Urlacher fined for horse-collar on Peterson

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher thought it was bull on Sunday, and he got the horns on Thursday.

Urlacher told Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune he was fined $15,750 for a horse-collar tackle on Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

He was penalized on the field for the fourth-quarter hit, and he shook his head and said “that’s bull” while watching the replay.

“Oh yes, for sure appealing,” Urlacher said, mentioning he won an appeal before, getting a 2005 fine overturned after he hit then-Colts tight end Dallas Clark.

12 responses to “Urlacher fined for horse-collar on Peterson

  1. The NFL has these fines soooo screwed up. My GOD is Fidel Goodell running this league terribly.

    There’s was “nothing” wrong with Suh’s hit but they fine him 30 g’s? Yet Allen knocks a guy out on a crack bat hit that is illegal in todays NFL and he only gets fined 21 g’s. I guess as long as we watch, they won’t do anything.

  2. He definitely got his hand inside of AD’s jersey collar, but it really didn’t look intentional, more incidental. If the league treats it the same as a facemask however, the fine should stand. But Urlacher really didn’t look he was aggressively trying to make the tackle with the collar.

  3. I suppose I should feel the need to muster up outrage at the “dirty” hits/tackles by Urlacher and Briggs, much like Bears fans have with Allen, rather than smirk at the irony of the situation, but its tackle football for cripes sake.

  4. Yeah, I think Urlacher isn’t going to get much knocked off this fine.

    Still mind-boggling why Allen got fined less for a hit causing season ending injury (and let’s face it-intentional) compared to a guy being pulled down, face toward the ground and foot clips a qb in the junk. Not like Schaub stepped back to get away from the rolling bus either.

    Then again, the league fined Suh for shoving a qb to the ground with his hands (arms outstretched), but said he used a forearm shiver….

  5. The definition of a horse-collar tackle is to pull the runner down by the inside of his shoulder pads. It appeared that Urlacher only had the inside of the jersey, not the pads. You could see that by the way the jersey pulled away from his body. Not only that, he only had a hold on the jersey briefly, and did not violently take the runner to the ground using it. I thought the penalty was questionable, and the fine is even more questionable. He’s got reasonable ground to get it reversed on appeal, although it’s pocket change to a guy with his salary.

  6. What about Cutler getting fined $10,000 for that little ball flip?

    Wasn’t the guy who clearly cheap-shotted him into a concussion only fined $30,000?


  7. What is the incentive to play defense now? Offensive players never get fined for leading with their helmets when running with the ball. They just get fined for tossing the ball gently at players that tried to tackle them (Jay Cutler taunting). Seriously, the liberal fining of defensive players’ pay for every questionable hit or tackle makes one wonder if fewer youth players will opt for defensive positions.

  8. Not sure on this one…Borderline horse-collar at best, it appears he only got the jersey, not the pads.

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