Rams take down Niners in overtime


In a game that will cause some 49ers fans to wonder whether Colin Kaepernick’s hand is still hot, the Rams pulled off an unlikely win late in overtime, thanks to a 54-yard field goal from rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein.

Kaepernick’s numbers were solid, with 208 passing and 84 rushing.  But an intentional grounding penalty in the end zone gave the Rams their first two points, and a bad pitch to Ted Ginn deep in San Fran territory resulted in a touchdown and a two-pointer that tied the game at 10 late in the fourth quarter.

San Francisco still had a chance to win in regulation, but a field goal fueled by a franchise-record (for a quarterback) 50-yard run from Kaepernick was matched by the Rams as time expired with a 53-yarder from Zuerlein.

The win moved the Rams to 5-6-1 on the year — and 4-0-1 in the division.  If the Rams (who have now won two in a row) can keep winning, that tie from last month against the 49ers could help St. Louis avoid the tiebreakers with a potential cluster of 9-7 teams.

And the fact that the Rams won in uniforms that the team last used as their regular outfit when St. Louis beat Jeff Fisher’s Titans in the Super Bowl likely makes that ensemble a bit less nausea-inducing for Fisher.

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  1. Falcons win games and they’re overrated trash.

    49ers lose games and they’re the best team in the nfl.

    Media logic at its finest

  2. That’s what Harbaugh gets. Kaepernick has done nothing. The Bears were playing him soft, not aggressively — hoping he would make mistakes. The Saints held him to 17 points. He did nothing today (holding on that long run late, no call). But keep it up, I’d love to have the Giants go out there and beat them soundly again, regardless of who the QB is.

  3. Kap n crunch is still a baby. Give him back his binky and blanket. Let the big boys play NFL football.

  4. The good that will come out of this game is that it should force Harbaugh to reevaluate the Colin Kaepernick experiment. He was directly responsible for 10 of St. Louis’ 16 points, and just couldn’t move the ball on an inferior team.

    All the natural ability in the world can’t make your play adjustments and make your reads in the pocket. What we saw today is how valuable Alex Smith is to the offense — the pacing, the momentum, protecting the ball, and even making big plays.

    If we go back and look at all the statistics, Smith isn’t losing the battle in any area. This needs to stop.

  5. In yo face Niners. Im still trying to figure out why Alex Smith isn’t their QB. I see no upgrade with Caepernick. He pretty much handed my Rams 9 points. Can you say overrated? And Akers gotta go. Now as a Ram fan, the game that Seattle was given this year is affecting the NFC race like i knew it would. Other than that, what a great football day.

  6. I’m a Niners fan but I’m glad the Rams won. This game really shows why CK7 shouldn’t be starting yet. He made mistakes that Alex Smith would have avoid. Yes, he made some good plays but his mistakes put Ram’s back on the score board. CK can’t handle a game with a good D (Yes, Bears’ D is overrated).

  7. Looked like Singletary was calling this game. It’s on the coaches. Rams didn’t smell a TD and you lost it?

  8. Alex Smith gives the 49ers the best chance to win a Super Bowl. He led the 49ers to the brink of one last year and if it wasn’t for Kyle Williams they would have made it to Indianapolis.

    Kaepernick has potential but you don’t give the keys to a Ferrari to a teenager.

  9. Great game by Kaepernick. 1 good game against the Bears when there was no film on him, and 1 very average game against the league worst Saints defense and Harbaugh rolls with him.

    Kaepernick was 100% responsible for 8 of the points the Rams scored.

    This is Alex Smith’s team. He should be behind center.

  10. Man Smith is the best qb in the league now it guess. This kid has big play potential. Smith dumps to Rbs or throws down field and prays for a catch. Or just takes a sack. 9ers

  11. Niners are the best in the nfl !!!! u can blame it on kap if u want ,,,,but walker dropped a td pass and akers missed a ot kick …. 9ers were out coached !!! and what was the play call on on the pitch play to ginn !!!!out coached!!!gooooo kap

  12. It didn’t matter who started for the niners the play calling was terrible. You bring colin in for his arm but call plays as if smith is still in. The niners have been play like this all year though, they win two then drop a stinker.

  13. Smith may take a sack here and there, but he’s not taking a safety from the 17 yard line — ever.

    And the reason he’s taking a sack is because he’s staying in the pocket long enough for the play to develop. Kaepernick has his back turned, bolting to the sideline instead of hitting his check down or hanging on one last second for a receiver to become open.

    Smith would never have lost this game.

  14. Was Mike Singletary coaching for the Niners today? Playing for a 52 yard field goal with a kicker who has been sucking this year? Why can’t they just let Alex play out the rest of the year? That decision will be the undoing of this team.

  15. The refs blew the penalty on the safety, the line of scrimmage extends out of bounds, and he did get it back there. But CK should not have put himself in that position, though. Risky call on that pitchout, and then CK ran out of bounds when he should have stayed in. Hopefully he will have enough time to limit these inexperience mistakes before the playoffs start.

  16. I’m not a Kapernick hater and maybe Smith would have lost the game, too. But it is awfully sweet to see that loud-mouth Harbaugh get bitten on the rump by Karma!

  17. So happy for that safety. How could the NFL make a rule where any line extends out of bounds? If a player dives for a pylon and gets pushed out short of it while in mid-air, do you give him a TD because the line extends out of bounds? No!

    NFL should look to change that nonsense clause. And I’m glad the officials got it right.

  18. The most “over-refereed” game I’ve seen in a long time. Refs were calling everything and then some on both teams and hurt both teams momentum.

  19. 0, 3, 6, 3. Those are the point totals 9ers d allowed with Smith under center in 4 wins. What QB can’t win those games? Sucks that he lost his job but this is the Nfl. And people act like Smith never lost a game for the 9ers.

  20. Legatron. That ball was good from 70+! It was at the top of the net when it crossed. Unbelievable leg on that dude.

  21. Smith got knocked out last game are u kidding ??
    if it was not for kap we lose at home to the rams.rams allways play us tough!!gore had no runnin lanes …we had our chance and akers blowed it !!! goooooooooooo kap

  22. Harbaugh took a completely unnecessary risk by benching a guy who has been unbelievably solid and turned his career around. He is not flashy and will never be a guy who carries a team all on his own, but Smith battled with his team all the way to the NFC Championship game, a game they would have won if it weren’t for 2 crushing fumbles on punt return attempts. He rarely makes costly mistakes, and that’s what you want when you have a lights-out defense and a stud at RB.

    If you truly believe Kaepernick is the better of the two, fine. Have them battle in camp next year and then Kaepernick can be your guy. But why do you do it now? Now you’ve thrown Smith under the bus twice, once trying to lure Manning in, and now this? Harbaugh sure seems to be a very good coach, but it’s clear to me now that he got the best of himself with this switch at QB and other players will start looking over their collective shoulders.

    Because Smith took them to the doorstep of the Super Bowl, unless Kaepernick takes them all the way now, everyone will be all over Harbaugh and Niner fans will all wonder “what if Smith had been in there still – maybe we could have won it all”

  23. Harbaugh is ‘all in’ with Kaepernick and he made it clear in the post game he isn’t going to change. This is what happens when you coach gets a boner for an ‘athlete’ instead of a ‘qb.’

    Aaron Brooks, Part II, here we come…

  24. I hope this experiment is over. I get that Kaep was hand picked by Harbaugh to be the 49er future but Smtih was doing just fine, imo. If Smith can play, he should. Kaep will get his, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of Alex Smith, who’s having a great year himself. If it were Alex Smith of anytime prior to Harbaugh, sure. But not now.

  25. Yes kap is awful and alex is steve and joe rolled into one. I forgot alex beat the breaks of STL a few weeks ago and lead us to a vic…oh yeah a TIE. The same thing kap was within 30 sec of doing today. Alex may or may not have taken that safety i dunno but no way that 50 yard scramble happens. Also no way janoris jenkins plays 20 yards off receivers all day if alex is in there. He scares no one when it comes to stretching the field

  26. Kaepernick was bound to commit a boneheaded turnover. Still, Kaepernick threw a beauty of a pass to Delanie Walker that he dropped right at the pylon that would have iced it. Davis Akers AGAIN missed a game-winner in OT against the same team. The 49ers gameplan wasn’t sound. They tried to force the run when St. Louis kept daring them to throw. 49ers played not to lose.

    Credit goes to St. Louis for hanging tough and playing solid on the defensive line and not giving up for being down the entire game.

  27. So let’s see after the Dolphins the Patriots and Seattle are waiting. Still going with the hot hand Harbaugh, the one that threw away for a safety and then used it to pitch a TD for the Rams?

  28. I hate Harbaugh only more than the Rams, this couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Grow a set Smith and let him know he’s a bitch. Good job Rams.

  29. Unbelivable the Niners couldn’t put away the lowly Rams! Seem like every third game they mail it in..
    Oh well, what time does the Walking Dead start??

  30. I agree that the play calling was terrible and the team seemed flat at times. O-line seemed a little flat at times and wasn’t adjusting to what the Rams were doing. If you look back to the first game between the two things started out bad as well and Alex was running for his life except the one touch down before he was injured.
    Several dropped balls including near the end zone that normaly would have been made. If anything Walker went from hero the week before to zero this week dropping balls and making penalties.
    The lack of being able to trade off between Gore and Hunter really showed through out the game.
    There were bad calls by the officials on both sides of the ball including the touchback which put the Rams in the game.
    I really question the call for the pitch back to Ginn which gave the Rams their touchdown.
    Kaep did make mistakes as one would expect given the amount of time that he has had behind center. I’ve watched him all the years he played here at UNR and will stand behind him 100%. He does give you lots more to work with than Alex, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  31. Geez, overaction much? I like Smith and wished he had slid to avoid the concussion, but with smith the pattern this year was win two lose badly on the third. With Kaep it has been win two lose in OT. This one is on the coaches 90% Kaep 10%.

  32. If you really watched this game, you would see it as a team loss. All the attention is on the QB position, but so many 49er players has a hand in this. O line and Gore got nothing going today. Delanie Walker dropped a easy TD pass. Dashon Goldson got stupid unnecessary roughness call that helped the Rams get the field goal that tied the game. Ted Ginn only had to push the shovel pass out of bounds. Akers missed again in overtime. As a niner fan, I think CK did way more positive than negative. I want to see him stay in there.

  33. Settle down. It’s one game. If anyone is to blame for the loss in this game it is the 49ers playcallers. Harbaugh and Roman called the worst game in the Harbaugh era. Why run that option pitch to Ginn that late in the 4th on 3rd and 3 and an 8 point lead? Run the ball and punt if you have to. The Rams couldn’t move the ball the entire game prior to that, and the odds that they would have marched down and gotten 8 points are pretty slim in that situation. Instead they called one of the riskiest plays in their playbook and the Rams got a td out of it. In overtime, why not try to get more yardage so Akers doesn’t have to kick a 51 yarder? I knew he wasn’t going to make it, how did they not know?

  34. Agree with earlier comments. Harbaugh /Romans play calling abysmal. Why give Rams any chance when you could have squeezed the clock to under a minute and no time outs. This one’s on you Harbaugh!!!

  35. Kaepernick was bad again against the Rams. He was nothing special against a terrible Saints D that held him to 17 points. Kap had 1 good game against a fraud Bears team. The media just slobbered all over Harbugh for making the move, but the really courageous move would be to admit this was all a mistake. Smith should be the starter. Do people not remember his last full game on MNF? He was almost perfect.

    Now even if he gets the job back it might have caused enough damage.

  36. To Coach Harbaugh: Jeff Fisher is out coaching your butt. Have to learn to beat crap before thinking about a Super Bowl. To the Rams: Merry Christmas. You definitely received a gift today. All points from a turnover, penalty and special teams….ugh. Shows how bad the niners were!

  37. lionsdraftguy says:Dec 2, 2012 6:35 PM

    I love seeing the niners lose. Good job rams! What’s your whiny excuse this week Harbaugh?
    I guess it would be refreshing to see someone other than your lions lose. Were you one of those who said the 49ers were a flash in the pan? That description fits your meows pretty good.

  38. Another thing, i thought it was really childish to celebrate after his run the way Kaepernick did. Andrew Luck and RGIII have made just as big of runs this year and have gotten up and gotten the next play ready to go in the huddle.

    He’s the quaterback, not some diva wideout. He got up and celebrated like he’s done something in this league. The game wasn’t over, in fact they went on to lose. He’s immature which is fine for a 2nd year guy but it’s not good enough for a team with Super Bowl ambitions. Not at the quarterback position. Maybe Kaepernick will be good enough to one day but that isn’t this season.

    Harbaugh made the moves for the headlines, he adored getting his ego stroked for a couple weeks by the media. Now his team is sliding down and out. Alex Smith has been burned twice now by this loser. Harbaugh might have saved his career but with the same stroke is tearing it apart.

  39. 1 loss means nothing. alex smith had 80 bad games over his career. kaepernick had 1 bad game in his 3rd start. kaepernick is the starting qb for the rest of the season and next year and 6 more years after that. period.

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