NFL fines Brodrick Bunkley $20,000 for kicking Alex Boone


Saints defensive lineman Brodrick Bunkley will be fined less for his obviously intentional kick than Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was fined for his possibly accidental kick.

The NFL has fined Bunkley $20,000 for kicking 49ers offensive lineman Alex Boone in the head on Sunday, Jason La Canfora of CBS reports. That’s less than the $30,000 Suh was fined for a kick on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, which Suh said was an accident.

Bunkley’s fine is hard to figure: Boone was on the ground and Bunkley obviously kicked his helmet on purpose, and yet Bunkley is fined not only less than Suh, but also less than many players have been fined for hits that took place in a split second during a play. Bunkley was penalized 15 yards and ejected, but his fine is less than the fine Jared Allen got for his hit on Lance Louis on Sunday, which the officials on the field didn’t think was worthy of a penalty flag at all.

The NFL may have become a bit hesitant to suspend players in the wake of Ed Reed winning an appeal of his suspension for hits to the head, or the NFL may be hesitant to suspend a Saints player in the wake of the criticism the league has taken for its suspensions in the bounty case.

Whatever the reasons, Bunkley should consider himself lucky: A $20,000 fine is a lot less than his punishment could have been.

19 responses to “NFL fines Brodrick Bunkley $20,000 for kicking Alex Boone

  1. My question is where does this money go? I dont have a bleeding heart for these guys but if I get fined at work it better not just line the bosses pocket

  2. chesslungo says:Nov 30, 2012 7:18 AM

    My question is where does this money go? I dont have a bleeding heart for these guys but if I get fined at work it better not just line the bosses pocket


    Per the CBA all fines are donated to charities

  3. chesslungo ask where do all the money go??? Sounds like my wife…. but it is my understanding that it all goes to charity…. like for example all of James Harrison fines when to the James Harrison Foundation, a charity set up by the pro linebacker to help the poor and homeless and fined nfl players/////

  4. If the incident is obvious intentional then the league needs to suspend rather than fine. If the players know the won’t play and lose a game check, they will be less likely to do the intentional stuff like this.

  5. Roger Goodell is destroying the NFL, one fine at a time.

    Players can’t even give their all without thinking they might be fined by Goodell.

    Fans are paying to watch Professional level football when they buy a ticket to a NFL game.

    What the fans are getting in return is an effort that is much less than the players are capable of, simply because they have to worry about the eye in sky, watching their every move.

    The NFL needs to turn the eye in sky off…and Roger needs to go…then the players can give the fans what they paid for…professional level football.

  6. Really….Did Boone get fined for punching him in the sac? Did Goldson get fined for intentionally trying to kill Colston?

  7. That play was far worse than Suh’s Thanksgiving stomp last year, and Suh got a 2 game suspension on top of the the ejection. Is there any rhyme or reason to the league’s disciplinary process?

  8. Kick a guy in the head after the play? $20k. Stomp on a guy’s arm on national television? Two game suspension. I can see the logic there.

  9. Then there’s the Karma payback:
    Thursday Night: Karma 23, Saints 13

    Oh, and a humiliating playoff hope ending, five interception, touchdown pass streak ending, kiss the season goodbye performance.

    The universe has its own method of fining

  10. Don’t forget that the bounty gate hopla started because of the locker room film before the Saints-Niners game last year. I am sure the NFL does not want a lot of attention to a Saint getting suspended against the Niners. Kinda like how they will not talk about Vilma tweaking K. Hunters leg after a tackle and ending Hunter’s year. Yes, that Vilma.

  11. I want to know if Alex Boone is going to be fines for hold the mans leg and when Bunkley seperated his arms from holding him, Bunkley jabs him in his privates, prompting the kick.

    Bunkley should have been fined but so should have Boone. To fine only the retaliatory player is stupid. If the goal is to remove all this sh… stuff from the league, then go hard on both parties.

    Clutching onto a guys legs while he is standing well after the play and jabbing another in the privates is not a football move, pardon the Suh.. I mean pun

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