Questionable call fuels Rams’ comeback

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A bungled pitch by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick resulted in a great fumble recovery by Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins and a questionable call that Jenkins wasn’t down before he rolled into the end zone for a touchdown.

The call on the field was upheld via replay review, even though it appeared that 49ers receiver Ted Ginn was doing his best Brandon Moore impression on Jenkins’ facemask while Jenkins was on the ground.

The two-point conversion tied the game at 10.  But the Niners are driving, with Kaepernick running 50 yards moments ago to put the Niners in position to win the game in regulation.

11 responses to “Questionable call fuels Rams’ comeback

  1. Not to excuse a possible bad call, but this is fitting, as the Niners have frequently been the beneficiaries of the officials’ largess over the years.

    It’s strange to see a call go against them….

  2. Uh, no, the questionable calls I have seen were the phantom 15 yard penalty on the Rams for hitting Kapernick on one of his tatoos and the phantom illegal procedure on the 2-point try (they scored anyway). Are we watching the same game?

  3. The questionable, actually BLOWN call was the safety. The refs in effect gave the Rams 2 points. Still the play calling of Greg Roman cost the team this game. He sucked.

  4. This guy…

    The safety was the right call.

    — He was still in the pocket.
    — He didn’t get the ball back to the LOS.
    — Committing the foul in the end zone makes it a safety.

    Stop whining. The zebras tried once again to hand SF the game vs. the Rams. Didn’t work this time.

  5. That safety killed the 49ers momentum. It wasn’t a safety. The illegal formation wasn’t “Phantom”.

    That safety call was terrible. Blatantly bad. The roughing the QB call was terrible too, but no where near as egregious.

    Be that as it may, I blame the loss on the OC calling a pitch out run to Ginn… deep in your own territory. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  6. Game is all on roman and Akers. Roman can’t be calling these plays at the end of the game trying to be cute just hand it to gore and run he clock. And Akers should have been cut after the first rams game he is unreliable over 45 yards

  7. How about the dropped pass by Walker in the endzone? That catch wouldnhave been a game changer as well.

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