Fletcher’s streak remains in doubt


Redskins linebacker London Fletcher managed on a short week to extend his consecutive-games-played streak to 235 despite an injured ankle.

As he tries to push it to 236 with 10 days off instead of three, Fletcher once again is questionable, due to the ankle injury.

Also questionable for the Redskins in advance of Monday night’s game against the Giants is tackle Trent Williams, who has a thigh injury.

Fletcher didn’t practice on Thursday, but he returned on Friday on a limited basis.  He also practiced on Saturday, again on a limited basis.

Three Redskins are probable:  receiver Pierre Garςon (foot), linebacker Chris Wilson (hamstring), and cornerback Josh Wilson (shoulder).

18 responses to “Fletcher’s streak remains in doubt

  1. He’ll play. 11 days off, he’s ready. We have warriors on our football team. We don’t complain or moan to the media. Same can’t be said for those teams in New York.

    Redskins win 48-21.

  2. I will be so glad when this ” Bounty ” case has ended. I look forward to Mike Florio guiding us through the GreenBay Packers Awesome run to the 2013 superbowl. Go Pack !

  3. London Fletcher is a machine, no doubt.

    I wish that he or the Redskins organization would put more emphasis on prolonging his career and not his starting streak, but maybe he isn’t planning on playing longer than this season.

    taking him out of the lineup for a week or two may end his streak but it could help him stay healthy and ready for next year.

    He will make an impact on any game he is in regardless if he is playing at 100% or not though.

  4. The most underrated NFL player!

    Never controversial except in is drive.

    With all the crap the Redskins have dished out over the years, he is the best free agent signing the Redskins have made in the last 25 years, outside of Wilbur Marshall.

  5. I wasn’t ever a fan of the Redskins until RG III. Whomever got him in the draft I would root for with my regular team and I am very loyal. lol Bengals are my fave team for 40 years. I am with logical voice said. You do have warriors on your team and since watching your team recently I have seen them. Loyalty and team work. There was a game, I forget which one where RG said they were playing dirty and everyone called him welcome the the nfl and more way worse things. Pretty much calling him a womens body part. I followed RG in college, wanted him to win the heisman and he was the only male football star that went to cheer rutgers womens team on in the stands. There are many warriors on your team and many that are good at heart!

  6. jody46 says: Dec 1, 2012 9:39 PM

    I am just curious who holds the record underneath him and how many games?

    It’s a streak. It’s not a record.

  7. Fletch is an absolute warrior, the man is 37 and still plays like he is 27. In my opinion he is a first ballot HOF’er. If he didn’t play on the Rams all those years he would of been in the Pro-Bowl every year (smaller market). This guy does nothing but make big plays week in and out, just like that hit he made on Miles Austin to jar the td ball loose. Tackle machine and how many times have you seen him run down a guy for a loss of yardage or make that crutial 3rd down tackle, plenty. Hands down the best free agent signing in Redskins recent history. Hail!

  8. irishfan said “Of course London Fletcher is going to play on Sunday.”

    He’ll have a quiet game on Sunday, I can assure you.

  9. Fletcher is amazing…

    This is a person that voluntarily throws his body into others, causing repeated violent collisions, on a weekly basis during the season, and, despite this occupation, he keeps chugging at 38 now…

    @jody46 – I believe R. Barber, Tampa Bay DB, is tied with Fletcher for the streak, but at a somewhat less violent position, in my opinion, DB. Still he’s amazing as well in this durability aspect.

  10. irishfan said “Of course London Fletcher is going to play on Sunday.”

    He’ll have a quiet game on Sunday, I can assure you.

    lol…. Yeah, considering the Skins play on Monday night.

    Love Fletcher though and agree he’s the Skins best FA pick up ever.

  11. Fletcher will play… but you know what helps voting for the probowl…. fans of London Fletcher, vote him into the ProBowl (again)

  12. The Giants are bringing the Brooms to Washington. We extended the Skins a credit line last Yr and now its time to Payback. Knockin U boys out is the APR on the loan. Interest is a high 30 Points. LOL

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