Ike Taylor has fibula injury, could be significant

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The Steelers’ win over the Ravens may have come at a significant price.

Cornerback Ike Taylor, we’re told, has a fibula injury.  He’ll have an MRI on Monday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there is concern that the injury is significant.

Taylor has been durable over the years; he hasn’t missed a game since 2004.  For his career, he has missed only three games.

UPDATE 9:15 p.m. ET:  The source says that the preliminary assessment is that Taylor will miss 2-6 weeks.

27 responses to “Ike Taylor has fibula injury, could be significant

  1. never like to see anyone injured, but this could be a blessing in an elaborate disguise. wouldnt say i’m enamored with Ike, but he gives us depth and leadership in the secondary….still think he’s overrated though…mostly by himself

    speedy recovery Ike

  2. Could be tough…he was percieved to have a rough start to the season, but he’s been on fire lately.

  3. Taylor has always played his heart out for this team, he had a few rough patches, but let’s see how any of us would do being put up against the NFLs best receivers from each team each week!! Kudos to Taylor, and i don’t think he’s overrated one bit!! Hope it’s not serious!!

  4. It is a good opportunity for the young guys. Lewis, Allen, and Brown all look like they can be solid starters, with a good pass rush they can be stars.

  5. Never want to see guys get seriously hurt, having said that, I dont feel bad at all about this one.

  6. Taylor was playing really well recently. Hope he has a speedy recovery. But, next man up.

    Great victory today!

  7. As much as like Taylor and never want to see a player go down ….I like what Cortez brings. We need more youth on the D side anyway….get well soon!

  8. Ike’s been having an awesome run. Blast it! But … that’s football. Let’s hope it’s closer to two weeks than six.

  9. Looks Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown are going to have to grow up faster than we thought. I think Allen is going to be a hell of a player for the Steelers, but he’s no Ike… not yet at least.

  10. No excuses.. #NextManUp Cortez Allen did a great job. Smith and Bouldin were basically shut down by the Steelers Young DBs.. Hmmmz were all the Ratbird Fans at now? SMH Flacco really dose stink by the way, don’t ever compare him to Ben, hell tonight don’t even compare him to Charlie

  11. Swagger will be back before the playoffs, and this victory will give us big momentum to finish the season strong.

  12. Sucks but hopefully he can stick around and give some guidance to the kids who are filling in for him. It just never seems to end this season, the constant string of injuries!

  13. Hope he’s alright, don’t like to see any injuries in football.

    Good game last night to the Steelers. As usual the offense of the Ravens was stale and unimaginative.

  14. Huge blow!

    Ike has been the #1 since Deshea Townsand passed the torch to him. Both solid and consistent .

    A lack of a solid #2 has been the weak point of the Defense for years. This is not a “next man up ” moment. Not at this position.

  15. Just a Fan says:

    ….A lack of a solid #2 has been the weak point of the Defense for years.
    “Not this year”, says Keenan Lewis.

  16. Funny how a fans of a team that hasent seen a Superbowl 12 years like the Ratbirds and another one who hasent seen one in over 20 like the Broncos always commenting on the Steelers LMMFAO. As far as Ike is concerned think he had 3 snaps yesterday.. Cortez Allen basically shut Torrey Smith DOWN except that 1 TD that Clark was 3 steps late on.. No worries

  17. Anyone that is saying Ike Taylor is overrated is wrong. I understand why you would say that and think it because he isn’t a flashy DB that gets a lot of turnovers or sacks. But, he is one of the best lockdown corners in the NFL and he’s one of those guys that you don’t realize how important he is until he’s gone. I think Allen stepped up in relief and hopefully he can keep that up, but Ike will be missed by the best passing D in the league. He has gone toe to toe with some of the best WR’s in the league over the years as our number 1 CB and he has won a hell of a lot more battles then he has lost.

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