Mark Davis to Dennis Allen: It’s not good enough


Raiders owner Mark Davis went public with his frustrations about the state of the team last month, but he made sure that coach Dennis Allen got a full airing of his concerns on the flight home from last week’s loss to Cincinnati.

Monte Poole of the Bay Area News Group reports that Davis had his “first conversation of note” with Allen on the flight. The conversation is described as “passionate” and “spirited” but Davis says it wasn’t heated or angry. He just wanted to make sure that he got his point across as plainly as possible.

“I wouldn’t say it was heated; the most heated I got was when we first got on the plane and I told him it’s not good enough,” Davis said. “And that’s what I said. I told him not long after we boarded: ‘It’s not good enough.’ I admit I was pissed off.”

Davis said he left the conversation impressed by Allen’s intensity, a trait he admits he wasn’t sure the coach possessed. He wants to see the same thing from the rest of the team over the final weeks of the season.

“Last year at this time we were 7-4 and (ahead) in the division. Then we lost four out of our last five. And that’s why I didn’t fight for (former head coach) Hue Jackson to keep his job,” Davis said. “Well, we have five games to go. Who on this team wants me to fight for them to keep their job? Who among the players and coaches really wants to be here? Who wants me to fight to keep them here?”

Davis’ father was notorious in his later years for making rash decisions without much outside counsel. Davis says he doesn’t want to be like that, but he’s making it pretty clear that change will still come to Oakland if the Raiders can’t convince him things are moving in the right direction.


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  1. I remember back when I thought Mark would fade into the background and let the GM run the team. I guess the Davis DNA just doesn’t allow for that.

  2. Mark Davis hired Reggie McKenzie to be his GM and stated that he’d be a hands-off owner. I liked the sound of that at the time.

    But now it sounds like a broken promise which comes at the expense of long-suffering Raider fans. Now I’m starting to wish that he’d sell the team.

  3. You’ve GOT to give Allen more time. HAVE to. That team has no talent, and was a total mess. That team has a ton of high-talent low-character guys on it that have to be dealt with, like Rolando McClain. You have to give Allen time to work. There is zero pass rush, and our best corner is our free safety….who the heck could win with that?

  4. Oakland needs to cut the churn rate of the coaching staff and get some continuity going. They will never succeed if they keep firing coaches and hiring new ones every year. Let someone get his own guys and own system going.

  5. As long as the team is in the Davis family’s control they will not be competitive. At least his father at one time knew football coming up as a coach, GM and even commissioner. He is probably going to be worse than Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder put together.

  6. If the league’s coaches wanted to see if Oakland would be an improved situation with the death of Al Davis, the question has been answered with a loud, no.

  7. The way Oakland has been managed by their owners has been sad too watch. It’s too bad Hue went on a major power trip because he seemed to be a good head coach.

  8. Reggie McKenzie is the problem. You need a good GM that can reshape the team into something Dennis Allen can work with before judging Dennis Allen. Mark is the one that indirectly created this mess. It’s his responsibility to cut off the poisonous head that he put in charge and to make a good hire for that role. That’s Step 1 to righting the ship.

  9. I have no problem with Mark Davis asserting himself and making things clear with both the GM & Coach. Regardless of talent, this team plays like it has given up on the coach. and the demeanor of Coach Allen on many occasions doesn’t really inspire confidence. Lane Kiffen showed more passion than he does.

  10. Mark does not know enough about football to be hands on. Expressing his displeasure is perfectly within his right.

    However, he let Reggie gut this team and without solid starter and ANY depth, they have guys are starting or have started that were cut from other teams practice squads.

    1 more rebuilding year next year and they will be back to contending.

    Greg Knapp, Frank Pollock and Steve Hoffman will be fired immediately after the season.

    Lot’s of free agent and lots of cuts coming. there are maybe 3 free agents worth re-signing.

    Hang in there Raider fans…

  11. As a football fan who just wants to see good football in Oakland, I think somebody needs to tell Davis to start dealing with the reality-based limits of his roster, and the poor front office management before Reggie came on the scene as the new GM.
    Defense is more important than offense if you want to win in today’s NFL. So ask this simple question: how many guys on their defense would other teams really, really want? They had to flat out cut a good pass rusher-OLB type in the offseason who could’ve helped because the previous regime paid too much for other players who weren’t producing, and thus screwed up the cap.
    Overall, the current team is close to where it should be if you want to honestly look at the last 12 months or so: 1) the Palmer trade meant no high draft picks this year; 2) poor cap management meant no really good free agents coming on board this year 3) we should all know by now that McFadden gets hurt every year and can’t be counted on for a 16-game schedule 4) Allen has never been an NFL head coach before, so what were you really entitled to expect in year 1 with a less than great roster? He may never end up being a good head coach, but less than a full season in with a lack of draft picks and free agents is not a good sample to judge anything by. John Madden and Gruden had to go through a learning curve too, don’t forget.
    Reggie has already made some good moves to get the organization under control with the cap and a better draft for next year and beyond. He played the game, he knows the Raiders and was mentored in Green Bay. He looks like a winner.
    Allen deserves one more year with a full draft to work with and a few good FA pickups.
    The Palmer trade (which was made by a coach and not a GM, which is ass backwards) has hurt this team more than anything. Palmer makes too many mistakes and was never worth two high draft picks in the twilight of his career.
    Get real and you’ll start understanding the 2013 Raiders.

  12. Next year could be even worse Mark! Your father and Hue traded away two years of high draft picks for players that were past their primes, and daddy paid to much in contracts in his final years. Al killed this franchise by drafting like a senile old man, what a bunch of busts of late. And to see McTwitter fail like McRussell, and McAnkle is gut wrenching. This team will have to be built through the draft, and it will take several years so see results and if Mark had a football mind he would see that. A lot of the personnel on this team, don’t fit the new system Allen and Reggie put in, and very little depth on this team, really poor. Reggie will have to pull a Ron Wolf in the next couple of drafts to get this team on track.

  13. I think the point here, is Mark Davis is pissed that
    there seems to be no emotion, no fire, and I agree.

    Dennis Allen seems to be a nice enough guy…
    but how about get in a player’s face once in awhile?
    Call them out when they screw up… Give them a
    seat on the bench when they cost a stupid penalty.

    That’s what Raider fans are missing. No fire from
    their Coach. Geeze… yell a little bit Coach! At least ACT like it matters?

  14. I agree with jdphx. Allen stands on the sidelines with no emotion what so ever. Get fired up and get in the players faces when then screw up or praise them for a great play. Allen just stands there. Big changes are still coming after this season. Gone are the bloated contracts, gone are the players on the team just collecting a paycheck and don’t care. It’s about time Mark Davis gets into Allens face. Next he needs to put the pressure on Reggie. Did Al do things that are still haunting the team? Yeah. Will it still haunt the team in the coming years? Yes once again, but get people that want to play. I’m tired of seeing the Raiders losing season after season.

  15. Look, granted Al Davis made stupid moves toward his later years…starting with letting Gruden go. But as dysfunctional as the team was BEFORE McKenzie took over…this same team was a Top 10 Offense. Now they just look Lost out there with absolutely no running or receiving threat and a Defense that’s the worst i’ve seen in a long time form 1st in sacks 2 yrs ago to last in sacks now….not something you’d expect from a Defensive Minded coach…especially since Denver’s D seemingly has gotten better (yes, offense plays a role in that too). But bottom line is, this crew made a bad team worse….really really worse. How can an owner NOT see that and not take concern?? I welcome a little bit of Al Davis…just not an out of control Davis.

  16. If we don’t win at least 3 of the next five, we could see Chucky back on the sideline. Chucky sells tickets and the Raiders will need to sell them after this UGGG, type year. Mark and all of us see the lack of fire from Dennis Allen. He coaches just like Dan Reeves his mentor, no emotion. I’m not sure he is a good fit for this team of misfit children. If you are going to change a head coach, do it right off the bat, don’t wait. Reggie did good with the few draft picks he had this year, and the few free agents he brought in, but his choice of a head coach is questionable at best. But he might be the best talent evaluator in the game. My vote Reggie stays, Allen gone if no improvement.

  17. Love my Raider Nation but sometimes family just lets you down.
    WAKE UP.
    I did, it feels good.
    Stop trying to convince yourself this team was anywhere near contention at any point in the last 10 years. People talk about last season like we were one or two plays away from the playoffs – we went 1-4 in our last 5 games, lost 2 games we had won, tripped and fell into a few victories and watched a corny head coach lose his mind and his perspective in favor of self-promotion and power. At no point last year did we look like a dominant football power – just accept it.
    To turn around and act as if ANY new head coach could polish this turd, as if the previous 10 years of impulsive, outdated, delusional management just didn’t happen is… Well, it’s why people make fun of Raider fans.
    You want immediate progress? How about OVER half the impotent roster of last year dumped or kicked off the team. Including Routt (no comment necessary) and Wimbley (3.5 sacks this year isn’t worth any part of his $48 million contract – remember, we still have to use basic math when lamenting all these “reckless” cuts) and awesome contributors like Aaron Curry and his 2 personal fouls to 1 tackle per game average.
    Wake up. Shave with Occam’s Razor: Al ran this team like a senile has-been and now RM & DA are tasked with undoing the tangle. Gonna take a minute. Or two. Or three…

  18. even through all the losing i still ride and die with my team, we need to get rid of greg knapp asap and find an experienced offensive coordinator then design a scheme that caters to the talents of the players we have on our roster, im seasoned enough to understand that we arent gonna be contending anytime soon but i at least expect to see improvement game to game and year to year, be patient, we are on the right track, it may be a year and a half before we even start to see any fruits of this long strenuous labor.

  19. rome wasnt built in a day, but i like to see our owner show some passion and let it be known that he is displeased with what he is seeing!

  20. Rome just lost to a terrible Cleveland team at home, Rome is doomed. Tha RAiders are terrible, horrible, and comical. Palmer sucks, he has lost 4 games himself and a 1st and 2nd round choice.

  21. As i mentioned earlier last month, that the season is done and we need to rebuild now, we need to strip the team entirely, from the coaches to the players – and evaluate and source talent with high motor skills, and bring in coaches with high intensity – we did good on the penalty side, but the intensity went away with just that.

    that my fellow raider nation breatherens is where we need to rebuild, we’re flat and we should retain the young talent we have now – we definitely now have more hate in the locker room than ever before and it just got exposed. time to weed out the weeds and sow more new seeds.

    long live Raider Nation –


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