Peterson tops 200 yards for first time since rookie year


The good news for the Vikings?  Adrian Peterson has rushed for more than 200 yards for the first time since November 4, 2007, when he set the single-game record with 296 against the Chargers.

The bad news?  Another promising drive has ended with an interception by quarterback Christian Ponder to Packers safety Morgan Burnett.

The Packers still lead, 20-14, in the fourth quarter.  If the Vikings quit throwing the ball, Peterson could possibly break his own single-game record.

14 responses to “Peterson tops 200 yards for first time since rookie year

  1. This is twice as impressive when you notice that Green Bay is able to put 10 guys in the box every play.

    Seriously, Ponder? Seriously?!

  2. This shows tow things, ponder is TERRIBLE, Peterson is best player in football, 200 yards against 10 and 11 man box. Sanchez could have thrown 3 Tds today. Minnesota needs something that resembles a QB

  3. The vikings are absolutely infuriating. They are wasting the best years of a.p.’s and harvin’s careers. I cannot support a team with a qb as bad as ponder(qb rating of @ 32.7). He’s gotta go! The wr’s of simspon, Jenkins, devon and TE of Carlson are a joke. I am gonna put all my shirts and jerseys away indefinitely. Here’s the rundown…Ponder ignores a wide open wright, ponder drops a snap, across the body idiotic int pass, he under threw a.p., threw too high for Gerhardt, threw another int to burnett, bad arm strength going somewhat deep to wr’s, short hops a pass to burton(also known as a mcnabb wormball-ha). Other boobs where griffin’s penalty on allen’s great int catch and run, walsh’s missed fg, allowing crabtree to be wide open for a 1st down. It’s just like the led zep song lyrics…”best years of my life go by, here I am alone and blue”. I’m done I can’t stand this play anymore!

  4. The Ponder experiment is over, sad to say, but he’s just not the answer. You can say “give him time” until you’re blue in the face, but the ones that you know are going to excel show it early on. Luck, RG3, Wilson, Kaepernick, you can see they are going to develop into something decent if not great, Ponder doesn’t show that.

    Webb unfortunately is not the answer either. I’d say free agency, but there’s nobody worth going for in the next FA QB class. So back to the draft drawing board or do we take a shot with Bethel-Thompson and see what the kid has?

    Couldn’t do worse than we have now.

  5. Ponder cost Vikings single-handedly what would have been a convincing victory over the Packers with his ineptitude.

    Most important game of the year, with all kinds of playoff implications, big division rivalry, and all the Vikings ask of Ponder is to not lose the game. And he does anyway. Unbelievable.

    Bench him.

  6. It’s really sad when you get 200 yards from your running back, the opposing squad is missing more talent to injury than your team has ever had, and you still lose by 9.

    I mean… REALLY SAD.

  7. I’m a die hard Packers fan and I’m obviously rooting for the Pack in every game but AP is a special talent. Football fans everywhere just enjoy the fact that we get to watch one of the best backs of all time- watching clips of other all time greats doesn’t do justice for what they did game in game out. Sometimes as fans we have to step back and remember we have nothing to do with the outcome of a game and just enjoy the game for what it is. I can say that I throughly enjoy watching AP play the game I love the way it’s supposed to be played.

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