Romo breaks Aikman’s record, ties game

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And just like that, as if by script, the Cowboys have tied this game.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo just hit Dez Bryant for a 23-yard touchdown, which made the score 17-17 in the third quarter.

The touchdown was the 166th of Romo’s career, which moved him out of a tie with Troy Aikman for most in franchise history. The fact Romo’s never had an Emmitt Smith allowed him to pile up bigger numbers, but the fact he’s never had a Michael Irvin speaks to his ability to make plays as well.

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  1. Aikman only had one season with over 20 touchdowns. But he’s got the rings so i guess that’s all that matters,helps having a hof rb and wr too

  2. Aikman wasn’t “relying” on Emmitt. Football teams played a more balanced attack in that era. How does Romo’s TD-INT ratio look compared to Aikman’s? It was a different game then, and a far better game IMO.

    Romo is alright and that’s about it. All those TD’s and just a single playoff win to show for it all.

  3. Of there’s a more misleading stat in football I’ve yet to see it. Romo is the all time TD passer? For a franchise as storied as the Cowboys that’s something. But he’s still the most overrated QB in the NFL.

  4. he’s still had good recievers t.o,bryant,Austin.

    plus, the fact that the rules have been changed to benefit the offenses makes this way easier to accomplish as well

    when romo.gets close to aikmans superbowl wins, then ill start to listen…until then, ::::yawnnnn:::

  5. If anything it speaks more to what a middling, system-created QB Aikman was.

    Efficient yes. Impressive no.

  6. Put romo on aikmans cowboys teams and he gets at least one more ring…. As long as jerruh jones stays out of the way. Aikman had a much better supporting cast around him

  7. Well, the cowboys haven’t had much of a running game since emmitt. They fall behind then rely on tons of passes to try to catch up…so ya the stats was going to get broken. That’s been their downfall

  8. Just more proof that massive changes to the rule book make records pointless. It’s time to start a new book, open a new wing in the HOF. I don’t know why they even mention when records are broken. It only discredits the guys who held them before the game became severely unbalanced. Poor Marino

  9. Wow, I didn’t realize people who think QBs (and not TEAMS) win Super Bowls still exist!

    Romo’s a stud QB on a mediocre team. Simple as that. A ring will help his resume but it won’t change reality.

    The guy has the 4th best QB rating in league history for a reason and no, I’m not saying he’s the 4th best QB ever… what I’m saying is it’s not possible to be that high up on such a list without being AT THE VERY LEAST a very, very good QB.

    Give Romo a dominant D (like Eli had in his Super Bowl runs) and see how he does.

  10. tfbuckfutter says:
    Dec 2, 2012 10:56 PM
    If anything it speaks more to what a middling, system-created QB Aikman was.

    Efficient yes. Impressive no.

    What a pile of crap.

    If you actually watch Aikman play AND you’re being honest, there’s no comparison at all.

    Aikman was one of the greatest leaders of all time, he was THE man and no one, not Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith or anybody else, questioned him.

    If you didn’t give it all every play, you had to deal with him and you really didn’t want to do that.

  11. “Aikman had a slightly better offensive line…”. Yea and Emmit Smith is “slightly” better than any running back Romo has had. You guys need to get off trying to disprove the fact that Romo is a good QB. I bet you the media won’t talk about Romo being 10/10 for 169 yards and 3tds in the 2nd half. If Eli did that they would have a whole hour segment on how elite he is and this just proves how good he is. Romo does it they just shrug off the whole game because they can’t say anything bad about him. Can’t believe no one has noticed that when Romo does well in a game they talk about the game less. When he has a bad game they have a whole discussion about it.

  12. Great leader? nahh. Great decision maker? nahhh. Great in clutch situations? nahhhh. Great in the post-season? nahhh. Great numbers? Sure, so congrats…I guess.

  13. I’m not a Cowboys fan whatsoever, but this BS stat. is the emptiest stat. I’ve seen. It is sacrilige to mention romo with Aikman. It’s like the world’s oldest living person, but last 30 years was spent in a coma.

  14. The difference is Aikman was money when the game was tight while Romo is usually money for the other team. Its not how many interceptions Romo throws, its WHEN he throws them.

  15. “How does Romo’s TD-INT ratio look compared to Aikman’s?”

    Excellent question! Aikman ended up with 165 TDs and 141 INTs, so he threw 1.17 TDs to each INT over his career. Romo has 168 TDs and 87 INTS so far in his career, so he has thrown 1.93 TDs to each INT so far.

  16. “Aikman was one of the greatest leaders of all time, he was THE man and no one, not Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith or anybody else, questioned him.”

    John Blake questioned him. Jimmy Johnson questioned him, too. Why do you think Jimmy spent a 1st overall pick (supplemental draft) on Steve Walsh?

  17. The biggest failure of Jerry Jones the GM is that he’s had since 2007 to build a team around Romo that can complement him.

    It’s not even debatable that Aikman had a MUCH better team around him in the early 90’s. That defense was incredible. Aikman had HOF RB & WR.

    Tony Romo’s spend his entire career running around back there extending plays with his feet because the OLine can’t give him time. Behind the OLine’s Tony Romo’s had to play with, go ahead and try to convince me Aikman would be an elite player.

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