Dennis Allen away from team until Wednesday to be with sick father

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The Raiders took it on the chin again on Sunday in a 20-17 loss to the Browns and they now have to turn around to play the streaking Broncos on Thursday night.

And they’ll have to do it without their head coach being around for the first two days of preparation. Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group reports that Dennis Allen will be leaving the team until Wednesday in order to spend time with his father, former NFL player Grady Allen, who has “serious health issues.”

The timing is far from ideal for a team that’s reeling after five straight losses, but there’s no such thing as ideal timing for serious illness of loved ones. Life interrupts the best-laid plans every day.

When Allen returns, he expects to have running back Darren McFadden in the lineup. He said McFadden should play against the Broncos after missing a fourth straight game this week with an ankle sprain.


9 responses to “Dennis Allen away from team until Wednesday to be with sick father

  1. McFadden didn’t make a difference when he was playing, and since the Donks are currently the 4th seed, his availability won’t matter any more than Allen’s this Thursday.

  2. This guy is a bum. Bring back Hue and let this guy spend the rest of his life with his family. As a matter of fact adopt Knapp and take him with u too

  3. Sorry to hear about his father but…DA just doesn’t have it to be the coach of this team. Little or no emotion on the sideline. Just a man with his erasable marker and his thoughts. As a former defensive coordinator, you’d think he would have this unit playing better, but they get gashed week after week. I understand the lack of talent, but you still have to coach up what you have to work with. Denver’s defense is actually better off this year without him. Now that the team has a GM that I*think* might be decent, they need to go out and ante the $$$ for a proven coach. The losing culture that persists with this team will not go away until they hire someone with credibility.

  4. slightlyhyphy says:
    Dec 2, 2012 9:43 PM
    Thoughts and Prayers to Allen and his family. Everything comes second to family!

    Right on, slightlyhyphy.

  5. Well I hope for the best for the man, losing a parent or being on the verge of it is a terrible terrible feeling.

    As a coach…I said 2-3 weeks ago I haven’t lost faith in what they’re doing. I’m now starting to.

    The guy has a defensive background and it doesn’t even seem like they can teach these guys how to get in the way and hope the runner falls down. Not one player on defense other then Wheeler actually wraps the carrier up! It’s terrible. I think I can read the play faster than our LB’s! They dragged Gordon across the middle of the field on the same damn play and made it work more times then I cared to count! Using the same play!!!

    We go in at half time and THE SAME THING KEEPS HAPPENING! At least Hue won with the worst d-coordinator in history and most of these players! I’m just completely at a loss for words with this team and mostly the defense for that matter. He doesn’t look like he cares and in turn the team doesn’t either.

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