Browns take 10-3 lead into halftime


Brandon Weeden’s play is a big reason why the Browns lead 10-3 at halftime in Oakland.

He’s also a big part of the reason their lead isn’t larger. Weeden has thrown two interceptions, keeping the Browns from putting more points on the board despite the fact that they’ve carried the lion’s share of the play in the first half. They’ve outgained the Raiders by almost 100 yards and Weeden’s been very sharp when he isn’t throwing the ball to the Raiders, but those picks are the reason it is still a 10-3 game.

Both picks came inside the Oakland 10-yard line. Matt Giordano picked off a pass to tight end Ben Watson that sailed too far and Phillip Adams snagged an underthrown pass to Josh Gordon after the two-minute warning. Two bad passes in an otherwise strong day, but that can be all it takes to lose a game.

The Raiders will need to be better on both sides of the ball to get the win. The offense showed some life to set up a field goal attempt just before the half, but they’ll need to break off some big plays to make up the margin without more help from Weeden.