For your local coaching vacancy, Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden?

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We’re less than a month away from the launch of the annual NFL coaching carousel.  And while it’s not clear which candidate will be regarded as the brass ring, there will be plenty of attractive replacements.

But when comparing two of them, which one is more attractive?  Peter King and I debated on Friday’s Pro Football Talk whether Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden would be the better choice for an NFL team.

We both made pretty good points.  I still think mine were better.

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12 responses to “For your local coaching vacancy, Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden?

  1. Gruden is proven,these college coaches have had a hard time with the transition in the past. Saban is going to yet another championship but couldn’t do anything in the pros.

  2. Neither! … I’d pick David Shaw of Stanford. When you look at what he’s accomplished, the bloodline, and the coaching lines, I think he’s an awesome “under-the-radar” candidate.

  3. As a Raider fan all I want for Christmas is a real talented coach! You know like we had when we had Jon Gruden. Please Jon Gruden come back to Oakland, you’re our only hope. Then again I’d love to see Chip Kelly run his crazy uptempo offense here in Oakland, now that would be a vast improvement over what we’ve seen since Gruden left.

    I’d have to give a nod to Gruden over Kelly only in that Gruden does have NFL experience and a Super Bowl ring. I think Kelly would be a breath of fresh air for a stale league, he would bring some fun and excitement to football and Oakland would be a perfect place for a former duck, we have a nice big duck pond right next to the stadium.

    Fire Denise Allen!!! Hire Jon Gruden or Hire Chip Kelly, Heck Hire both of them Oakland Raiders!!!

  4. Kelly believes in smaller quicker O-linemen who can pull on the run and are better able to adjust to stunts and twists and blitzes… I watch in every game every week as 6’7″ 400 pound Sta-Puf marshmallow men barely shuffle their feet as blitzing linebackers and smaller D-ends run by them untouched on play after play, game after game… I think Kelly’s system might just change the pro game, if he can keep a healthy quarterback.
    People also forget, Oregon does NOT get the top athletes he’d have in the NFL. There have been exactly zero picks from Oregon in the top 60 picks the last three years, and he’s never had so much as a top ten recruiting class, yet as we all know they’ve had remarkable success under him. It will be interesting to see how he does, at least it will be different… unusual to see someone in the NFL who thinks outside the usual box.

  5. I think I would bring in Chip Kelly just to change things up. I would rather have someone like Gruden in a GM role.

  6. So Gruden hasn’t developed never-were’s into great QB’s… But Chip Kelly has developed great NFL quarterbacks like… Dennis Dixon?

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