Raiders suspend Rolando McClain for conduct detrimental to team

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The murky situation surrounding Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain, who said this week that he was done with the team, is starting to come into focus.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Raiders have suspended McClain for conduct detrimental to the team. However, Glazer reports that the Raiders are not releasing McClain, who wrote on Facebook after missing practice Wednesday that he was officially done with the team.

There’s no word on how long McClain is suspended for, although other Raiders players told Glazer it’s for more than just this week. At this point it seems unlikely that McClain will play for the Raiders again this year: The team is going nowhere, McClain is not playing well and he clearly isn’t seeing eye to eye with the coaching staff, so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to bring him back.

The question, then, becomes what happens to McClain going forward. He’s only 23 years old, and he’s talented enough that the Raiders selected him with the eighth overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft and immediately inserted him into their starting lineup, so it’s likely that other teams would be interested in his services in 2013. But he’s been both a disappointment on the field and a troublemaker off the field, so it’s also likely that he has played his last game as a Raider.

UPDATE 11:41 a.m. ET: Raiders coach Dennis Allen says it’s a two-game suspension for McClain.

49 responses to “Raiders suspend Rolando McClain for conduct detrimental to team

  1. Hopefully he has played his last game as a Raider. He has a lot of ability but no ambition. He can go back to Alabama and hang out with his gangster buddies. There he’ll be big man on campus. He’ll be broke in a few years. He can hook up with Jamarcus Russell another do nothing bum.

  2. keep palmer and build.

    give that man an offensive line so every time he drops back he’s not swarmed.

    and i thought the coach was a defensive coach, how is the defense that bad, it can not be all mcclain even though he misses the hole a lot.

    hue jackson hugging palmer after the raiders game was ironic,

    the offense was way better last year, fluid , put up points, respectable.

    the defense i thought could not get any worse, did.

    the same team from last year with the same coaching staff would have got the wild card at the least this season.

    fire allen and GET A REAL COACH.

  3. Being a troublemaker off the field has never stopped the Raiders from keeping or even acquiring someone (based on the last decade, often to the team’s on-field detriment). They’d keep him around if he could actually, you know, PLAY.

  4. Trade him if @ all possible…try to get something in return..some team will roll the dice..we need more draft picks!

  5. I wanted rid of him in order to force the point that we are not the same old raiders. That the new regime is installing an accountable, productive competition based new culture which leads to productive play. That said we are not in the locker room. Therefore we have only one choice to trust that RMac and DA know what there doing. Hopefully they are holding on to McClain because it is to our teams benefit. Cuz I can’t see him playing in silver and black ever again.

  6. and….. The team can give up 150 points in 3 games with me playing MLB for them. I am fat and slow, just like this clown, but the difference is I will do it for $12,000 a week.

  7. This is pitter patter games that the old regime would’ve pulled. So much for new change. Get a grip and release him already.

  8. He is not talented. He should not be called “talented” if he is not playing well. McClain will get released after this year and he will take a low-rate deal with some team that we do not know About right now.

    I remember when everyone was praising the Oakland Raiders for letting somebody else making him the draft choice instead of Al Davis. Davis may have missed on guys like Jamarcus Russell, Demarcus Van Dyke, Bruce Campbell, and Mike Mitchell. At least he can make up for those misses with players like Denarius Moore, Darren McFadden, and Darius Heyward-Bay.

  9. make him play every D snap + special teams. Trade him at the end of the year for a bag of balls (or best offer) and get some cap space.

    I don’t think you can fire a young rookie coach after one year. DA has been disappointing, but the constant churn is worse… it’s not like he’s a retread like knapp… who is not compatible with DMac’s style and must go immediately.

  10. Clearly the Raiders don’t have the talent they need yet. However, it does make you wonder whether any team could replicate the outlaw persona they had in the 70s and early 80s. In this day and age with the internet and constant news cycle – with every off field transgression one cell phone camera away from being exposed to the world – it’s hard to see that ever working again. It’s just too much of a distraction. It seems like you have to build around equal parts talent and character to compete these days and I have to wonder whether the Raiders are still stuck in the just win baby – speed & talent over everything – scouting approach. NFL certainly more interesting when they are a good team.

  11. What a bunch of losers that come out of the SEC. Great college players that can’t make the transition to the pros i guess.

  12. Oh, and I doubt he has much in the way of trade value. Poor production, very serious off-field issues, bad attitude. He’s been the starting middle linebacker on a team that has been chronically bad against the run for his entire career. Nobody’s going to give up draft picks for that.

    He’ll be waived or cut in the off-season, then signed cheaply and will be expected to fight hard for a roster spot.

  13. He is officially a “bust”, what team is going to be stupid enough to trade away a draft pick for a proven “bust”? McClain is already on the only team that would do that.

    Now if they release him…..

  14. You can’t just cut him if he’s acting up on the practice field. Sets an ugly precedent. “Don’t like the way things are done? Act like a baby and we’ll let you free ride to another team.” It can’t work that way.

    It’s very refreshing to see a new handle on personel with this team. This guy would have been a scholarship Raider for YEARS under Al.

    He may be the only one acting ridiculous personally but he’s not the only one playing like garbage on defense. I think this offseason is gonna be chock full of players getting pink slipped and some will be players us fans didn’t see coming. Reggie isn’t working on a reload….he’s in a long term project and knows it.

  15. The most significant elements and factors that have determined, in my humble opinion, have been the implementation of the ZBS, the loss of the starting CB’s with no depth and drum roll please….. perhaps the biggest thing was the loss of Mike Waufle, which has turned the arguably best pass rush in the league a year or 2 ago to 1 of the worst with almost the the same players. Yes we lost Wimbley but we got Shaughnessy back. You see what Waufle did to the Giants def line when they beat the Pats, no, when they manhandled the Pats in the Superbowl and you see how good were were and how bad we are. We had a great pass rush with Waufle coaching the def line. Without him, we have no rush at all. Makes it harder on the Secondary and since the war is won in the trenches and both lines are floundering, so are we.

  16. have to think maybe Dennis Allen, is trying to play the role of Roland Earvin Jr, and trying to teach this kid how to be and act like a man…….All I can say Rolondo, it’s time to grow up.

  17. gibbyfan says:
    Nov 30, 2012 11:22 AM
    Watch for him to get picked up by a well coached team and become an all-pro

    I hope he goes to your favorite tea, so you can see what a mess the guy is.

    He’s as dumb as they come, extremely slow for a MLB and has a terrible selfish attitude.

    He’s a friggin horror show.

  18. The Raiders aren’t going to release him because that set’s the wrong idea of how to go about it.

    They will try to get anything they can for him after the year is over.

    Or, RM has already told him not to worry. You’ll be a Raider next year with a new coaching staff that will use you to your potential.

    Then they’ll use him on special teams.

  19. Dear Reggie,
    Please don’t not draft any players from the state of Alabama. They have something in the water that induces Lethargic Syndrome. Either that you they are just plain lazy.
    Thanks Raider Nation

  20. Other than crushing Darren Sproles his rookie year, this guy has done nothing. And that’s not some sour grapes exaggeration. I mean, truly nothing. No game changing plays. Not big hits. No picks. No forced fumbles. Nothing. He will be easily replaced. I like what MacKenzie and Allen are doing. There’s just a whole lot of trash to clean out of Oakland before they can focus on moving forward. Sad, but true.

  21. McClain’s play was detrimental to the team. Will he go somewhere else, maybe, but how many Raider draft picks become All-pro’s after they leave?

  22. “what team is going to be stupid enough to trade away a draft pick for a proven “bust”? ”


    How bout the Raiders, remember Arron Curry.

  23. hawkforlife says: Nov 30, 2012 1:41 PM

    “what team is going to be stupid enough to trade away a draft pick for a proven “bust”? ”


    How bout the Raiders, remember Arron Curry.

    one mans bust is another mans 5th round steal.

  24. Apparently they couldn’t trade him and didn’t think he’d be taken by another team if waived.
    If they’re stuck with his contract, they’ll keep him tied up.
    Inactive every week….

  25. gibbyfan says:Nov 30, 2012 11:22 AM

    Watch for him to get picked up by a well coached team and become an all-pro

    just like JaMarcus?

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