Jake Long leaves with triceps injury

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The play of left tackle Jake Long has been much discussed in Miami this season, but they won’t get much to add to it on Sunday.

Long left the game against the Patriots near the end of the first quarter with a left triceps injury. Jonathan Martin has replaced him in the lineup and the team says Long is questionable to return.

Long is set to become a free agent after the season and his decline in play has led to thoughts that the former first overall pick will remain in Miami past this season. Martin was a second-round pick, so the team wouldn’t be without an option if they went in that direction.

That’s for another time, though. For now, the Dolphins need to figure out how to come back from 17-3 down on what’s been a sloppy day for their offense.

6 responses to “Jake Long leaves with triceps injury

  1. the guy who took his place is playing 100% better than Long has played in the least two seasons….

    I hope that Long was careful with his bucks, because he is taking a monster pay cut.

  2. It is what it is with Long. I’ll take what I can get from the guy at this point and let him walk in the off season if the numbers don’t work. Someone will surely pay big for him which will likely mean a 3rd compensatory pick for him in 2014.

  3. Long’s decline has been fast and furious. There’s a reason the ‘Fins spent a high pick on Andrew Luck’s left tackle this year.

  4. The only way he resigns is if he takes a pay cut which I don’t see happening being that someone will probably offer more money. Miami could be jerks and bench him for the remainder of the season which probably would hurt his value even more so then them placing him on IR especially if Martin plays a decent game like he did today.

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