Michael Vick could miss rest of season


The Philadelphia Eagles may be getting an extended audition for quarterback Nick Foles for the remainder of the season as Michael Vick could be out the rest of the year.

According to Howard Eskin of FOX 29 TV and 94 WIP Radio in Philadelphia, Vick could miss the rest of the season for the Eagles. Eskin reported Thursday night that Vick’s symptoms aren’t improving and are, in fact, getting worse.

Vick has missed the last two games for the Eagles after suffering a concussion against the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 11. The Eagles said Thursday that Foles was going to start again this week against the Cowboys because Vick had not reached baseline levels during his concussion testing. The Eagles had said earlier that Vick was progressing through the concussion protocol and getting closer to a return.

If Vick is unable to play the rest of the season, it will give the Eagles a chance to evaluate Foles more thoroughly. Foles could make as many as seven starts by the end of the year to give Philadelphia a strong sample size to evaluate if he could be a starter for them long-term. For the season, Foles has completed 59 of 99 passes for 542 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions in three games since taking over for Vick.

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  1. I completely believe in second chances but I think that the Dog fighting/killing is coming back to Bite Vick. This sounds serious because concussions are very dangerous and Some people have been linked to suicide because of them. I prey that he gets thru this.

  2. It’s smarter to let him rest, as disappointing as it may be for him. Concussions are nothing to play with and if he is still having problems now, he needs to stay off the field. Otherwise he could have a very tough time after football. Hope the best for him.

  3. “Foles could make as many as seven starts by the end of the year to give Philadelphia a strong sample size to evaluate if he could be a starter for them long-term.”

    But I hear the Cards are looking for QB?

  4. Vick is the absolute most skilled person the NFL has EVER SEEN. NOBODY can say they are faster or can throw better or that they are more exciting than VICK. an I for one HOPE to see him play some more this season GOOD LUCK VICK!! a Bears fan

  5. At this point you can’t trust anything Howard Eskin says. He should just stick to being the spokesman for Burger King.

  6. Let the conspiracy theories begin. The hit he took didn’t look that serious, and it’s coincidence the eagles wanted to see what foles could do, but didn’t want to “bench” vick to do it. I say BS!

  7. I guarantee you he COULD play again but they’re exaggerating his injury to save face and allow Foles to play.

  8. I’m an Eagles fan, life (sportswise) is TERRIBLE right now. Though I hope all of the constantly “self-hating”, “doomsday” birds fans who begged for Foles as early as week 4 are busy eating their words right now. He floated out 4 EASY picks last week that the Carolina secondary stonehanded, 2 of them should have gone back for 6. Be careful what you wish for (my fellow fans who “bleed green”).

  9. I’d be very surprised if they bother bringing him back, to finish a season that has been lost for some time now. Vick will never be able to stay healthy for a full season, so the odds will remain stacked against his ever again getting close to the Super Bowl. With the franchise in disarray, they’re better off seeing if their future coach has a keeper in Foles.

  10. The thought of returning to play with Phillys Oline would make anyones concussion symptoms worse. This is actually the best move for everyone. Philly is out of the playoffs. If Vick returns and reels off a bunch of wins, then they are more likely to keep him next year and pay him way more than his current value. By sitting Vick, they get to see what Foles has in him. For Vick, he gets to remain healthy for the rest of the season and will get to play somewhere else next year.

  11. Foles been sacked 7 times in the past 3 games.

    In a 16 game season, that would be equal to 37 sacks.

    The problem is that O-line, not Foles or Vick. Don’t see the point of putting Vick out there with the season done even if his concussion symptoms were getting better.

  12. The Eagles have been hoping for this announcement for a long, long time. It is time to see if Foles is an NFL QB or if they need to draft and/or find someone in free agency.
    Either way, Vick’s days in Philly are all but over….Reids too.

    I’m saying Vick to either Arizona or Oakland

  13. idk whats going with Vick but I hope he’s alright, those concussion problems almost making marcus vick look like a prophet lol…

  14. I actually feel sorry for him. Say what you want, no QB was going to fare well behind that offensive line and now his concussions are catching up on him. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  15. Vick has been playing through multiple concussions all year. Someone go back and look at the tape from the pre-season and then all the hits he took in just about every game early this year. It is obvious the man is in a haze. Even his demeanor in interviews is off and that isnt because they were losing. He has brain damage.
    Andy. Andy. Andy. You cant put winning football games above player health and when your players are willing to make that sacrifice, you need to be smarter than them and step in.

  16. Beautiful. The multiple injuries to the O-Line combined with Reid drafting more all-pros than 29 other franchises since 2002 might just save his job. I hope he gets one more year. Because Gruden sure as hell isn’t going to develop Foles. I heard after Gruden hung up with Kiffin last nite, he called Jeff George….

  17. I doubt he was going to play anymore unless Foles gets hurt. The Eagles have all but said they are moving on.

  18. I find the sudden reversal of symptoms suspicious. Regardless of whether Vick was healthy or not, the Eagles should be finishing the season with Foles. It’s evaluation time.

  19. I hope Vick saved some of the money Philly threw at him, because he may well have played his last game of football. He’s always been injury prone because of his style, and a concussion as serious as this one appears to be does not bode well for his future.

  20. A previous post says he’s the most exciting player in the NFL. He hasn’t been exciting since he joined the Eagles. He’s a turnover machine and not very smart. I can’t stand the jerk. I hope his “career” is over because he’s not a very good QB–getting hurt is not something I’d wish on anyone, but it’s a great excuse for him to go away forever.

  21. chi01town says: Nov 30, 2012 12:36 AM

    Vick is the absolute most skilled person the NFL has EVER SEEN. NOBODY can say they are faster or can throw better or that they are more exciting than VICK. an I for one HOPE to see him play some more this season GOOD LUCK VICK!! a Bears fan

    Maybe he was great for one season, and parts of a couple others, but most skilled ever? Vick relies on his legs and speed because he can’t read a defense. That’s not skill, that’s just athletics.

    Not even close to “best ever”.

  22. If that is in fact the case, cut him today. We all know he’s getting released at the end of the season anyway. Plus he has not lived up to his big contract so just end it now.

    You hear it over and over…..this is a business. Well, then make the best business decision now and save the cash.

  23. Say what you want about Vick (I don’t think he should ever have played another down after going to prison on felony charges) but his situation is seriously scary and if reports are true then yes his career could be and probably should be done. If you’re still sitting in a dark room many days perhaps even weeks after the incident then you’ve done serious damage to your brain. If he has ANY prayer of ever leading a normal post-NFL life he should give serious consideration to hanging it up.

  24. If the Eagles were 7-2 before the injury and looking like they did a couple of years ago and then Foles played this poorly the next two games to bring them to 7-4 I wonder if he still fails that test?

  25. I’d be interested in knowing where this information came from. No one else seems to know this. If he’s getting worse instead of better then he’s either faking it or he is in need of our prayers.

    The hit on him didn’t look very bad, but he did look to be in a lot of pain. I hope he doesn’t have permanent brain damage. I wouldn’t wish that on any player.

  26. Someone needs to introduce him to the Doc that helped out Sidney Crosby! Ended up most of his symptoms were caused from a neck injury. Might be the same thing.

  27. Michael Vick will miss the rest of the season the same way Graham Harrell will miss the rest of the season. Because he stinks.

  28. Doesn’t Nick Foles deserve at least a fraction of the eleven years Michael Vick was given, albeit without success, to develop into an NFL quarterback?

  29. For all you Vick hating Philly fans talking about Karma, how about this for Karma..Since some of you miserible souls love misery…you’ll never live to see the Eagles win a Superbowl..how bout that!

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