get so tired of hearing the whiners cry for someone to stop the beating when they can’t stop it themselves.

  7. I don’t necessarily agree with all the thoughts from Bill Parcells over the years, but I do agree with the addage that “you can’t play to avoid injuries” they’re going to happen

  8. @ddogdaddy:

    If you check out the facts, Gronk wasn’t even in the game during that TD drive…HIS job and always HIS job is the wing blocker during XP’s and FG’s…Unlike your SEC reference the NFL only allows I believe 46 + an Emergency QB to dress for each game…Not like college where they dress about 80 to 90! Thus, certain players in the NFL have certain jobs at certain times.

    Now, let’s look forward to a good game.

  9. @ ddogdaddy,
    That such a specious argument that your trying to make. It has no basis in reality. You already were enlightened that gronk wasn’t out there on the drive in question except for his duties on the PAT team. But Other than this, Tell me who has gotten hurt for the Pats “while running up the score”? And unless your a soccer mom, don’t worry about teams running up the score anyway.

  10. I love this time of year, padding the hat collection with another Division Champ hat is always fun!!!

  11. You know, the Patriots have been so good the past decade that I never think they’ll lose a game to anybody, but, of course, that’s not reality. As Brady said, “it’s really hard to win in the NFL”, and part of the reason is missing parts in your machine. This is sort of a “trap game” for NE and Miami cannot be underestimated.

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