Greg McElroy leads the Jets to a touchdown


Mark Sanchez might want to get familiar with his spot on the bench.

Greg McElroy led the Jets to their first touchdown of the day on his first drive as an NFL quarterback. It was a 10-play, 69-yard drive that featured the most competent offensive play of the game by far, although Bilal Powell did much of the heavy lifting with 36 yards and the Jets picked up 15 more when the Cardinals hit McElroy late at the end of a scramble. He ended the drive with a one-yard toss to Jeff Cumberland while rolling out.

McElroy hit 2-of-3 passes overall and basked in the loving embrace of a crowd that had been booing Sanchez with abandon for most of the day. They got their wish in the change and they got the touchdown drive they were dying to see.

If McElroy can do it a couple more times, it might be an extended run for McElroymania with the Jets.