Percy Harvin downgraded to out, will miss third straight

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Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin will miss his third game in a row, after being downgraded from doubtful to out today.

According to Tom Pelissero of, Harvin didn’t travel with the team to Green Bay.

He hasn’t played since spraining his ankle at Seattle. In nine games, Harvin has 773 combined rushing and receiving yards, with five touchdowns.

The Vikings need a healthy Harvin, as they’re hanging on in a tie for the final wild card spot at 6-5.

19 responses to “Percy Harvin downgraded to out, will miss third straight

  1. Going to need a big game from Jarius Wright, who by season end is on pace to surpass every receiver in catches and yards on the team not named Harvin… Shows how bad the rest of the receiving corp is.

  2. Without Harvin I dont like the Vikings chances to win against anybody. Without him turning a 3 yard gain into a 30 yard gain, Ponder is less than average.

    But dont feel bad Viking fans. He is no different than Matt Stafford and Andrew Dalton with Megatron and AJ Green. As long as Harvin is healthy, you got a shot!

  3. Harvin made it clear last summer when he held out of training camp and demanded a trade.

    He does not want to play for the vikings.

    He just wishes the season was over.

  4. Other then AP no player is more important to the Vikings offense then Harvin. Ponder simply doesn’t have a decent WR otherwise unless you count Kyle Rudolph.

  5. The Vikings better learn to start playing without Harvin and fast as their playoff hopes are on the line.

  6. Well, there’s your built in excuse when the Vikings lose.

    Lord knows you will find every excuse possible!

  7. It’s all to obvious that Harvin doesn’t want to play. The blow up on the sideline to Frazier was either about the pathetic play calling or the fact that Ponder can’t throw the football or both. Look for Harvin to beg to be traded next season. Also,Peterson is wasting what could have been a stellar career number wise and even championship wise with another team. Instead his career is going the same way as Barry Sanders, playing for a pathetic team with pathetic coaches.

  8. emoney826 says:
    Dec 1, 2012 4:04 PM
    Doesn’t matter. He wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game. With him, they only lose by 14. Without him, they lose by 21.


    Come on. Be reasonable. No way he a accounts for 7 points. Maybe 30-40 yards, gets them in range for one more field goal.

    With him, they lose by 17, without him they lose by 21.

  9. The Vikes needed a healthy Harvin to keep this one close, but if he played gimpy he wouldn’t have made much difference anyhow. Maybe he’ll tag along with the team and hang out at Lambeau tonight to see if any dopey Packer fans without perspective are getting married there.

  10. Percy’s tough and one of the best in the NFL, he would make a big difference if he could play. The Wilfs are great owners and I believe will do whatever it takes to keep him here, including firing Frazer. This game is too important to keep Ponder in if he falters, time to see if Webb can spark the team.

  11. @thetokoyosandblaster…… Are you serious? After every loss some clown on your team says they really beat themselves or blame it on the Refs. The players have taken their fans mentality . Biggest cry babies in the league

  12. harvin has one more year with the vikings, I dont think that the vikings are going to let him out of the contract the vikings are not that bad of a team, I would want harvin at his best if he was to play and also other teams would probably try to take him out so he would be out for awhile. Its a good thing he is waiting on his ankle getting better hopefully we will have him back next week against the bears at home.
    We can still win this game tomorrow

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