Sidney Rice not diagnosed with concussion, yet

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Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice won Sunday’s game for his team, catching a pass near the Chicago end zone before crossing the plane for a touchdown.

But as he fell to the end zone, he took a hard shot to the head, and he appeared to be unconscious or close to it, with his arms locked in a way that was eerily similar to the concussion Lions running back Jahvid Best suffered in college at California.

But Rice, per a league source, has not yet been diagnosed with a concussion.

Whether he eventually is or isn’t, it’s amazing that he has avoided a diagnosis so far.

9 responses to “Sidney Rice not diagnosed with concussion, yet

  1. Lol of course not he was only laying there almost motionless for 3 mins. NFL cover ups are a joke.

  2. Rice talked to the Seattle FOX affiliate’s post game show and looked okay. That hit on Rice to the head could result in a fine. Might depend on how many steps after catch he took, though hard to expect to lay up on a game winning OT TD.

  3. Yes @ewoods6, I didn’t know the official term, but when that arm “fences”…that’s a wrap. Having had my arm fence in a game once, and asking a teammate what the score was repeatedly (like 5 times in a 5 – 10 minute period) when the score was illuminated on the scoreboard. I vote concussed. I went back into the Semi – Pro (non paid) game, promptly dropped a pick (it was low lol) but we won the championship. Players gonna play, ballers gonna ball. The only thing going through my mind, once it reset, was they are not carrying me off this field.

  4. No need to fine, Rice was a runner diving for TD and has to protect himself at that point. He scored/won and did seem fine after the game. Do you think Florio is concerned about the health of Sidney Rice? No, its about controversy about concussions and reporting which the NFL only makes a big deal with because of the lawsuit. If you believe its something other than that I have some swampland in Florida for you.

  5. he was clearly down for the count. teammate tried to pick him up but he was dead weight.

    diagnoses or not, he got his bell rung and i hope he recovers quick. he’s spent too much time being injured for such an extremely talented player.

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