Browner, Sherman are expected to be available next week


The good news for the Seahawks?  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, they’re expected to have cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman (pictured) available for next week’s visit from the Cardinals.

The not-as-good news?  They don’t really need them, given Arizona’s struggles at quarterback.

The bad news?  If they play on Sunday and their four-game suspensions are upheld thereafter, the suspensions would spill into the playoffs.

The source said that a hearing on the appeals has not yet been set, and that at the earliest the hearing will occur late this week.  That said, the players plan to object to any effort to schedule the hearing this week, given their desire to gather information regarding the alleged positive tests.

In this regard, keep in mind that the players did not test positive for Adderall.  Instead, they allegedly tested positive for amphetamines, which are contained within Adderall.  Both players deny knowingly ingesting any substance containing amphetamines.

It may not matter, given the rule that players are responsible for whatever is detected in their bodies.  But the players want to have a fair opportunity to challenge the evidence that the league plans to introduce against them, and they believe that they won’t have a fair shot at defending themselves if a hearing happens this week.

Even if the hearing is held late this week, a ruling by Sunday is regarded as unlikely.  That said, there’s always a chance that the hearing officer will expedite the ruling to ensure that the suspensions will be served during the regular season, and not in the postseason.

13 responses to “Browner, Sherman are expected to be available next week

  1. Sherman was almost the goat. Most of Marshall’s catches were vs Browner or over the middle, but that hail mary, Richard went for the pick instead of batting the ball down inexplicably.

  2. So, it takes weeks to hear an appeal? We know how this will end. Hopefully the Hawks make the playoffs and lose their starting CB’s

  3. @offthelows I agree he should have either tried to level Marshall or swat the ball. But I don’t think he even looked at Marshall he just locked on the ball and went after it. Either way Seahawks won! Awesome game

  4. Hawks are deep in the secondary with a tested vet in trufant, a talented starter in thurmond and a hungry and an impressive rookie in lane, opponents will have a false sense of an advantage, More INT’s coming for the hawks until the league figures that out.

  5. I don’t know how this is going to play out, if they are going to be suspended I want it to happen now rather than playoffs. Next games, Cards, Bills…Browner really got burned out there but Sherman was the man would have picked Cutler if Marshall didn’t make the smart offensive pass interference. Yeah going for a pick on the hail mary was dumb move. I trust Thurmond more than Trufant these days but I’m hoping things get resolved sooner than later either way.

  6. It’s tough. If they go to a hearing before they have all the facts, there’s a chance they’ll lose when they otherwise might have won.

    If they delay it, and lose anyway, they’ll be without Browner and Sherman in a playoff game, probably in New York or Green Bay, two teams you definitely want your secondary at full readiness against.

    As dangerous as Fitzgerald can be, they have a much better shot of beating the Cards at home this weekend without Browner and Sherman than they would against the Giants or Packers on the road without them.

  7. scoobaj says: Dec 2, 2012 8:40 PM

    Hawks are deep in the secondary with a tested vet in trufant, a talented starter in thurmond and a hungry and an impressive rookie in lane, opponents will have a false sense of an advantage, More INT’s coming for the hawks until the league figures that out.


    Couldn’t disagree more about depth at corner. Trufant has done nothing but be an 11th body on the field every time he’s been in the game this year. Thurmond is/was talented but his health and physical ability is a giant question mark. Lane is… wait who is Lane?

    I’m captain optimism and the only Seahawks jersey I own is a Trufant jersey… but I don’t seen any bright spots with Browner and Sherman being out.

    Let’s just hope we don’t play the Packers again.

  8. Ya, the thing is Pete Carroll is a defensive back guy first. He doesn’t have a bunch of slouches waiting in the wing. He has long and tall, fast as heck young men that can play press coverage. And Earl and Kam still have the final word on who does what in the secondary. Personally I really am looking forward to seeing Thurmond, Lane, and Maxwell get their shot. It’s a great time to be a Seahawks fan. No fear, Go Hawks!!!

  9. Who’s Lane ? Let me tell who Lane is. He’s the first guy to get to the football/punt returner every time the Seahawks punt the ball. And that 4.3 speed isn’t his only trick. He’s also a very good press cover corner with great ball skills just waiting to get on the field to prove himself. Much like Sherman was last year. And I’m quite sure you said “who’s Sherman” at this time last year but that turned out alright didn’t it? Trust your coach Bro he knows what to do.q

  10. Pleas let them be out for the first round of the Playoffs – the Packers will put up 35+ points with out those guys holding our receivers on every play.

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