Ravens build 13-6 lead, Steelers lose Taylor


Well, the Steelers haven’t turned it over eight times like they did last week.

But the one they have just cost them.

The Ravens matched a Steelers interception, and Joe Flacco turned it into a touchdown for a 13-6 lead at halftime.

The game had been tautly played, but they exchanged interceptions, with Steelers safety Ryan Clark picking off Flacco, and then Ravens corner Corey Graham getting a trick play attempt from Antonio Brown.

After Graham’s pick, Flacco moved the Ravens downfield quickly, going 69 yards in four plays, capping it with a 28-yard touchdown pass to Anquan Boldin.

The touchdown deficit isn’t Pittsburgh’s only problem.

Steelers corner Ike Taylor is out for the game, after injuring his right ankle on the first series. He’s already in a walking boot on the sideline.

And Charlie Batch isn’t impressing, overthrowing a wide-open Mike Wallace in the end zone just before the half. Batch is 9-of-16 for 57 yards in the first half.

12 responses to “Ravens build 13-6 lead, Steelers lose Taylor

  1. Antonio Brown now has the same number of interceptions as he does TD receptions, one!

    I can’t believe steeler fans thought this guy is an “elite” WR. What does he have, 3 career TD’s?

  2. You should give credit to Flacco for throwing that TD to Boldin on a dime. Flacco would be looking great if the Ravens receivers would stop dropping everything.

  3. randallflagg52 says: Dec 2, 2012 5:51 PM

    I can’t believe steeler fans thought this guy is an “elite” WR. What does he have, 3 career TD’s?


    Tell me about it. People thinking Brown is elite is about as ridiculous as Raven homers calling Flacco elite. The hilarity of it all.

  4. Flacco isn’t as bad as Cam Cameron. Please fire this guy at the end of the year regardless of what happens. God he is terrible. And losing Ben Grubbs is hurting this team. O-Line is bad.

  5. Correction – 2 phantom PI calls in the first half. Both on 3rd down. Both gave Baltimore points. But what the heck – everyone knows that’s been the Ravens stratagem the last several years – throw deep balls – acting by WR – flags come out. As long as the refs keep getting duped I’d keep doing it to.

    Kinda sux though – Steelers have been killed this year (see Giants game) with 40-50-60 yards penalties on plays that wouldn’t even be a flag 50% of the time. Just dumb luck on whether this time the ref tosses it.

    Good game though… maybe we’ll get some calls to go our way the second half.

  6. Top pass rusher? Out. Top Corner? Out, Third String right tackle in. Third String quarterback in.

    And the Ravens still can’t win at home.

    They’re so lucky Roethlisberger got injured. Because Pitt would have taken the division otherwise.

    Hopefully they meet in the playoffs. If the Ravens can barely beat an injured second sting qb and if they lose to a third stringer, imagine what a pro-bowler would do to that overrated defense.

  7. Ravens= Overrated. They are not as good as record indicates. This ends all the chatter about Ravens sweeping the Steelers two years straight! Steeler Nation !! Great win Steelers

  8. Charlie Batch is a Warrior. Getting out there and blocking for another player shows how unselfish and willingness to do whatever to win this game. Cannot say enough about Batch.

  9. Surprised this game in our area, thought this would be a blow out with all the injuries to key players to the Steelers. Bach I mean how old is he? But Tomlin gets them ready especially against Baltimore.

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