Pack take back the lead


The Pack are back.  For now.

On a day that has featured Vikings running back Adrian Peterson running roughshod over the Packers, Green Bay tailback James Starks went 22 yards for a score to put the Packers back in front.

The score is now 20-14, late in the third quarter.

Peterson currently has 186 yards on 19 carries.

14 responses to “Pack take back the lead

  1. Ponder is easily the worst QB in this league. It’s sad when his measure of a successful game is throwing more than 100 yards…

  2. Oh my does Ponder suck ass. I was all for giving him all the chances in the world to determine if he was “the one”. I think we all now know 100% what the verdict is. How can you waste Purple Jesus prime years with such a hideous QB and WR’s

  3. Bench Ponder. He’s cost the Vikings 14 points, minimum. Can’t have it. Vikings should be up 8-15 points, not down 6.

    36 yards and 2 INTs is not acceptable in this league. Bench him. That should help him focus.

  4. Fire Musgrave! They got this guy to help Ponder develop. That’s going well… On top of that, his playcalling is miserable. When the game is on the line, he keeps going to Ponder instead of Peterson. Seriously? When the game is on the line you take the ball away from the biggest threat we have and give it to your slumping (at best) Qb?

    At this rate, why do we even have wide receivers. Put everyone at the line so they can at least block.

  5. Bench Ponder.

    Most important game of the year, against a big division rival on the road, AP has a 200+ yard game, and he loses the game for the Vikings single-handedly with his passing ineptitude.

  6. Unfortunately Webb is worse than Ponder.

    The best QB on the Vikings roster may sadly e McLeod Bethel-Thompson. I still think they need to stick with Ponder down the stretch though… he isn’t getting any help from his WRs. They are a bunch f possession receivers who aren’t getting any seperation.

  7. The vikings are absolutely infuriating. They are wasting the best years of a.p.’s and harvin’s careers. I cannot support a team with a qb as bad as ponder(qb rating of @ 32.7). He’s gotta go! He’s in over his head.The wr’s of simspon, Jenkins, devon and TE of Carlson are a joke. I am gonna put all my shirts and jerseys away indefinitely. Here’s the rundown…Ponder ignores a wide open wright, ponder drops a snap, across the body idiotic int pass, he under threw a.p., threw too high for Gerhardt, threw another int to burnett, bad arm strength going somewhat deep to wr’s, short hops a pass to burton(also known as a mcnabb wormball-ha). Other boobs where griffin’s penalty on allen’s great int catch and run, walsh’s missed fg, allowing crabtree to be wide open for a 1st down. It’s just like the led zep song lyrics…”best years of my life go by, here I am alone and blue”. I’m done I can’t stand this play anymore!

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