Bills move to 5-7 with convincing win over Jags

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Football doesn’t have to be that hard.

If the weather’s bad, and you have running backs, you should run.

The Bills did just that, and took a convincing 34-18 win over the Jaguars despite passing for 112 yards.

They did it by virtue of rushing for 232, with Fred Jackson gaining 109 and C.J. Spiller 77 and a touchdown.

The Jaguars (2-10) lacked much of a chance when Rashad Jennings left with a concussion. Chad Henne, who had been able to throw downfield, couldn’t on a messy day. He finished 18-of-41 for 208 yards, with a touchdown and an interception.

10 responses to “Bills move to 5-7 with convincing win over Jags

  1. They beat the worst team in the league. They should have been riding the 2 horses in the backfield all season. It took bad weather to force Chan’s hand to do so. Maybe next year go after Tebow or Vick, then you would have 3 guys who the defense would have to prepare for out of the backfield.

  2. The only thing it convinced me of was that the Bills are very good at beating up lousy teams and can’t compete against .500 and above ones. This game was not an accurate measurement of improvements.

  3. Jackson and Spiller both ran very well. Jackson had a 4.4 yard average and Spiller had a 5.5 average. While Fitzpatrick only threw for 112 yards, he did have two touchdown passes and one rushing. The Defense played much better, especially Mario Williams. Who by the way has shown why he was so coveted during Free Agency. Alex Carrington also played some good ball today, looking like the draft pick the Bills imagined. It may only be the Jaguars, but at least it was a W and not a L.

  4. Yeah, it took until december for Chan to realize he has a team built to run the ball. Offensive guru…..psh.

    Injuries also piled up for the Bills today. Stevie, Hairston, Wood, McKelvin all left and did not return.

    On the plus side, Mario has really come along since that wrist surgery. Maybe he wasn’t just making excuses like every fool on PFT planet was suggesting early in the season.

    The D-line as a whole has played pretty well overall really, but the Bills’ linebackers are a bunch of ghosts. Honestly, don’t be surprised if the Bills go LB early in the draft, they desperately need it. (Yes, even more than a QB)

  5. phloorioisanarcissist says:
    Dec 2, 2012 5:25 PM
    I can’t think of a single team in the league who wouldn’t win “convincingly” against the Jaguars.

    how bout the houston texans?

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