Saturday morning one-liners

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Some Dolphins have a problem with Chiefs plays seeking photographs with and autographs from Peyton Manning.

Bills QB Tarvaris Jackson is frustrated he’s not playing but he understands why he’s getting $3 million to stand around on game days; “It’s a cutthroat league and there really isn’t any loyalty, so it wasn’t like it was a big shock or anything like that,” Jackson said of the fact that he quickly fell out of favor in Seattle.

The Patriots’ offensive line has been working pretty well as a work in progress.

Jets QB Tim Tebow, listed as limited in practice all week, had only five practice reps.

Steelers LB Larry Foote was awarded a $1.2 million default judgment against two men who bilked him for more than $400,000 based on bogus valet parking contracts.  (Good luck collecting a dime of it.)

Sunday’s game in San Diego will be a homecoming for Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict, who previously went to games at Qualcomm Stadium to root for the Broncos.

Browns P Reggie Hodges has launched a Twitter campaign aimed at getting K Phil Dawson into the Pro Bowl.

A heckling Ravens fan always gives a pre-game hot dog to Pittsburgh nose tackle Casey Hampton.

New Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains says his adjustment will consist of “trial by fire.”  (As in, if this doesn’t work, everybody is getting fired.)

As he prepares to return to Buffalo seven years after quitting as the team’s head coach, Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey still refuses to talk about why he left.

Keith Wright, a former Texans draft pick, was sentenced to multiple life terms after being convicted of 19 counts arising from a series of home-invasion robberies and a sexual assault.

Colts OL Mike McGlynn is replacing Christmas gifts that thieves stole from a local couple’s van.

Undrafted tackle Mike Harris is making a big impression with the Chargers.

Former Broncos QB Jake Plummer hopes to reconnect with football, possibly in TV, after deciding he had enough several years ago; “It’s everyone’s dream to be famous,” Plummer said, explaining that when using a public restroom “and the guy wants to shake your hand, it’s like, OK.”

Though he hasn’t been playing, Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor thinks he has gotten better; “It’s amazing, the accuracy I have now,” Pryor said.  “I’m able to step into my throws and throw it exactly where I want, and I’ve got to keep getting better at that.”

Chiefs RT Eric Winston went Lou Holtz when discussing this weekend’s opponent, saying that the Panthers are “just as good as a lot of playoff teams right now.”

Anne Gordon, the former Managing Editor and V.P. of the Philadelphia Inquirer, will become the Senior Vice President of Media and Communications with the Eagles.  (Her first order of business should be to make it clear that anyone who pubilcly says “I’ve gotta do a better job” will lose their job.)

Giants DE Osi Umenyiora fully supports a complete ban on cut blocks.

Rookie LB Kyle Wilber will get “anywhere from 12 to 50 snaps” for the Cowboys on Sunday.

NFL jersey buyers are down with RG3.

The Vikings will have no chance at getting to the playoffs if their defense can’t get off the field on third down.

Even if Bears WR Devin Hester (concussion) were able to play, Eric Weems would still be returning kickoffs.

The Packers’ offensive linemen aren’t talking to the media.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz isn’t ready to make DT Nick Fairley a starter over Corey Williams.

Bucs coach Greg Schiano sees second-tier players who are pressed into service as what he wants them to be, not what they are.

Saints WR Marques Colston became the third receiver in franchise history to surpass 7,000 receiving yards.

The Falcons will get four days off before focusing on third-down inefficiencies.

After getting gashed by Eagles rookie RB Bryce Brown on Monday night, the Panthers are worried about what Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles may do to them.

49ers rookie WR A.J. Jenkins and RB LaMichael James don’t know why they haven’t played this year, but they could on Sunday.

Seahawks S Kam Chancellor returns to the scene of his NFL debut on Sunday.

Rams CB Janoris Jenkins tries not to think about what might have been if he hadn’t gotten in trouble in college; “It was just a humbling experience,” Jenkins said.  “I put myself in that situation.  I’ve just got to move on and just focus on now and not what happened in the past, what I could have made and what I’m making now.”

Cardinals S Kerry Rhodes gets his first crack at the team that traded him, coached by a man who wrote that Rhodes “wasn’t one of us.”