Suggs explains player efforts to return quickly from injury

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It seems like plenty of players are returning to the field more quickly than expected from otherwise serious injuries.  Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, who played in October after suffering a torn Achilles tendon in the offseason, explained in an appearance on NFL Network’s Total Access the mindset that brings players back on an accelerated basis.

“We all know we can’t play forever,” Suggs said.  “The only way that your legacy can live through the ages is [winning] championship rings.  We call them ‘blood diamonds’ because that is what you are going to have to give to obtain them.  We are all in constant pursuit of that championship, that football immortality.”

It’s admirable, but it also confirms the presence of a warrior mentality that would prompt players to conceal injuries like concussions.  And Commissioner Roger Goodell has spoken repeatedly about the importance of changing the culture of football in a way that will encourage players to always tap out when injured.

Coupled with the fact that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith believes he lost his job because of a concussion he suffered 20 days ago, it could be that the “blood diamond” mindset will never be eradicated from the game.

Especially when a professional football player’s ability to purchase real diamonds and other expensive pieces of property hinges on keeping his job — which in plenty of cases hinges on being able to play.

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  1. Terrell Suggs and Dequan Bowers have done something amzing with their recoveries. I don’t know what it is but they both don’t seem to have lost a step. In Bowers case he seems to have shown significant progress from last year.

  2. The Ravens are a bunch of warriors. This current team with lewis, rice, reed, flacco, suggs, boldin should be considered a dynasty for what they have accomplished over that past few years.
    After this Sunday when they completely stomp the steelers into the ground (42-3) it will be clear sailing to the Superbowl victory.

    Flacco will have his best game of the year tomorrow to put him in the pro bowl and offesnsive player of the year conversation… Proj: 386 yards 4tds O int

  3. “The Ravens are a bunch of warriors. This current team with lewis, rice, reed, flacco, suggs, boldin should be considered a dynasty for what they have accomplished over that past few years.”
    Very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They accomplished watching 2 other teams compete for the Championship, along with 29 other teams.

    What’s really amazing, is that a lot of those years it was the Steelers on Super Bowl Sunday!!!

    Yes the are a Dynasty of watchers……oh little brothers will you never learn?

  4. So this is the justification for lying to coaches and trainers about injuries?

    What is the justification for suing the league later for the league not doing enough about the injuries you lied about to secure your legacy?

    Can’t have it both ways.

  5. Hey just a fan, why don’t you try and get out of your own division before you talk smack. The “watchers are about to beat the steelers for a 4th time in a row tomorrow.

  6. I remind you this is the same Suggs who put a “temp” cast on his forearm before a playoff game a few years ago. So was it really a miracle recovery, or something else going on here to begin with?

    Suggs = ultimate drama queen.

  7. Same ole’ stuff. Steelers fans are still bragging about their trophies of the past while the Ravens are ahead of them by 3 games. Never stated is how young the Ravens franchise is compared to the Steelers, or the fact that we’ve been in the playoffs for 4 years straight, and heading for 5. Both the Ravens and 49’ers were single “muffed” plays in their championship games last year, and should have been in the Super Bowl. The AFC North supremacy is changing hands, and Steelers fans are in denial. Look at the records and facts over the last 5 years, not what happened 15 years ago, when the Ravens were “just born.”

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