Man falls out of Panthers stadium during college game


The Panthers arrived in Kansas City yesterday for another team’s tragedy, but had one unfolding in their stadium last night.

A fan at the ACC Championship Game fell from a fourth-floor ramp in Bank of America Stadium and suffered life-threatening injuries.

According to the Charlotte Observer, 22-year-old Sean Michael Powers of New Port Richey, Fla. was heading to his upper-deck seat around 8 p.m. He apparently got too close to the edge of the concourse and fell around 40 feet to the grass below.

Authorities did not suspect foul play. Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept. Capt. William Boger said the victim was possibly intoxicated at the time of the fall.

“He fell from high enough up where he is pretty messed up,” Boger said.

This follows a fan dying from a fall at the Georgia Dome earlier this year.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, but also to remind people that the danger’s not only on the field. Let’s be careful out there.

8 responses to “Man falls out of Panthers stadium during college game

  1. The wall on that concourse comes up to my ribs and has at least a 2′ wide lip.. Don’t see how someone stumbles over that unless they are 8′ tall.

    Sad story but I expect the kid was being stupid egged on by alcohol. The way this is being reported makes Panther stadium sound unsafe.

  2. Too many stories like this lately. I just can’t picture how someone “falls out” of a giant building without being pretty smashed (and seriously, absolutely no pun intended).

  3. How do you fall over the concourse at BOA stadium? Some Navy SEALS would have trouble going over that wall! Some people are not meant to drink alcohol!

  4. This is exactly why I watch football from the comforts of my living room. Not that I’d ever put myself in a situation where myself or my kids would be on jeopardy, but I don’t want to be around imbiciles getting smashed and making fools of themselves.

  5. So my wife’s friend is a Charlotte police officer and was working the game last night – and a first responder. Turns out the guy was sitting on the wall before he fell.

  6. Latest word is that he was taking a picture. So it appears he was walking up the ramp, got up on the wall, leaned out to take a pic and fell off. Not quite as stupid as getting drunk and taking a dive off a high wall, but pretty darn close. Good thing he was on the edge of the stadium that has the grassy area between the stadium and the Morehead St overpass, so he has a chance to survive. If he falls on concrete, he’s toast. I wonder what was so captivating that he felt he had to climb on the wall and lean out far enough to fall over just to get a picture.

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