Sean Payton’s leverage grows

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When word first emerged of Sean Payton’s scuttled contract extension, the Saints were in the midst of a run of five wins in six games.  So while it was viewed as important that the Saints find a way to keep Payton beyond the expiration of his full-season extension, the team’s run was making some wonder whether it was critical.

The past two games have shown that it is.

With a pair of 10-point losses in five days, including a career-high five interceptions for Drew Brees, the value of Sean Payton has been confirmed.  The Falcons are the first team the Saints have played a second time in 2012, and Atlanta was able to crack (must . . . resist . . . egg . . . joke) whatever code the non-Payton Saints have in place.

Thursday night’s meltdown comes at a time when ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that the NFL and the Saints are “finalizing the conditions” that will allow the team and Payton’s agent to work out a contract to replace the one that was rejected by the league office.  It previously had been reported, however, that the Saints and Payton already had received the green light to proceed.

Regardless, the deal hasn’t been done.  The recent struggles of the Saints proves that it needs to be.

Especially since the team believed to be the primary alternative for Payton — the Cowboys — is struggling, too.

Advantage, Payton.

14 responses to “Sean Payton’s leverage grows

  1. He’s dying to get back to that vicodin at the stadium. He has no shame, he should take the suspension like a man. But you cant be a man and be a liar, thief, and a drug addict

  2. Atl didn’t crack any “code”. Brees just had a bad couple of games. That does actually happen to people – even the very best!

  3. Vitt din’t throw 5 picks–Brees did. If a player has a bad game that is not on the coach. These are essentially the same plays that have been called over the last few years. The execution was bad, not the coaching. I don’t see any leverage either way.

    Payton will either re-sign with the Saints or announce (after the last game) he will test the market. He has value as a HC and if he announces his desire to field offers from other teams that will make the couching carousel after “Black Monday” interesting. Several coaches are already “in play” (Gruden, Cowher, Holmgren, Kiffin, Kelly) and several more will likely be available for HC or coordinator positions. (Reid, Turner, Rivera, Mularky, Garrett, Vitt, Frazier, Fewell, Phillips, Gailey etc.)

  4. I just dont see him going to the cowboys. No good coach would go there just to be JJ’s puppet man. Which is why JJ is always stuck hiring second rate coaches from within.
    Philly/ SD seems like a better choices for him if he doesnt stay with the saints. I would bet on the latter.

  5. I thought the Saints were going to win the Superbowl and rub it in Goodell’s face? I seem to remember a lot of bragging and chest thumping.

  6. How long until Payton is over at Jerry Jones for dinner?

    I mean, is Brees really better than Romo, or is it just because Payton’s been there? Which one is leading the league in INTs now?

  7. Payton should showcase his decision the way LeBron James did when he left Cleveland. Jerry Jones would make him the highest paid coach in the world.

  8. The Cowboys?!?! Romo is a overhyped coach killer. If Peyton can get him to play at the next level he should be coach of the century

  9. “Atl didn’t crack any “code”. Brees just had a bad couple of games. That does actually happen to people – even the very best!”

    Yes, but when Matt Ryan had his five interception “bad day” he won.

    If pass pass pass is your strategy then sooner or later defenses catch up…just check the Saints record.

  10. The guy moved a few minutes away from Valley Ranch and some people actually think he may not want the Dallas gig?

  11. Payton will never work for that egomaniac in Dallas, and on the off chance that he would try, that marriage wouldn’t last past the honeymoon.

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