Report: 35-percent chance Roethlisberger plays


As the football-following world waits for the puff of white smoke that will let us all know whether Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be riding a white horse (a really big white horse) in to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday to save his team for another batch (see what I did there?) of turnovers, the most specific report regarding his availability has emerged.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Roethlisberger has a 35-percent chance of playing.

Though we’re not quite sure how anyone has arrived at that number, each team has to engage in a similar exercise every week.  “Doubtful” means there’s a 25-percent chance a player will play.  “Questionable” connotes to a 50-50 coin flip.  (Despite popular belief, “probable” doesn’t mean 75 percent, but that there’s a virtual certainty the player will be available for normal duty.)

If the number really is 35, the Steelers will have a hard time choosing between “doubtful” and “questionable” when the time comes to turn in the injury report.  Maybe they’ll say he’s doubtionable.

Regardless of the label, we’ll be shocked if he doesn’t play.  The notion that the dislocated rib threatens his aorta came from no one but Ben himself, and if he’s in no danger of serious injury the question becomes whether a less-than-100-percent Roethlisberger is better than the alternative.

Based on what we saw last week in Cleveland, is it even a question?

32 responses to “Report: 35-percent chance Roethlisberger plays

  1. if big ben dont play and pitt tanks,

    it opens up that last wild card spot for almost every AFC team,

    makes the season down the stretch more crucial & exciting,

    also andrew luck, needs to get un-lucked and start to tank to open up wild card spot #2,

    it’ll ride down to the last week of the season

  2. Meryl Streep called. She’s mortified to have accepted her awards in the face of far superior performances.

  3. The Lore of Big Ben and the dramatic build up to his Willis Reed-like performances are going to be the subject of a book one day. Nobody hypes it better. And he looks so innocent when he talks about it. I love hearing him talk about how high his pain tolerance is.

    Suggs–put a little hot sauce on the boy this weekend. He’s playing.

  4. Some things in life are certain.
    The world won’t end on December 21.
    The Israelis and Palestinians will keep fighting.
    Ben Rothlisburger will not play football on Sunday.

  5. And he looks so innocent when he talks about it. I love hearing him talk about how high his pain tolerance is.

    Can you show me one example of him talking about how high his pain tolerance is?

  6. Where is the Steeler Fine????

    You know the one because the Ravens didn’t supposedly list Ed Reed as injured, even though no games were missed? You know…they didn’t adhere to the rules, so they get fined? Where is 35% in the rules?

    Oh I see…Steelers are like Patriots…they can just pick up the red flag and not be penalized.

  7. Sit him. The Steelers need to stay ahead the Bengals for the 6th spot. No need to risk further injury for this game. The Steelers have to beat, Cin., Clev. and SD. The game against Dallas is not that important (at this time).

  8. The chance that Ben plays is equal to the chance that Charlie Batch gets injured and taken out of the game.

  9. @swagger52

    Apples and Oranges. The reason the Ravens were fined is for not listing an injury that apparently Reed had sustained – they were fined for NOT presenting information. In this case the Steelers and Ben are over-communicating an injury – giving status updates on a daily basis (to a nauseating extent I might add).

    With that said, allow me to give my own daily update on my thoughts – its the same as yesterday. SIT HIM NOW. We can lose this week and drop one more as long as its not against the Bengals and make the playoffs. No need to expose him now.

  10. 35% chance? 100% chance this AFCN division is locked up after Sunday. Steelers are a joke this year. Everyone knows it too.

  11. Full disclsoure I hate the Steelers – don’t like Roethlisburger – and the team I root for benefits if they lose. All that said, I’d be more than a little concerned as a fellow human being if they let him go out there. There is no way he is remotely close to being fully healed. I’m assuming he has some kind of doctor clearance, but the injuries he suffered are really serious – I just don’t see how it is worth the risk. The guy is a game changer – no doubt – but rushing him back this early (and based on what we heard initially, this is REALLY early) seems short-sighted.

  12. You would think that throwing a football would be a pretty hard thing to do with a dislocated rib. Hopefully he doesn’t go out there any injure himself further. There’s no rule (yet) that says you can’t hit a QB (hard) in the chest.

    If he goes out there (or if he doesn’t) I don’t see this ending well for the Steelers.

  13. New wife and baby.

    #7 needs to be smarter about life and not plat until he is healthy enough to take hits by large men who want to hurt him.

  14. I’m sick of hearing about this big baby ben. He is an average qb at best. These irrelevant back ups make ben look better then wat he truely is. The steelers have the number 1 defense. A good qb would be underfeated with that defense. They lost to titans and raiders with ben. thats embarassing

  15. Steelers lose this one. Doesn’t matter if Ben plays or not.
    Tomlin would be wise to sit Ben this week and let Batch take the beating. Then you have Ben to play the rest of the way.
    If Ben plays this week, it may be the end of his season and the Steelers have no shot at the playoffs without him.

  16. After what transpired last year when Ben was injured, I am pretty certain that if he is not at least 90% healthy they won’t let him play. Unlikely the Steelers will catch the Ravens now for the AFCN crown. But, they are in the wild card hunt, and of course in that regard every win is important. If Ben is able to play near his normal capabilities, then he should play and he will play. If he is not, he should not. If he will be very restricted in what he can do, how he moves, how he throws, then don’t play him to increase the chance they can run the table starting next week when hopefully he can play. I hope Tomlin learned something from last year with Ben playing at much less than 100%. If he makes the same mistake again, he should be and will be highly criticized, expecially if it screws up the rest of the year.

    The goal is to win the Super Bowl, not the division title. You have to make the playoffs to have a shot at the Super Bowl. Let the Ravens have the AFCN title, they don’t win in the playoffs, especially against the Steelers.

  17. I don’t think it will matter that much, if Ben plays or not. Are we supposed to think if he plays, steelers will absolutely win? Oh, and @ putyournameonit, Are you predicting futures now? Good luck dummy.

  18. Hey Stoogy…

    Ben had 2 4th qtr drives to take the lead in Oak.

    Ben was not allowed to play D. Woodley, Harrison, Troy didn’t play.

    So… Facts are important to your comments.

  19. If Ben doesn’t play, there’s no use for the Steelers to even suit up Sunday. This will be four in a row for the Ravens. And I HATE the Ravens, but let’s be honest: the coach who has Flacco is beating the coach who has Big Ben and the #1 defense in football. No question, Harbaugh is a better coach than Tomlin, and if the coaches were switched this wouldn’t even be a rivalry.

    That said, at this level, beating Pitt in the regular season is pretty worthless for the Ravens. Beat us in the playoffs — or better yet, win the Super Bowl. Since you guys have been around as a franchise, we have 2 to your 1. Win another one, then we can talk about who really rules.

    Enjoy it now, Ravens fans, we’ll talk again in February.

  20. Against the raiders and titans ben had the ball in his hands with a chance to win and couldn’t produce get your facts right.

  21. Leave it to ESPN to put a completely stupid, nonsensical number to the chances Roethlisberger plays. First ESPN reports that he’s “50-50” to play, now “35%” chance to play? Come on man, this is ridiculous. I could’ve told you on Monday that there was a “0%” chance he was playing; ESPN is more & more becoming a news making entity rather than the news reporting entity they should be.

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